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Morg formally known as Morgan is a former hero and the main villain of the animated video series Angel Wars.

Morgan was a high-ranking angel and a friend of Michael the Archangel before he turned evil and joined with The Dragon's forces, becoming a demon. He was eventually imprisoned by The Dragon for being a traitor, but was released by Cubus and Shadow, two other demons who used negative energy from a wayward human to revive Morg's body. He escaped and battled several angels before they got away from him.

Morg eventually got his hands on a powerful symbiotic stone that gave him even more power. He created a super-weapon aimed to destroy the earth, but was thwarted. The stone took over his body and transformed him into a huge monster, capable of taking over all Earth. During the final battle, Michael tried to convince Morgan to return to his side, but Morgan refused and dropped into the depths of the monster's body, where he presumably was killed. The stone's source of power was cut, and the monster died.

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