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She has chosen us - and only us - to survive the upcoming apocolypse because we have honored Her and devoted ourselves to Her. As we work to enforce Her will, we grow together as a family and serve the greater good. We are the Moon's Children.
~ The Moon Children's Introduction

The cult of the Moon Children is the main antagonistic faction in the ARG, BEN DROWNED, created by Jadusable. They are the titular main antagonists in the Moon Children Arc, and the secondary antagonists in the Awakening Arc.

They are a cult, front for another faction called the Eternity Project, that worship a deity which they call Luna, and their primary goal is to bring her to Earth for her to devour it. The group consisted of many members, which included even young teenagers.



Kelbris founded the Moon Children in 1998, a front for the Eternity Project. He claimed that the deity known as Luna started whispering to him, detailing how she would arrive on Earth and destroy the world. This happened back when the cult had just been founded, and later, Kelbris died from electrocution, ascending into the entity known as The Father.

After his death, the cult began deifying Kelbris as their best prophet in 2010.

Ben's "ascension"

In April 23, after being involved within the Moon Children, Ben was drowned an ascended, resulting in the creation of a malicious entity known as BEN, who would later terrorize Jadusable. Ben's conciousness, BEN and The Father himself were contained in a copy of The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, and was given to an old man.

Haunted Cartridge Arc

The cartridge was entrusted to Jadusable, who would play the game thinking it was just a normal copy of the original game, but was later revealed that BEN was manipulating the cartridge in order to torture Jadusable, later resulting in him unknowingly awakening Kelbris, dying in the process. Jadusable was presumably ascended, and BEN escaped into the Internet.

The site "youshouldn'thavedonethat.net" was later discovered as the main base of the Moon Children. The players encountered several members, one of them being Alex, the cult's greatest warrior. The players attempted to save Matt and Rosa from disappearing (possibly at the hands of Kelbris), but failed. They also tried to save Alex from dying to Dark Link (who was presumably a representation of the Moon Children), but this is left unknown.

Awakening Arc

Sarah retrieves the Haunted Cartridge after being trapped in the Ethereal Hotel, and aimed to defeat the Moon Children and free Ben. Sarah, after being tasked by Matt to do the Fourth Day Glitch, fights the Moon Children, who tried to stop her, transforming into their respective bosses. Each one of them failed to stop her, but Jadusable, who was ascended and possibly now a Moon Child, killed her. Sarah revives, and finally performs the glitch, killing everyone in World Alpha except for Matt, the last Moon Child, Jadusable, Circle and Ben. Jadusable passes his soul to Sarah to help her defeat the final Moon Child and Matt. After defeating Majora's Wrath, who was presumably a fusion between the final Moon Child and Matt, the latter was deleted from the game by The Father.

Sarah herself is also deleted when Kelbris removed all the anomalies from World Alpha, leaving Ben in Link's model and finally freeing the prisoners within the cartridge.

Known members

  • Kelbris (leader)
  • Matt Hubris
  • Benjamin Lawman (possibly)
  • Nekko
  • Duskworld23
  • Insidiae
  • Rem
  • David
  • Danielle
  • Jeff
  • Dark_Rider404
  • Ryan
  • sidicus9
  • Paradoxicle
  • 13fliptime
  • CB
  • BoogeymanHere
  • Sable
  • Rosa (possibly)
  • Circle
  • Members of the Eternity Project
  • Alex (formerly)


  • The Moon Children that appear in-game are possibly members of the cult.
  • Dark Link, who appeared in the video "huntyoudown.wmv", is possibly a representation of Kelbris or another Moon Child.
  • Despite being ascended, it is unknown if Ben or Rosa are actually part of the Moon Children.

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