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Morgan is a main anime-exclusive villain of ep.86 in Fist of the North Star. He serves as captain of the Ken-Oh Advance Squad.

He was voiced by the late Yasuo Tanaka.


Morgan is first shown wildly driving his jeep at unsafe speeds doing crazy stunts until he crashes. He gets angry with one of his goons as the car was not in a standard good enough for him to drive. He then catches the eye of Bat and is passed by. Before he can catch up though, Morgan's car runs out of fuel.

He orders some of his goons to chase down Bat's car. After he learns they lost track, Morgan orders his henchmen to obliterate the car otherwise they will executed by Morgan's hammer-wielding bodyguards. They indeed succeed, much to Bat's horror.

The next day, Morgan drives through his very desolate town and crashes into a wall. He gets mad with the villagers who built that wall, then kills them. An older villager (who's daughter and grandson were mowed down by the villain's car) tries him down, but Morgan refuses to listen.

As Morgan drives along, he nearly runs down Kenshiro, but the Man with Seven Scars stops his car with force. Morgan cleans his car while his henchmen are fighting Kenshiro, never noticing Bat wanting to get revenge for his buggy. After Kenshiro kills the goons, Morgan sets his giant hammer-wielding guards on him. Kenshiro manages to defeat the goons who are crushed by their own hammers just as their heads are bulging.

Desperate, Morgan gets back into his jeep and scurries to warn Ken-Oh, but Bat took a few of the vital jeep parts. As Morgan vows revenge, his steering wheel comes loose and screams as his jeep crashes, killing him in a fiery wreck.

Powers and Abilities

  • Morgan usually drives in his car that can also crush unexpected people in the way. He also mostly relies on his henchmen to do the fighting.


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