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NOTE: This article is for Morgana's role throughout the entire Tales of Arcadia franchise. Her role in Wizards and Trollhunters: Rise of the Titans can also be found here.
Villain Overview

Morgana: My, you are strong! Strong enough to wield my weapon, strong enough to be my gracious host! You open a big-enough door, something's bound to escape!
Claire: The portal! The sickness! The signs under my bed!
Morgana: You've already told Gunmar all he needs to know but since I'm out and about, I thought we kill Merlin's Trollhunter as soon as we get him alone!
~ Morgana taunting Claire before possessing her.
The Eternal Night is here!
~ Morgana's most famous line as she is released from her prison, also her last words before being trapped in the Shadow Realm.
The world isn't ours anymore. You have failed to destroy it; I have failed to save it. Perhaps they can fare better. You are no longer worthy of wielding Excalibur!
~ Morgana's redemption as she strips King Arthur of his rights of using Excalibur.

Morgana le Fay is a major character in the Tales of Arcadia franchise.

She is a powerful witch who was Merlin's pupil before she betrayed him and became his sworn enemy, and served as Claire Nuñez's possessor. Being merciless and sadistic, Morgana's ultimate goal was to unleash the Eternal Night upon the world and destroy mankind through Gunmar and the Gumm-Gumms. She was also Angor Rot's mistress before his redemption and King Arthur's sister, as well as one of Bellroc and Skrael's pawns before her own redemption.

She is voiced by Lena Headey, who also played Ma-Ma in Dredd, Aunt Grandma in Uncle Grampa, Cersei Lannister in Game of Thrones, and Big Mama in Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.


She serves as the main antagonist of the first installment Trollhunters, an unseen antagonist in the second installment 3Below, a major protagonist in the third installment Wizards, and a posthumous character in Trollhunters: Rise of the Titans.

She also appears as the overarching antagonist of the Trollhunters novel series, appearing in Age of the Amulet, The Way of the Wizard, and Angor Reborn, and is mentioned in the Dark Horse graphic novel The Felled. She is the main antagonist of the video game Trollhunters: Defenders of Arcadia.

Physical Appearance

She's beautiful… but totally evil. Yeah. Yeah. We have to stop her.
~ Tobias Domzalski being distracted about Morgana's beauty before he focuses on defeating her.

In her physical form, Morgana appears as a beautiful woman with fair skin and green eyes, being clad in golden armor that covers her entire body except for her eyes, mouth, and hands. She wears a green cape attached to the back of her armor. Her helmet has an emerald encrusted slightly above her forehead, and she wears a green prosthetic where her left hand once was, which was because Arthur cut her hand off.

In her spirit form, Morgana appears as a fiery humanoid being, and her eyes glow green. Unlike in her physical form, her cape is a golden yellow.


Morgana tried to help me save Jim, but all I saw was anger and darkness.
~ Claire about Morgana being consumed by her own hatred.

Morgana was a treacherous, scheming, and malicious witch who will do anything to get what she wants, and one of the biggest threats that Team Trollhunters has ever faced, though she still genuinely had good intentions and redeemed herself in the end.

She was incredibly manipulative and cruel, as she made a deal with Angor Rot that if he gives her his soul, then she will give him the power to defend his village; however, she cheated on her deal by ruthlessly enslaving his soul by turning it into the Inferna Copula, which she used to force him against his own will so he could kill Merlin's Trollhunters. Her manipulativeness even extended to the point where she took the form of Barbara Lake to convince Stricklander to use the Shadow Staff to close the portal so Claire would be trapped in the Shadow Realm, and she even reveals to Angor Rot that Gunmar is nothing more than her pawn and she will kill him when he's no longer needed, while at the same time telling Angor that he is her champion and that he will stand by her side when the world becomes hers, even though, in reality, Angor is just another pawn and she will use anyone to get what she wants, which means she was using Gunmar and Angor as her puppets. When Angor Rot redeemed himself after being reminded by the current Trollhunter, Jim Lake, Jr., of the hero he once was, Morgana saw him as a failure as she exclaimed that he is supposed to fight for her.

Morgana was also extremely sadistic, as she would find the worst ways when dealing with an opponent. She enjoyed every bit of brutalizing and mocking Merlin during their battle in Heartstone Trollmarket. As there were so many ways to kill him, she decided to use them all, but became furious when the souls of past Trollhunters possessed many Gumm-Gumms and came to fight her and protect Merlin, killing many of the possessed Gumm-Gumms in the process. Additionally, she attempted to kill Jim in his half-troll form by flinging him into the fiery twister instead of giving him a speedy death.

What made her all the eviler were her destructive characteristics and her genocidal tendencies. Merlin claimed that Morgana craves chaos, which was the very reason why she supposedly created the War for the Surface Lands in the first place. She wanted to rule the entire world with her widespread chaos and malice, starting by releasing the Eternal Night upon it, which would keep the sun from shining on the Earth permanently and allow trollkind to consume mankind. She especially hates Merlin as he created the Amulet of Daylight with her left hand, something her brother, King Arthur, took away from her, and he was also Arthur's advisor.

Of course, what ultimately led Morgana down to the path of evil in the first place was Arthur's prejudice and genocidal intent against all magical beings. She was a true friend to his wife-to-be, Guinevere, as the three of them played in the Wild Wood to escape their troubles, and she and Guinevere encountered Nari only for Arthur to scare her of by swinging his sword at her, and later on, after Arthur and Guinevere got married and the latter followed Morgana into the Wild Wood one day, Guinevere stumbled across a Stalkling's nest and was killed by said Stalkling, which Morgana was horrified by.

This led King Arthur's xenophobia to increase to genocide on all magical creatures regardless of whether or not they were good or evil, and thus, Morgana fought for their freedom. However, she came to hate Arthur for what she did, which Bellroc and Skrael used to their advantage so they could corrupt her and turn her into their puppet as the Eldritch Queen and the Mother of Monsters. Despite this, Morgana still cared about Arthur's life to an extent as when she tried to reconcile with him, she was horrified upon seeing Bellroc stab him to his death from behind. Thus, she did not crave chaos nor create the War for the Surface Lands like Merlin claimed she did.

Even when she was imprisoned, she still genuinely cared for trollkind as the reason why she wanted to crush mankind, rule the world, and unleash the Eternal Night upon it in the first place was to ensure the freedom of trollkind at last, as they would have no more fear of mankind nor the possibility of turning into stone. However, she felt that a sacrifice was necessary in order to do so, as evidenced when she killed some Gumm-Gumms to cause the Eternal Night.

After her release from the Shadow Realm by Bellroc and Skrael, Morgana wasn't satisfied as it was quiet and peaceful there, and she also felt very remorseful for her actions. She was shocked when she saw that the Green Knight was King Arthur back from the grave, and also had an ounce of sadness when he killed Merlin, which implies that she cared about him to an extent as well. After the Arcane Order entered Merlin's library in their search for Nari and the Genesis Seals so they could destroy and remake the world, Morgana tried to reach out to Arthur in the Shadow Realm as she believed he was brainwashed by them, only to find out that he joined them by his own accord because he believed that the only path to redemption is by going along with their plans.

Eventually, Morgana was redeemed during her last battle against King Arthur as the Green Knight. As they kept fighting and the latter used the corrupted Excalibur to fatally wound Morgana by thrusting a shard at her left abdomen, he asked her why she kept fighting because what she wanted was to fix the world, she admitted that the world doesn't belong to either one of them anymore and that the Guardians can do better, and stripped Arthur of his right to wield Excalibur. In her final moments, she used the last of her magic to lift up one of Camelot's remains and use it to crush King Arthur to his second and final death. Following this, she makes amends with Merlin as they live together peacefully in the afterlife before walking out the door to parts unknown.

Powers and Abilities

You think I'm powerful now? Just wait until the Eternal Night frees me from my PRISON!
~ Morgana gloating through Claire about how powerful she truly is in her true form.

Being a witch who is associated with magic and having experimented with it with Merlin before her betrayal, Morgana is capable of many powers and abilities. With everything she is capable of, almost no enemy is safe whenever she's involved. She is considered to be one of the most powerful beings in existence, who can only be rivaled by a full-powered Merlin, meaning she easily outclasses the Trollhunters.


  • Immortality: As a witch who existed before mankind, Morgana is a true immortal and can live forever. Not even the Sword of Daylight can penetrate her, as shown when Jim tried to kill her with it, she suffered no injuries.
  • Pyrokinesis: Morgana is can use flames at her will, as she used a fiery twister to begin the Eternal Night.
  • Magic Blasts: Morgana is capable of creating very powerful magic blasts that are able to kill several people. She tried to use this on Jim's friends, but he took the blast instead even though he was able to survive, as he was a half-troll by then.
  • Telekinesis: Morgana can lift objects with her magical powers using only her thoughts.
  • Shapeshifting: Morgana is able to change her form into anyone she wants, such as when she disguised herself as Barbara Lake to persuade Stricklander into closing the portal.
  • Necromancy: Morgana is powerful enough to bring back others from the dead, as shown when she resurrected Angor Rot and gave him his soul back so he could be her pawn once more.
  • Flight: As a witch, Morgana is able to fly at great speed and even levitate with ease.
  • Mind Control: Morgana was able to brainwash Claire into bringing Angor Rot's head to her as part of a scheme to free herself. She was also close to controlling Stricklander until Blinky stepped in just in time.
  • Possession: Aside from brainwashing someone, Morgana is also able to use her spirit to possess people as well. She possessed Claire to force her to attempt to kill Jim in the living room of her house, even taking control of her body while Claire's spirit was in the Shadow Realm.
  • Astral Projection: Despite her imprisonment, Morgana was able to make an astral projection of herself, which takes the form of a woman made out of flames.


  • Manipulation: Morgana is excellent at manipulating those around her. This is especially shown during her interactions with Angor Rot, who gave her his own soul in exchange for power so he could protect his village, though Morgana wiped out his memories of even being a hero. Later on, she even manipulated him that he was her champion while Gunmar is just a pawn.
  • Staffsmanship: Morgana was able to use the Staff of Avalon in her Eternal Night ritual, and can even use it during her combat with Merlin.
  • Tactician: While she was still imprisoned, Morgana became the spiritual advisor of the Janus Order, who worshiped her, so that Gunmar could be freed from the Darklands. She would later use Gunmar to free herself from her prison so she could bring forth the Eternal Night.

Other Media

The Felled

A century after being chosen to be the Trollhunter, Deya the Deliverer picked up an omniscienstone, but Merlin warned her that using it would court madness. However, she didn't listen to the wizard and used it anyway. Through the stone, she saw events that Merlin knew about: events in the past, present, and future, as well as events that would not, or should not, happen. One of them was Morgana's right hand emerging from green water.

Trollhunters: Defenders of Arcadia

Morgana appears as the final boss of the video game, Trollhunters: Defenders of Arcadia.


Appearances in the Franchise

TV Series


Part 1
  • "It's About Time" (flashback)
Part 2
  • "Grand Theft Otto" (voice)
  • "Just Add Water" (mentioned)
  • "Creepslayerz" (mentioned)
  • "The Reckless Club" (mentioned)
  • "In the Hall of the Gumm-Gumm King"
Part 3
  • "A Night Patroll"
  • "Arcadia's Most Wanted" (voice)
  • "Bad Coffee"
  • "So I'm Dating a Sorceress"
  • "The Exorcism of Claire Nunez"
  • "Parental Guidance"
  • "The Oath" (mentioned)
  • "For the Glory of Merlin"
  • "In Good Hands" (cameo)
  • "A House Divided"
  • "Jimhunters"
  • "The Eternal Knight: Part 1"
  • "The Eternal Knight: Part 2"


  • "Moving Day" (somewhat mentioned)
  • "A Glorious End: Part Two" (mentioned)


  • "Spellbound" (cameo)
  • "History in the Making"
  • "Witch Hunt"
  • "Lady of the Lake"
  • "Battle Royale"
  • "Killahead, Part One"
  • "Killahead, Part Two"
  • "Wizard Underground"
  • "Dragon's Den"
  • "Our Final Act"


  • Trollhunters: Rise of the Titans (flashback)


  • Age of the Amulet (cameo)
  • The Way of the Wizard
  • Angor Reborn

Graphic Novels

  • The Felled (mentioned)

Video Games

  • Trollhunters: Defenders of Arcadia



I have many names.
~ Morgana to Angor Rot.
You fool, your flesh is worth nothing.
~ Morgana about to take control of Angor Rot's body.
Claire: Pale Lady, I bring Angor Rot.
Morgana: My champion! Again, you shall RISE and set me FREE! As for you, my child, we are linked now, now, and for all of time. Your mind, your essence, together, we… are… one.
~ Morgana receiving Angor Rot's head from Claire Nuñez, saying she wants to be free of her imprisonment.
I will return. I will return. (voice gets creepier) I will return. I will return.
~ Morgana before creepily reaching out her right hand out of the Janus Order's phonograph at Dictatious' ear.
Call to me, and the key to the Eternal Night… it is yours.
~ Morgana to Gunmar through a book.
Morgana: Then we shall show you the way.
Gunmar: We?
Morgana: My child and my champion.
~ Morgana telling Gunmar that she, Claire, and Angor will show him the key to the Eternal Night.
Morgana: Hello, darling! Claire, is it?
Claire: This… is… not… real!
Morgana: Sorry, dear. Did I scare you?
Claire: This isn't real! I… I'm imagining this. (tries to escape but the door slams in her face)
Morgana: You think I'm just a reflection you can run away from? (turns into her true form) I'm under your skin.
Claire: Get out of me! (slaps herself)
Morgana: You're only hurting herself.
Claire: Who are you?
Morgana: I have many names. You can call me…
~ Morgana introducing herself to Claire in the bathroom.
What a brave little mongrel. How sweet… and stupid!
~ Morgana to NotEnrique while possessing Claire.
I don't feel like myself tonight.
~ Morgana to Darci Scott while possessing Claire.
Are you coming, little lamb?
~ Morgana taking the hand of the current Trollhunter, Jim, while possessing Claire.
I know. We'll have to walk. I left my Skathe-Hrün at home.
~ Morgana revealing that the Shadow Staff is at Claire's house while speaking through her.
Jim: What are you doing?
Morgana: Trying to kill you!
~ Morgana trying to kill Jim by using Claire's body.
Morgana: There is no Claire. I am… Morgana!
Jim: Who?
Morgana: The Eldritch Queen, Baba Yaga, the Pale Lady, ugh! I have many names.
~ Morgana introducing herself to Jim in Claire's house while possessing her.
I am your doom!
~ Morgana trying to suck Jim into the Shadow Realm.
Claire is not here!
~ Morgana revealing to Jim that she is possessing Claire's body.
After I feast on your souls, agony will rule for a thousand millennia.
~ Morgana to Jim and Blinky.
You cannot contain me, trollish whelp. I am the Eldritch Queen of the Seventh Plane, Baba Yaga, the Pale Lady; I have slung scores of Merlin's fools!
~ Morgana boasts about herself.
What poor little lambs. My work here is done. Gunmar knows how to bring the Eternal Night. All you can do is sit back and watch the world as it burns.
~ Morgana telling Jim and Blinky to give up.
Traitorous impure, I created you!
~ Morgana to Stricklander.
Get out of my head, child!
~ Morgana making sure Claire’s spirit isn’t returned to her body.
You dare wield a weapon of my power! My Skathe-Hrün will be your end!
~ Morgana tries to take control of the Shadow Staff again from Claire.
You brought the fallen Gumm-Gumm.
~ Morgana to Gunmar.
Centuries ago, you came to me at ease. I granted you power and in return, you served me faithfully. Take your soul back, take it as your own, and live again. You shall serve me once more, Angor Rot!
~ Morgana resurrecting Angor Rot.
Today, the sacrifice of a few will bring forth the Eternal Night and your freedom.
~ Morgana during her speech to the Gumm-Gumms.
Aren't you thrilled by your kind's victory, or have you lost your faith?
~ Morgana to Angor Rot.
Morgana: You are my champion. You will stand by my side… when the world becomes mine.
Angor: And what of Gunmar?
Morgana: Gunmar is a pawn, a brute to get what I want. In time, he will be disposed of.
~ Morgana revealing to Angor Rot that she is merely using Gunmar as a tool for her scheme.
Goodbye, old friend…
~ Morgana about to kill Merlin.
Don't despair, weak ones, your lives will soon be over.
~ Morgana meets Jim in his half-troll form.
Merlin's champion! I have so been looking forward to meeting you… and then killing you. Good evening and… good night.
~ Morgana trying to kill Jim in his half-troll form.
Behold Trollhunter, the beauty of the Night Eternal.
~ Morgana about the Eternal Night.
Merlin never told you what he used to craft your amulet, DID HE?! HE TOOK MY LEFT HAND!!!
~ Morgana reveals that Merlin removed her left hand in order to make the amulet.
I showed your friends mercy, Trollhunter, so they could watch you DIE!
~ Morgana about to kill Jim.
My champion, on time for the grand finale. For your efforts, I give you the honor of finishing him.
~ Morgana trying to get Angor to kill Jim.
Morgana: (to Jim) You! What did you tell him?
Angor: The boy reminded me who I fight for!
Morgana: You fight for ME!
~ Morgana discovers that Jim told Angor his true past after he redeems himself.
Death is all there is for you!
~ Morgana during her fight with Angor Rot.
You think that toy can kill me? I am no troll. I CAN'T BE KILLED!
~ Morgana telling in rage that the Eclipse Blade (or anything else) can’t kill her.
Die, Trollhunters!
~ Morgana trying to kill Claire, Toby, Blinky, and AAARRRGGHH!!!.


Don't you mean "betrayed"?
~ Morgana's chronologically first line.
You gave the woods to enchanted creatures like these. You break that vow?
~ Morgana to King Arthur
Trolls are born of magic, as you are of blood. How is their nature a crime?
~ Morgana trying to convince King Arthur to stop his prejudice against trolls.
The girl speaks truth. Please listen to her.
~ Morgana telling King Arthur that Claire is telling the truth about giving in to fear leading to failure.
I'll take the girl. I could use a new handmaiden.
~ Morgana saying that she'll take Claire as her handmaiden.
Morgana: We spell-casters should be fleeing to the Wild Wood, not slaving away for that fool—
Merlin: Mind your tongue, Morgana. You speak treason against our king!
Morgana: I speak truth! After all Arthur's done, why build this amulet for him?
~ Morgana arguing with Merlin about creating the Amulet of Daylight.
Morgana: How many more failures before you realize this amulet of yours is pointless?
Merlin: I hear your concerns, but trust me, the amulet will bring peace.
Morgana: But at the cost of all we hold dear! How long before he comes for us? You're a fool, Merlin, and an old one at that.
~ Morgana finishing her argument with Merlin.
Don't play coy with me, little lamb. You're hiding your knowledge from me and from Arthur. You stood against my brother to save a troll, a magical creature like myself, like us. The others fear our potential and would quash it, but I do not fear magic. It is true strength.
~ Morgana to Claire about magic.
Yes. Wait, wait, you wouldn't–
~ Morgana, surprised to hear that Arthur plots to kill all of the trolls in his dungeons.
I couldn't stand by, either. Go!
~ Morgana after using shadow magic to scare off Galahad and save Jim and Claire.
Thank you, handmaiden. You inspired me. Now keep your head down. I will handle my brother.
~ Morgana to Claire after the latter saved the trolls from Camelot.
Morgana: Why have I been summoned?
Arthur: The beasts in the dungeon have escaped, aided by shadow magic. Curious coincidence, hmm?
Morgana: I was in the quarters all night, being a good little indentured sorceress.
Arthur: The creatures were seen fleeing into the Wild Woods. You will help take them down!
Morgana: What? Why?
Arthur: Consider it a test of loyalty. Bring me their heads, or yours will be on the chopping block next.
~ Morgana to Arthur about the trolls escaping into the Wild Wood.
Morgana: Ugh, my brother has eyes everywhere.
Claire: He's just looking out for you. Can you blame him?
Morgana: He's already accused me of betrayal.
Claire: I lost my brother once. You don't appreciate them till they're gone. Maybe if you just talked?
Morgana: Look where that last talk got us. Please, of everyone here, you're the only one I can trust.
Claire: Me? What made him stop trusting you?
Morgana: It's a long story. Come on.
~ Morgana to Claire about trusting Arthur.
Who's the monster here?
~ Morgana about Arthur after he and his men captured Bular.
Don't be afraid. I won't hurt you.
~ Morgana helping Jim back up.
I'm sorry you were ever in a cage. [sees Arthur's men] Go. I will draw away the others. Go!
~ Morgana as Jim and Claire reconcile.
You too, old man?
~ Morgana after Merlin turns on her to protect Arthur.
TRAITORS! You throw us in chains, fearing what you cannot control, but we of magic are not lesser creatures, we are MORE!
~ Morgana confronting Arthur and his knights.
The time for peace ended long ago.
~ Morgana about peace.
I trusted you! Now you side with your brother over your own kind? You're just one of them. You're ALL against me, but I am more powerful than you know!
~ Morgana feeling that Claire betrayed her and joined Arthur, even though she was just trying to calm her down.
Your cruelty towards magic-kind knows no bounds! You've taken and taken and now we take BACK!
~ Morgana as she uses her shadow magic against Arthur and his soldiers.
Morgana: You outlaw magic but fight with an enchanted sword! You snuff out any power that isn't yours, but I won't go so quietly.
Arthur: I denied your true nature for so long because you are my sister, but when I look at you now, all I see is a demon. A WITCH!
Morgana: And all I see is a little boy driven mad by hatred and prejudice! Goodbye, brother!
~ Morgana and King Arthur in their confrontation before she prepares to kill him.
~ Morgana after King Arthur cuts off her hand and before her first death.
~ Morgana after being resurrected by Nari.
Bellroc: We are the First. We have watched over magics since the stars were young.
Skrael: But man has destroyed the balance.
Bellroc: Just as they tried to destroy you.
Morgana: But you brought me back. Why?
Skrael: Because you can right what the mortals made wrong.
Bellroc: You come from their world, but fight for ours. You will be the Eldritch Queen, Mother of Monsters.
[Golden armor is created and placed on Morgana.]
Bellroc: You will be the instrument of our reckoning.
Morgana: I accept this gift.
~ Morgana turning evil and joining the Arcane Order.
I will find a way inside those walls even Merlin will never expect. By nightfall, I'll strike down my traitorous brother and Camelot, ending a century of injustice.
~ Morgana scheming with the Arcane Order to kill King Arthur.
You! My handmaiden, spying in the shadows?
~ Morgana discovering Claire and Archie spying on her in the Shadow Realm.
Is that so? Then let's SPILL some of yours and make sure!
~ Morgana preparing to kill King Arthur during the Battle of Killahead Bridge.
Arthur: You're right. It is like you said. We are all the same. I have wronged you, as I have all creatures in my realm. I now fight to save them from the violence I have sown. This carnage, these deaths, we can end this.
Morgana: This… this is a lie, a trick!
Arthur: No! This is our redemption. I should have listened to you.
Morgana: Brother!
~ Arthur to Morgana before being stabbed by Bellroc.
It's YOUR fault! You're the reason why Arthur is GONE!
~ Morgana blaming Merlin for Arthur's death even though it was really Bellroc's doing.
Arthur, you spent your life fighting magic, but now you serve demigods who seek to destroy everything. You killed Merlin with no remorse. Where is my Arthur?
~ Morgana trying to reach out to King Arthur to no avail.
You want Camelot back? Have what's left of it.
~ Morgana using the last of her strength to crush King Arthhur with rubble from Camelot before her second death.
Time to be off, then. You were a foolish old man, but you had good taste in apprentices.
~ Morgana making amends with Merlin in the afterlife.
Alas, I fear the age of wizardry ends with us.
~ Morgana's last words before she and Merlin depart further into the afterlife together in peace.


  • When Morgana makes the Inferna Copula, she does so with her right hand. Ironically, in "The Hall of the Gumm-Gumm King", her right hand does not glow, unlike her face and her left hand. This is because her right hand is actually part of her body, while her left hand is a prosthetic created by Nari. She regains her real left hand in the afterlife.
  • This version of Morgana is depicted as both Morgan le Fay from Authurian mythology and Baba Yaga from Russian folklore as one character.
  • Despite being a human, one of her titles is the Eldritch Queen of the Seventh Plane, though that title was given to her by Bellroc. In the Trollhunters graphic novel The Felled, a Trollhunter named Spar the Spiteful mentioned Morgana when mankind were primitive cave people, though by the time Wizards was released, it's debatable whether or not it is canon.

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