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Mornay? Lochlan? - I gave Mornay double his lands in Scotland with matching states in England. Lochlan turned for much less.
~ King Edward I of England to his commander about Mornay's and Lochlan's betrayal of Wallace.

Mornay and Lochlan are a major antagonistic duo in the 1995 Mel Gibson film Braveheart.

They are portrayed by Alun Armstrong and John Murtagh.


Mornay and Lochlan are two Scottish nobles who supported Robert the Bruce's succession to the throne. They wanted independence of Scotland but also wanted to keep their wealth and power and even increase it if possible. So they often changed their mind about who to support according to their interests.

When the Scottish War of Independence under William Wallace begun, Mornay and Lochlan weren't sure of it but nevertheless tried to support it as best as they could. They were present during the Battle of Stirling as the Commanders of the Cavarly with Mornay being the leader. They initially wanted to fight but once they saw the might of the Northern English army they claimed that there is no chance of victory and that they must negotiate. However, soon William Wallace arrived and gave them hope. They both personally led the team who negotiated with the English before the battle as a last effort to avoid a bloodbath but soon Wallace arrived, and while Mornay gently introduced him to the English lord, Wallace started to insult and challenge the English making a truce impossible with Lochlan antagonizing him. When Wallace advised them to leave with their cavalry and outflank the English, Mornay claimed that their forces must not be divided but still agreed. After the original archer's attack upon receiving a signal from Wallace they led their cavalry away making the English believe that they are fleeing. After the English cavalry was destroyed and the two infantries clashed Morany appeared to the rear of the English, took out their archers and went after their commander who ordered a general retreat. He then joined Wallace in the main battle and the two celebrated their victory.

They were then present when William Wallace was granted the rank of Knight. When a noble named Baliol tried to gain Wallace's favor into supporting his clan's succession to the throne, Mornay angrily accused him as a puppet of King Edward I of England and claimed that their succession of Robert the Bruce was the legitimate one starting a big fight which disgusted Wallace who left the room. After Wallace invaded England and sacked York, Mornay and Lochlan as well as the other nobles started to have second thoughts. When a powerful English force under King Edward himself approached the Scottish capital Edinburgh, Mornay said that this time there is on other option that negotiating a truce before Wallace entered the room and once again asked their support. After they declined Wallace called them cowards, with Mornay and Lochlan angrily pulling their swords ready to clash with Wallace and his men. With Robert the Bruce's intervention the fight stopped however, Mornay, Lochlan and other nobles decided not to support Wallace and secretly started to negotiate with King Edward who promised them land in Scotland and England.

When the Battle of Falkirk begun Mornay and Lochlan were present with their army making Wallace to believe that they will support him. After the initial clash, Wallace gave Mornay and Lochlan a signal to join the battle as reinforcements but both of them betrayed him and left the battlefield leading to a crushing defeat for Wallace and countless Scottish deaths. Mornay was promised by King Edward double his lands in Scotland and matching states in England while Lochlan asked much less and simply wanted Wallace to die. However, unknown to them, Wallace survived the battle and sought revenge against them both. One night Mornay was having a nightmare of Wallace coming after him and woke up only to see Wallace entering the room with his horse and riding into his bedchambers. Wallace then brutally killed Mornay with a ball-chain. The following day he slit Lochlan's throat and threw his dead body into a dinner table in front of Robert the Bruce and other nobles.


Mornay was an opportunist and often changed his views to suit the situations. However, unlike his fellow noble Lochlan, Mornay showed some signs of redemption as he initially was friendly to Wallace, personally fought in the Battle of Stirling and even when he betrayed him he did so in return for much land from Longshanks, in contrast with Lochlan who only betrayed Wallace out of hatred for him and received much less in return even laughing during the betrayal. Mornay also shown a bit of remorse about his betrayal as he was having nightmares about Wallace. Lochlan shared a resentment towards Wallace and often provoked him.






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