The Moro Corps, formerly known as the Galactic Patrol Prisoners, is the main antagonistic faction of the Galactic Patrol Prisoner Saga in Dragon Ball Super. They are a large horde of the vilest and most dangerous criminals in Universe 7. They are led by Planet-Eater Moro and their goal is to rid the 7th universe of law and order and destroy the Galactic Patrol to create a universe filled with chaos and greed.



The prisoners were captured by the Galactic Patrol during the many years it was active, with the likes of Moro being captured ten million years ago, while Cranberry was imprisoned sometime after the Battle of Namek.


Regaining some of his magic power, Moro escaped the Galactic Prison alongside Cranberry. During their attack on Namek, when Cranberry was about to make his third wish from Porunga on New Namek, Moro interfered and killed him to make sure that he'll be able to free his awaiting army.

After gaining a large power up from Moro (who absorbed the heroes' powers a few times already) they began fighting against the still-energy-drained Goku, Vegeta, Good Buu (as the Grand Supreme Kai), Merus and Jaco.


  • Moro - Founder and Leader
  • Saganbo - Second-in-Command and leader of the Galactic Bandit Brigade (Deceased).

Galactic Bandit Brigade

The Galactic Bandit Brigade are a group of criminals led by Saganbo who once rampaged throughout Universe 7's galaxies. They are the highest-ranked members of the Moro Corps. 

Macareni Siblings

The Macareni Gang are a trio of criminal siblings. They have gone up against the Galactic Patrol a number of times, having been caught by Merus in the past.

  • Pasta Macareni - Leader
  • Penne Macareni
  • Ghetti Macareni 



  • The Moro Corps are very similar to the Red Lotus from The Legend of Korra.


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