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A mouse with a pet cat?
~ Monty's most famous quote.
~ Monty’s catchphrase

Monty is the secondary antagonist of the first Stuart Little film and a supporting character in the rest of the franchise. He is Snowbell's best friend who craves to eat Stuart (although he has helped him at times).

He was voiced by Steve Zahn in the first two films (who played Cliff and Thunderclap), by Rino Romano in the third film, and by André Sogliuzzo in the TV series.


Monty is a cat who always craved to eat Stuart. In the first film, he appears to be Snowbell's best friend, but also works for Smokey. In the end of the first film, he lost Snowbell's friendship.

From the second film onwards, Monty is now an anti-hero. While he still craves to eat Stuart, he now helps the latter constantly, and thus also apparently got his friendship with Snowbell back.


Stuart Little

He was one of Smokey's henchmen and Snowbell's best friend who ridiculed and laughed at the latter after discovering his "master" Stuart much to Snowbell's dismay. He was defeated when Snowbell snapped the branch he and his comrades were on making Monty fall into the waters below and fled the scene with his accomplices.

Stuart Little 2

Monty became a supporting protagonist in the sequel when he gave Stuart and Snowbell information on the Falcon. At the end, he sees Falcon falling into the trash can, and Monty presumably ate him. Falcon later returned in the 12th episode of the animated series, revealing that he must have escaped Monty before the latter had a chance to eat him.

Stuart Little 3: Call of the Wild

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Stuart Little: The Animated Series

Monty is a supporting protagonist of the animated series. Despite being redeemed, he still wants to eat Stuart, but he has helped Stuart and they get along occasionally.



  • There was a rumor that Carlos Alazraqui voiced Monty in Stuart Little: The Animated Series.
  • Given the fact that he is Snowbell's best friend, Monty is most likely the counterpart of the Angora Cat in the book.
  • Despite the fact that Monty became a supporting character in the second film, he was an antagonist in the GBA game in some levels.


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