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~ Morgan after killing the villager.

Morgan is a supporting antagonist and a boss of the 1993 arcade beat 'em up game Cadillacs and Dinosaurs.


Morgan is a member of the criminals that leading by Dr. Simon Fessenden and a volunteer for becoming a strongest creature. He and his men attacks a village with the brainwashed dinosaurs. A villager communicates him with the heroes about their village is under attack. Later, heroes beats all men and encounters the villager. When the villagers talks, Morgan appears and kills him with a gun. Later, Morgan fights with the heroes. However, he is beaten. Later, Morgan went mad and mutates into a dinosaur called Morgue. However, he is beaten again and dies.

Powers and Abilities

  • Morgan: In the battle, Morgan uses guns, knives and stones to attack the player. He dodges the attack via running and jumping. Morgan can transform into the dinosaur called Morgue.
  • Morgue: Morgue attacks with its head and claws. It is stronger than his human form, however. He is vulnerable in gun attacks.


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