The Monstrous Inmate

Check out the new meat! I'm gonna slather you up in Gunavian jelly and go to town!
~ The Monstrous Inmate to Peter.

The Monstrous Inmate is a minor antagonist in the 2014 Marvel film Guardians of the Galaxy. He is an unnamed alien criminal held in the space prison Kyln.

He was portrayed by Nathan Fillion.


The Monstrous Inmate was briefly seen the Kyln as the Guardians were escorted there for their attempt to take the Power Orb. Spotting Peter Quill, the Inmate sadistically plans of making an example by threatening to torture him, much to Peter's dismay. Fortunately, Rocket Raccoon gets his friend Groot to shove his tree fingers into the Inmate's nose, threatening the other criminals that if they want to harm Quill, they would have to go through him and Groot first. Groot then dropped the Inmate and left him whimpering on the floor, leaving Peter very satisfied.

Eventually, the Inmate ends up getting killed by Ronan the Accuser when the latter raided the Kyln, resulting the deaths of all officers and criminals per Ronan's orders. However, the Inmate's death was avenged when the Guardians used the Power Orb to kill Ronan in the end.


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Monstrous Inmate



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