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The M stands for Sherlock's archenemy, Moriarty. Some ornaments are just manufactured evil. And Moriarty, he was the most evil of them all. For years Moriarty terrorized the ornamental world. Until he met his match. It was Sherlock Gnomes. Suddenly, he had a worthy opponent. Beating Sherlock became his obsession. So Moriarty began to play his terrible game. He would kidnap gnomes, lead a trail of clues to their location, and give us 24 hours to find them, or he'd smash them.
~ Dr. Gnome Watson on Moriarty.
Moriarty's Pies, the taste that makes you smile, filled with Goobarb syrup That makes you eat it all awhile.
~ The theme song to Moriarty's Pies

Moriarty is the main antagonist of the 2018 computer-animated film Sherlock Gnomes, the sequel of Gnomeo & Juliet. He is a parody of James Moriarty, who is Sherlock Holmes' archenemy, and Moriarty is Sherlock Gnomes' archenemy. But unlike his original Serious Criminal Mastermind version, he appeared as an insecure but also a psychopathic terrorist that was a pie company mascot who enjoys his show of crimes. He is the mascot of Moriarty's Pies, hence the name "Moriarty".

He was voiced by Jamie Demetriou.


Feud against Sherlock Gnomes

Moriarty was a truck ornament resembling the Moriarty's Pies mascot. However, he was manufactured evil and some how got off the truck. He loved smashing garden ornaments and was on a reign of terror until he found his opponent-Sherlock Gnomes. At the beginning of the film, Sherlock Gnomes and Dr. Gnome Watson arrive at the museum. Sherlock climbs on top of the dinosaur and demands Moriarty to show himself. Moriarty gladly shows himself, pleading that he will not rest until he smashes every gnome in London. Sherlock and Moriarty begin to fight, and Moriarty knocks Sherlock off, only for Sherlock to pull Moriarty's rolling pin and make him fall. Moriarty falls onto a crank which causes the dinosaur skeleton to collapse and crush him, but Sherlock survives by using Watson's cane to grapple onto Moriarty's trap and descend to the ground. In reality, Moriarty surrived by using his rolling pin as a support beam and lost his pie hat in the process. He saw how badly Watson was treated, got out of the skeleton, taped his hat back to his head and started to plot his scheme.

Moriarty's True Plan

Moriarty later appears on a bunch of mobile devices, revealing that the gargoyles actually worked for him. He also reveals that he survived the falling skeleton by using his rolling pin as a support beam and learning how badly Watson was treated. Moriarty reveals his plan is to crush the garden ornaments under the bridge's weight. Sherlock, Watson, and Juliet shortly after escape where they have been put and use a drone to escape the ship that will raise the bridge. Moriarty learns of their escape and asks a gargoyle to fetch him a fireworks launcher to use as a weapon against Sherlock. Moriarty ends up finding Gnomeo, who has stopped the bridge from opening. Gnomeo then falls onto the drone, driven by Juliet. The two then outsmart the gargoyles, while Watson is using soap to free the gnomes and Moriarty is chasing Sherlock.


Moriarty and Sherlock are fighting on top of Tower Bridge, where Moriarty learns that the gnomes are saved. Moriarty throws his hat at the drone and injures Sherlock's leg and tries to knock off Watson. Sherlock arrives in the nick of time and pounces Moriarty, knocking both of them off Tower Bridge. Watson grapples Sherlock, saving him, as Moriarty falls into the saltwater, where he's left floating away, promising his return as he loses his phone.


Oh, Sherlock, how could I refuse a request like that? TA-DA!! Here I am, your favorite evil pie mascot. Though I said evil, I do cry at sad films. I'm very complex, don't try and get me. Shirley, can I call you that? You are just in time to see these gnomes go extinct!
~ Moriarty's first line in the film.
Oh, admit it, Sherlock. You enjoy a little game as much as I do. (Sherlock: This is NO game! I am sworn protector of London's garden gnomes!) If you are the sworn protector of the city's gnomes, then I am their sworn destroyer! And we will keep playing this little game, Sherlock, 'til I crush every last gnome in London. (Sherlock: And I will stop you until the day I die.) Oh, light-bulb moment, what is it? Oh yeah, today's that day. Come, Sherlock... come dance with me.
~ Moriarty about to fight Sherlock.
Ow! No! Fudge buckets!
~ Moriarty falling to the ground, and the dinosaur skeleton collapsing onto him.
Surprise, Sherlock! Sorry for not being it touch. I was pretending to be dead. Oh, also, I hate you.
~ Moriarty revealing that he survived.
Oh, Sherlock! Surely, you didn't think it would be that... (sighs) .... you know what? It just doesn't feel organic anymore. Look. I'm just going to smash you! (fires rocket, but misses) (Sherlock: HA! A-miss! The first of many!) Oh, it's my favorite bit, it's the chase. Ready or not, here I come!
~ Moriarty chasing Sherlock with a fire-rocket launcher.
La, da da, da, la, da da. It pains me to do this Sherlock. (Sherlock: No one is forcing you, Moriarty.) You're the only one that gets me. (singing) And I know you feel the same way about me! (Sherlock: Not true!) OW! I know you Sherlock, (fires rocket) because I know me! We are the same! (singing) You are the sun, and I am the moon. (Sherlock: Those aren't the same.) They're both round things, you know what I mean!
~ Moriarty's famous quote.
I don't need you Sherlock! I've got lots of people who want me as an archenemy! They're queuing up!
~ Moriarty fighting Sherlock on top of Tower Bridge.
The bridge is up, the gnomes are smashed, I guess this the end our little story Sherlock. (Sherlock: Come now, Moriarty, I think there's one more twist in the tale.) (Watson's grappling cane snatches Moriarty's rolling pin) No! (Watson: You've passed your sell-by date, Moriarty!) (Moriarty sees the gnomes on the S. S. Nimrod) Are you serious!? I grew the Sistine Chapel of Evil Plans and you just spray paint a cat all over it?! Well then, sir, my hat's off to you..... (pulls of hat) ....LITERALLY!! (throws hat into drone propellers)
~ Moriarty making Gnomeo, Juliet and Watson crash.
Poor old miserable Watson, okay, bye-bye!
~ Moriarty almost smashing Watson.
What're you gonna do, depress me to death?
~ Moriarty upon Sherlock telling him to not smash Watson.
(Sherlock: Come Moriarty, come dance with me.) Oh big hairy bumps!
~ Moriarty before Sherlock Gnomes pounces him.
Sherlock Gnomes, I shall re...(sinks into water) .. oh, this water is disgusting!! Oh it's gone in my mouth!! (phone pops out) Oh no, my phone!
~ Moriarty's last words before he floats away helplessly.


  • He claims to had come up to "Sistine Chapel of Evil Plans", which references James Moriarty from the original Sherlock Holmes material being called the Napoleon of Crime.
  • Despite his ego and his role, he does not take up much screen time in the film (like most incarnations).
  • The scene that Sherlock and Moriarty fall into river in a cataract-like way was a reference to the original novel and film Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, where the most famous scene is that both Sherlock and Moriarty disappear after they fall into a cataract, and later, it is revealed that Moriarty is dead because of that. However, unlike the original Moriarty, according to one of the film’s writers, Andy Riley, this Moriarty survived. This was because there was to be a mid-credits scene would have showed that Moriarty washed up at some sort of seaside resort and would have been put up in either a golf course or an arcade. However, this scene was scrapped.
  • He is also made of an unnamed rubber material.
  • He was originally going to be an ice cream mascot.
  • He also looks similar to the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man from ''Ghostbusters'' and the Pillsbury Doughboy.


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