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"Just like old times. Man to man, face to face, only now we do this to the death! May the best man win!"
~ Montross sarcastically wishes Jango Fett the best of luck in their final confronation, to which Montross would lose and consequently be left to die afterwards.

Montross is a fictional character and recurring antagonist of the Star Wars franchise, appearing as the central antagonist in the video game Star Wars: Bounty Hunter.

He is was a nefarious Mandalorian bounty hunter who betrayed his brethren and later became the sworn enemy of his arch-rival Jango Fett, up to the point where he sought to kill him during which both seek to hunt down Komari Vosa for a bounty award offered by Count Dooku; these events took place ten years before Episode II: Attack of the Clones occurred.

He was voiced by Clancy Brown, who also portrayed Savage Opress in the franchise's 2008-2020 animated television series Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Adding to his well-known acting contributions include Lex Luthor in the DC Animated Universe, Byron Hadley in The Shawshank Redemption, Charles Zim in Starship Troopers, Silas in the animated television series Transformers: Prime, and Mr. Krabs in the cartoon TV show Spongebob Squarepants alongside it's movies and video games.


Originally in the past, Montross grew up to be a highly skilled Mandalorian warrior and was formerly friends with fellow member Jango Fett; they both served their leader Jaster Mereel, who later appointed Montrosss as his right-hand man. As time went on, however, Montross grew dangerously ambitious and ended up betraying Jaster to the rogue Mandalorian faction known as Death Watch and left him for dead. He sought to takeover the Mandalorians by fabricating an incident where Jango died seeking to save Jaster, but this was foiled when Jango learned the truth and ended up exposing Montross' treachery to their bretheren. Consequently, Montross was banished from the Mandalorians after their interim headman Silas supported Jango with the decesion.

The Offer

Years later, Montross had become a ruthless bounty hunter, making a rule to always kill its targets, even when they paid more alive, saying that "money meant nothing to him, the thrill driving him". He was eventually contacted by Tyranus to kill Komari Vosa in exchange for five million credits. However, Jango also received the offer.

Montoss during his Mandalorian days.

The Bando Gora was involved in making and selling death sticks. Both Montross and Fett began tracking the origin of the death sticks. Montross tracked the death sticks to Groff Haugg. He found Groff in one of Corusacant's districts and interrogated him. Groff lied to Montross and guided him to the Gazzari system. Montross later froze Groff to death in carbonite to keep his mouth shut. Jango arrived and they battled but Montross escaped and began looking for Komari in the Gazzari system. He learned from his ship's computer that some time ago the Republic stopped the death stick operations in the system and realized Groff lied to him.

Montross then learned that some smuggler, Bendix Fust who was serving time at Oovo IV, and wanted alive by the drug lord Sebolto, who Montross realized might be the last link to Vosa. Learning that the prison was having a riot and communications had been jammed, Montross realized Fett was involved and headed to Malastare, to Sebolto's hideout.

However, Fett arrived there and got to Sebolto first, causing the Dug to escape through a ramp but fell to his

Tyranus makes Montross an offer.

death. Montross arrived on a skiff and fought Jango again but it was ended when Zam Wessel arrived with the Slave I and fired missiles at Montross. Wessel and Fett made their escape but Montross activated a listening device on the Slave I. They headed to Tatooine after examining Huttese marks on Sebolto's drug ships.

The Final Showdown

While Fett and Wessel were busy in Tatooine, Montross was overhearing Jango's conversations with Roz, his friend and informative. Montross tracked the contact and went to the Outland Station. He later tortured Roz to near death for the location of Komari Vosa and planted bombs in the Outland Station in order to kill Fett, taunting Jango through a transmission. Jango arrived after killing Gardulla and escaped in time, however the explosion killed Roz and hundreds of other people.

Montross headed to a moon of Bogden which was the hideout of the Bando Gora. Jango caught up to him and confronted Montross at the front gate of Vosa's fortress. Montross redonned his Mandalorian helmet and challenged Fett to a fight to the death. Fett accepted and both of the Mandalorians had their final showdown. Jango won the fight, and left a supplicating Montross to be killed by the Bando Gora cultists.


Although he is not Force-sensitive, Montross has shown to be shown to be on the best bounty hunters of its time, rivalling Jango in that regard, having been a mandalorian like the latter was. He is an expert tracker, interrogator and marksman and is also knowledgeable in the art of warfare.


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  • Montross acts as a sort of foil for Jango in Bounty Hunter. While Jango is, like Montross an ex-mandalorian who became a ruthless bounty hunter who, much like him, enjoys the act of hunting bounties, Jango is ultimately a man of reason with a code of honor and an attachment to multiple people (Roz, Jaster and even Zam eventually) and the ways of the mandalorians. Montross on the other hand was identified as man who lived only to murder. Namely, he is the only character in the game (except Palpatine, who makes a brief appearence at the beginning) who can be considered Pure Evil:
    • Zam and Jango, despite being notorious killers, only murder hardened criminals, crime lord or corrupt officials and are shown to have moments of humanity.
    • Jabba the Hutt, though a despicable crime lord considers the Bando Gora to be "scum", refusing to make business with them.
    • Count Dooku thinks he is acting out of a genuine desire to better the galaxy.
    • Vosa and her cultists were all brainwashed into their villainy.
      • Montross however, has no delusion about what he is and does and no excuses to explain his behaviour, and even goes out of his way to be cruel and sadistic, taunting Jango over the death of his friends. This is further proven when Montross muses to Jango about how briefly considered using the power of the Bando Gora to cause the deaths of millions simply because he wanted to, insisting that he wasn't in for the money.