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Moras is one of the secondary antagonists of Joe Camp's 1979 mystery film by Paramount The Double McGuffin. He is one of Mr. Firat's henchmen.

He was portrayed by Rod Browning.


When one of the assassins delivers a briefcase to St. Mortez Hotel, Moras is initially seen trying to shoot Kura the prime minister as he takes aim, but fails. The next morning, the briefcase falls out of the taxi cab into the woods.

The next morning, Billy Ray follows Mr. Friat to his hotel and the others follow him to his room while Mr. Friat and the three assassins eat at a restaurant and they put a walkie-talkie in one of Mr. Friat's plants. After they discover some guns in a trunk and escape the hotel. As they listen to Mr. Friat's plot, one of the assassins pours alcohol on the plant, destroying the walkie-talkie.

After Homer and Specks meet Arthur Honeycutt, Billy Ray starts a fire alarm in Mr. Firat's hotel and Jody takes pictures of him and the assassins after they flee the building. Later, the trio go to the hotel and try to find evidence of his victims and Arthur prints out Mr. Firat's evidence.

As Arthur tells Chief Talasek about the truck filled with guns, they arrive at the hotel and Chief Talasek opens it, and no guns were in there. As Talasek believes that Arthur lied to him about the guns, Specks' father calls him, telling him that his son is kidnapped. Arthur reveals a kidnapped Homer and Specks in the closet and Mr. Firat and the assassins get arrested.



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