No escape, little flutter-glow. There's a great thirst in the forest, almost as great as Morag's thirst for vengeance. And you, our Wistie queen, are my newest servant in my battle with Logray and his cursed Ewoks.
~ Morag.
Morag is an evil witch and an antagonist of the relatively obscure Ewoks cartoon, which in turn is loosely affiliated with the expanded Star Wars universe - although described as a witch Morag is more accurately classed as a dark Jedi: she uses the dark side of the Force to simulate events and phenomena that are almost impossible to differ from magic.

Like many of the dark Jedi (known as witches and sorcerers to the Ewoks) Morag was a worshipper of the Night Spirit, which in some ways was a personification of the dark side of the force and greatly feared by the Ewoks as a god of evil - Morag proved herself to be more than a worthy devotee to this unseen being and dedicated her life to wickedness.

Morag's connection to the Night Spirit was sufficient to merit respect from other creatures that sought the favor of this deity, such as the Duloks - who would visit her realm to ask for her aid, Morag provided aid to these beings but not out of kindness - rather as a means to lord over them and demonstrate her own power.

Morag was a member of the alien species known as the Tulgah, who all had a natural connection to "magic" (most likely another word for the Force) - however while most of her kind used their gifts to become powerful healers she decided to go down the path of darkness and use her gifts to enslave, abuse and terrorise others.

Morag's greatest ambitions are to conquer Endor and either enslave or destroy all other species, she especially despises the Ewoks for their continual ability to foil her plans and as such has plotted revenge against them multiple times.