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Moriah is the main antagonist of the 2003 TMNT episode "The People's Choice". She is the ruler of an unknown alien race who wished to maintain her position at it as she intended to kill her rival Jhanna.

She was voiced by Megan Hollingshead.

Character Information

On her homeworld, Moriah was once the ruler until her people chose a candidate, Jhanna, in an election to fight her in combat on a destination on Earth to determine the new ruler. However, instead of fighting Jhanna, Moriah cheated by shooting down Moriah's ship when she was approaching Earch, since Moriah wanted to maintain her position as ruler. Jhanna survived the crash and was rescued by the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

After Jhanna explained her purpose to them, she contacts Moriah to alert her to partake in their battle. The ninja turtles insisted to help her, but Jhanna chose to take Moriah on her own. Once Moriah arrived, she continued to cheat her way as she brought four alien creatures with her to force Jhanna to fight them instead. Jhanna came charging towards Moriah, but Moriah's minions subdue her and were about to finish her off until the turtles intervened, now assisting Jhanna in her fight. The turtles defeated her minions and watched Jhanna take Moriah head on.

In the end of the battle, as Moriah was defeated, she was afraid when Jhanna raised her weapon at her first glance, but then stopped as Jhanna actually used it to subdue Moriah in a sphere. Later that night, when everyone was sleeping, Jhanna's people called to her as they were ready to take her home due to her victory. Before she left, Jhanna sliced off a piece of her hair and gave it to Donatello in his sleep. She and Moriah were then teleported back to their homeworld. What happened to Moriah was unclear afterward, but she was likely overthrown since she has lost her place as leader.


Moriah is arrogant, dishonorable and determined as she wished to maintain her position as ruler and showed no remorse for her people as she intended to cheat her way and eliminate the competition, even if she had to kill her elected rival.


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