Morgan was a minor villain in the 1996 movie adaptation of The Phantom. He was played by Casey Siemaszko.


Morgan was one of the three treasure hunters helping Quill in Bangalla, along with Styles and Breen. He was the most easygoing of the group, getting along fairly well with Zak, the native boy they'd hired to guide them, and he was distinguished from the other two by a prominent gold tooth. He often criticized Quill's leadership skills.

Although the men found the first Skull of Touganda inside a cave, a skeleton came to life and killed Styles. Spooked, Morgan suggested they leave, especially when they began hearing native drums - the Tougandan natives summoning the Phantom for assistance. Morgan and Breen gathered up all the treasure they could carry and then ran out of the cave with Quill, only to be waylaid by the Phantom, who quickly captured Breen.

Morgan and Quill ran to their truck and drove off, but the Phantom jumped on the hood. Morgan shoot at him through the windshield and he fell off, and Morgan, who thought he'd killed him, celebrated - only for the Ghost Who Walks to reappear clinging to the side of the truck. He punched Morgan through the open passenger window and knocked him out, then opened the door and threw him out, jumping inside so he could grapple with Quill.

Morgan and Breen were later found and arrested by the Jungle Patrol led by Captain Horton. A terrified Morgan tried to warn Horton about the Phantom, but the Captain simply commented he'd been "chewing on the wrong kind of jungle growth" and had him and Breen locked up.


  • Casey Siemaszko was also in the first two Back to the Future movies with costar Billy Zane . He played 3-D while Zane played Match.
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