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Morg the Executioner is a villain from Marvel Comics. He is one of the former heralds of Galactus who turned out to be more vicious and power hungry than the others.

Morg served as a herald of Galactus after Galactus' previous herald, Nova (Frankie Raye), was expelled for sparing suitable but inhabited planets from his hunger. Subsequently, prior to consuming his latest planet, Galactus was confronted by Morg; a court executioner who had betrayed his own race by executing his own people for those that had defeated them. In the presence of the world-devourer, Morg showed no fear; instead exhibiting a respectful defiance. Impressed with Morg's demeanor and wary after losing several heralds to attacks of conscience, Galactus decided to employ this most brutal and remorseless specimen as his latest herald.

One of Galactus' former heralds, Silver Surfer , went to meet Nova but instead found out that she had been dismissed and replaced by Morg. After informing the Surfer of this, Galactus told the Surfer to leave; however, the Surfer refused to leave without seeing Nova, resulting in a battle with Morg. After fighting Morg and noticing his cruelty, Surfer decided to go find Nova and the rest of Galactus's former heralds, Firelord, Air-Walker and Terrax and have them join him in another battle against Morg.

The assembled heralds confronted Morg together, and Terrax used the fact that they were not able to defeat him to convince the Surfer to instead try to get help from Galactus. While the Surfer was gone, Air-Walker was severely damaged again and Morg killed Nova by blasting her in the back when he was thought to have been beaten. Galactus was not pleased with this, so he removed the Power Cosmic that he had imbued in Morg, leaving him with only the power he'd gained from a mystical pool he'd discovered.

During Annihilation, he was captured and tortured to Death by Annihilus, who tried to get the Power Cosmic from him but failed.

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