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Morgana Macawber is a beautiful and powerful witch, who serves as a minor villainess-turned-heroine from Darkwing Duck, acting as the main villain in the episode "Fungus Amongus". The first time Darkwing Duck faces her, the two fall in love.

She also appears as a pawn in the episode "Ghoul of my Dreams", where she is helping Nodoff to steal the populace of St. Cannard, though Nodoff is just using her and eventually double-crosses her, forcing DW to save her. As it is revealed, she was stealing money just to pay off her student loans.

She eventually reforms (though it is not shown in any episode) and becomes Darkwing's girlfriend, also joining him as a member of the Justice Ducks.

She was voiced by Kath Soucie.


  • According to Flapping Terror's Interview with Tad Stones, she and Darkwing were intended to get married and have children of their own; Tad even believed it would make for a good spin-off series.
  • The name Macawber is a play on the words "macabre" and "macaw" (even though she seems to be a duck).


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