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The Moopets are supporting antagonists of the 2011 live action Disney film The Muppets. They are Fozzie Bear's Muppet tribute band and Tex Richman's former henchmen.

The members of the gang are Miss Poogy (the leader), Kermoot the Frog, Roowlf the Dog, Janooce, Foozie Bear, and Animool. Miss Poogy, who is the leader and the most notable member of the group has temporarily became a member of The Muppets. Fozzie was originally a member of the group, but he left to join the Muppets again and is replaced by a Moopet version of him called Foozie.

The only Moopet who is a human is Animool. The rest of them are puppets.

Miss Poogy was portrayed by David Rudman, Foozie Bear was portrayed by Tyler Bunch, Kermoot was portrayed by Dave Goelz, Janooce and Roowlf were portrayed by Matt Vogel and Animool was portrayed by Dave Grohl.

Miss Poogy briefly appeared as a prisoner of the Siberian Gulag in the sequel, Muppets Most Wanted. However, the rest of the Moopets did not appear in Muppets Most Wanted.

Unlike Richman and Uncle Deadly who are redeemed, the Moopets are not redeemed at all.

The only Moopets who spoke are Miss Poogy and Foozie, although Janooce can briefly be heard talking once.


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