Morgan was the main antagonist of the book The Spook's Secret.

He was a sorcerer and old Apprentice of the spook. He tries to manipulate Tom into getting the grimoire , and when Tom said no, he showed Tom, his dead dad. Tom's dad said: "Where am i?" He was actually in Limbo but Morgan told him he was in hell. He made the flame lick his soul. Tom couldn't bear to see his dad's soul in so much agony so he reluctantly accepted. When he broke the promise Morgan kidnapped him and brought the Grimoire to the mound. He would use it to summon the evil ice god, Golgoth. He did but things went horribly wrong, for him. Morgan turned around, Tom thought he was trying to scream or speak but Morgan was trying to breath. His lungs had already frozen, turning to look at Tom was the last conscious movement he ever took. He was completely frozen. An ice statue. Then he toppled over and the second his forhead touched the ground, he shattered into millions of tiny ice crystals. Morgn was broken, pulverized, but no blood flowed because he was frozen to the very core of his being

Later a lamia witch entered the mound and ate the frozen flesh.