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Hey, little guy!
~ Monty while chasing Gregory.
Rock an' roll.
~ Monty before his boss fight.

Montgomery Gator, also known as Monty for short, is one of the three secondary antagonists (along with Glamrock Chica and Roxanne Wolf) of Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach. He is an animatronic alligator who was brainwashed by Vanny into killing a young boy named Gregory.

He is voiced by Cameron Miller.


Monty's appearance is that of a green cartoon alligator with sharp teeth, a red mohawk and yellow star-shaped glasses. He also wears purple fingerless gloves, shoulder pads, and has purple feet, shoulder pauldrons, and eyelids, as well has a yellow stomach and lower jaw. Underneath his glasses, his eyes are revealed to be red.

However, after getting damaged and falling off the rails, which ended up with him being broken apart and got damaged, his glasses, legs, and tail are all gone, the upper left jaw is damaged, revealing some black/green(?) cords underneath where his legs used to be. His right hand reveals his endoskeleton hand, while his left hand is entirely exposing his entire endoskeleton arm. He also has scars on his right arm and has a huge hash in his chest. His shoulder pauldrons are also damaged at the front.


Montgomery Gator seems to be a rather violent animatronic, and seems to have an affinity for smashing things. One instance of his destructive behavior is when he can be heard smashing several objects within his closed stage. He also smashes the plastic ball guns during his boss battle. Of all the animatronics, he is possibly the most dangerous, as there are several gates with signs that signify his inability to enter those areas. This may have been done by the workers to prevent him from hurting any of the patron.


Montgomery Gator was an animatronic created as a side attraction at Freddy Fazbear's Mega Pizzaplex, serving as the titular mascot of Monty's Gator Golf. That said, one day, Glamrock Bonnie, one of the four main animatronics, mysteriously disappeared one day after venturing into Monty Golf. Bonnie was eventually put out of commission (either because they couldn't find him, he was found destroyed, or something else entirely), and Monty replaced him as one of the main four animatronics. With his new claw upgrades that allowed him to play the bass, Monty became much stronger and more dangerous than the other animatronics, to the point where the staff had to set up gates specifically designed to stop him from passing (which he can still break with ease).

One night, a child named Gregory ended up trapped in the Pizzaplex just as it was about to close. Vanny reprogrammed Montgomery and his fellow Glamrocks to chase Gregory around the Pizzaplex and kill him, but Glamrock Freddy was left untouched and tried to help Gregory to escape the building.

In the Monty Golf section, Gregory planned to decommission Monty by confronting him in his titular golf course. After making his way to the laser attraction on top of the course, Monty jumped down from a carriage to attack Gregory, where his boss fight begins. The player must avoid Monty as they use the blasters to fire at the Splash Bucket at the edge of the golf course, to rack up points so it will tip over. The blasters break once all of their ammunition has been consumed, but Monty can smash them on his own. After scoring enough points, Monty must be lured to the Splash Bucket, where it then starts to tip its contents. Monty tries to lift the bucket up, but it overpowers him and he falls backwards over the railings. He smashes into several pipes and vents as he falls, before being torn in half by the floor, 'shattering' him.

After collecting Monty's hands, Gregory took them to Parts and Service to upgrade Glamrock Freddy, allowing him to smash through the same gates meant to restrain Monty. Glamrock Freddy noticed his new hands were different and asks Gregory where he got them, but Gregory tells him he doesn't want to know.

Despite his horrible fate, Monty can return in some of the endings in his withered form. However, he poses no threat as he's much slower now, even slower than he was before.


Welcome to Monty's Gator Golf - home of the Hurricane Hole-In-One! We're currently closed for the night; come back soon!
~ When first entering Gator Golf.
There you are!
~ Monty
Let's rock!
~ Monty
You can hide, but you cannot hide!
~ Monty
Run, run run!
~ Monty
Don't be scared.
~ Monty
Hey kid, come on out. We're only trying to help.
~ Monty
You can't hide forever...
~ Monty
Give up.
~ Monty
I will find you.
~ Monty
I know you're here.
~ Monty
You really think we won't find you?
~ Monty
Over here!
~ Monty
Party time!
~ Monty
Where you goin'?
~ Monty
Game over, kid.
~ Monty
You're in trouble now.
~ Monty


  • Montgomery is the first animatronic in the Five Nights at Freddy's series to be a reptile.
  • Montgomery is the replacement for Glamrock Bonnie, who was scrapped for unknown reasons before the events of the game. It's been implied that Monty actually killed Bonnie to take his place, and that he will do the same to Freddy to become the face of the PizzaPlex: One of the messages reveals Glamrock Bonnie was last seen going to Monty's Gator Golf before being scrapped, and in one of the levels of the golf minigame, Freddy is seen in the garbage while Monty, Chica and Roxanne are playing a show on the stage, with Monty on the center and a giant Monty hologram behind them. If this is true, that would make him the only one out of the Glamrock animatronics that is inherently evil, and doesn't need Vanny's hacking to cause harm. While Roxanne Wolf has been mentioned to have been destroying S.T.A.F.F. Bots in her Roxy Raceway, the S.T.A.F.F. are barely sentient, especially the ones she destroys, to the point one of the human employees called them braindead; Glamrock Bonnie was quite likely as intelligent and borderline-human as the other animatronics.
  • Montgomery will be promoted to the singer of Freddy's band in one of the endings the player can get. The role of the third instrument player will be filled by Glamrock Mr. Hippo, who plays the triangle.
  • Montgomery has been implied to suffer from anger issues for unknown reasons.
  • Monty's attack animation after being destroyed involves him spinning the player around, which is likely a reference to a death roll - a technique real alligators use to disorient their prey.
  • Fans often compared his defeat to the defeat and presumed death of Huggy Wuggy, as they both fell down and got gravely injured (in Huggy's case, maybe even killed).
  • Monty's voice actor Cameron Miller revealed a few things about his character in a Discord QnA. It's unknown if any of those things are canonical or not given that he's not Scott Cawthon or a Steel Wool Studios employee, and anything he says should be taken as "Word of Saint Paul" at best:
    • Monty is insecure (supported in-game via his anger issues and temper tantrums).
    • Monty is/was jealous of Glamrock Bonnie (very possible given his connections to Bonnie as his replacement and possibly killer).
    • Monty smokes (quite clearly a joke given that robots can't smoke, although if he was human then he would probably do so).
    • Wanted to be friends with Freddy and to be noticed by him (unknown how canon this is given the implications Monty wants to usurp Freddy). He also said they could be a couple (most likely non-canon given as they have a nonexistent relationship with each other besides Freddy calling Monty one of his friends).
    • Monty could be a gay stripper (definitely quite clearly just a joke).

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