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"Gaijin, when is your next race? I really like to be there!".
~ Morimoto tauntingly but indirectly challenges Sean Boswell to race him.

Morimoto is the secondary antagonist in the 2006 film The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, the third instalment of The Fast & Furious Saga.

He was a street racer and high-school student who served as the right-hand man of DK Takashi, thus being a member of the Yakuza as well. During the film, he attempted to help Takashi eliminate both Sean Boswell and Han Seoul-Oh that ultimately leads to his own demise in an epic car chase between the four.

He was portrayed by Leonardo Nam.


Morimoto is a high-school student from Tokyo who often does street racing at nights, driving a golden Nissan Fairlady Z33, and is also the right-hand man of his best-friend and Tokyo's "drift king" DK Takashi. As such, he is also part of Takashi's involvement with the Yakuza led by the latter's uncle Kamata.

At somepoint, Morimoto along with Takashi come into conflict with the newly-arrived Sean Boswell after Takashi's ex-girlfriend Neela develops a crush on him. Morimoto then witnesses Takashi easily defeat Sean in a street race and mockingly laughs at Sean for damaging the car that he borrowed from Takashi's apparent business partner, Han Seoul-Oh. Soon enough, Morimoto begins to hassle Sean on several occasions and even beats up his friend Twinkie at school for allegedly stealing his phone. Eventually, Sean begins to adapt to street racing from Han's teaching and he ends up racing Morimoto one night; Sean ultimately wins and Morimoto cries in despair with the resulting outcome.

Eventually, Takashi begins to clash with Sean and he beats him up for seeing Neela - to which Morimoto gleefully watches along with Takashi's other henchman. When Takashi later finds out that Han appears to be double crossing him, he seeks to confront him and Morimoto goes along to aid him. Takashi contemplates on shooting Han when Twinkie causes a distraction, which allows Han to flee whilst Sean punches Morimoto to stop him from responding. Sean and Neela get in his car as Morimoto blocks their path, only to end up getting run over; Morimoto gets back up and rushes back to his car along with Takashi to peruse Han and Sean and Neela through the streets of Tokyo.

As the chase continues, Morimoto seeks a chance to ram into Sean's car and repeatedly tries to slam him against the wall. But then Morimoto is forced to avoid the oncoming traffic, only to end up running into oncoming cars from the other side of the road; Morimoto could only scream in fear before he crashes his car into the traffic, and is consequently killed as the other cars ram into his vehicle and Takashi is forced to leave him behind amid perusing the others onwards.





  • It is speculated that Morimoto may have survived the crash, but it is more than likely that he was killed in the incident.
  • He had roughly about 15 to 20 minutes screentime throughout the film.


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