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If providing people with what they desire is a sin, then all mothers are sinners and the world is bereft of love. ~Moral

Moral is the main antagonist from the series, Hamatora. It had only twelve episodes for the first season. He's voiced by Yūki Ono in the show.


He's tall, has long silver hair, red or magenta eyes, and sharp teeth. He looks human, but he's not. He's a mutant, along with the main characters, called the Hamatora. Moral is always smiling.


Moral targets mutants called Minimum Holders. He is psychotic, empathetic, and dangerously intelligent. During a meeting with Art, he revealed that he has no problem with using people to achieve his goals, even going so far as to turn a boy into a monster because he was wanting to feed him power. It seems as though he and Nice are alike.


He used to be a professor at Facultas Academy. He became more interested and attached to the main character, Nice, after observing all the students carefully. Nice had more unique, interesting powers, than the other kids.




Hamatora Moral - character song- Innocent World

Moral's Minimum is the Transformation Minimum, which is why he's able to take on the appearance of other people. Moral activates it by moving his hand over his face. Then he's able to shape shift into the person he chooses to become.

One Forbidden Minimum, called the Type 0 Minimum, was not originally Moral's, but that of an unknown Minimum Holder whose brain and other body parts were guarded by the police and were kept a secret. Moral stole it in episode six and injects it into himself. In episode twelve, it's revealed that he has the goal of becoming an equal to Nice. The Minimum allows the Holder to exist anywhere within a ten meter radius, yet exist nowhere. But more accurately its ability is space warping, as it allows its Holder to appear anywhere within that 10 meter radius without actually moving. Because of the nature of this Minimum, Moral regards its abilities as god-like. To activate it, the user must breathe into his hand.


Due to Moral possessing two Minimums at the same time, his body becomes burdened and weak because a Minimum Holder is only meant to have one Minimum, as stated by Art. This is seen when he takes a few punches from Nice and then initially stands up unscathed, but starts coughing up blood soon after.


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