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In the darkness, Morpheus, the God of Dreams, awakened to a world where he and only he wielded power.
~ The Narrator about Morpheus.

Morpheus, also known as the Greek God of Dreams, is a major antagonist of the video game God of War: Chains of Olympus.


When Helios disappeared from the sky, Morpheus decided to take the advantage by casting the Gods of Olympus and mortals into a deep slumber and began enveloping the Earth in a black fog. However, Morpheus eventually found out that Kratos was sent by the Gods to rescue Helios, so he unleashed his minions such as Shades, Banshees, and the Morpheus Beasts upon the land to kill Kratos, or at the very least, hinder his progress.

However, when Kratos rescued Helios from Persephone and Atlas, Helios returned to the sky and Morpheus retreated which caused his black fog disappeared. It is unknown if Morpheus suffered any consequences for his actions, or if he's even alive.

Powers and Abilities

Being a Deity, Morpheus is immortal and never dies by the passage of time or disease. His power is apparently strongest at nighttime, or when there is no sunlight. He can create a black fog that, when someone comes in contact with, can make both humans and Gods fall into eternal sleep, though those with strong wills can resist the fog. He also can summon monster out of the Black Fog such as Shades Banshees, and Morpheus Beasts.   



  • Morpheus himself was never shown or appeared in any way in the game itself, being only a background character (even though he is a major antagonist for about the first half of the game). He is also mute, therefore he has no voice actor or any speaking lines.
    • It is possible that since Morpheus is known as the God of Dreams, Morpheus does not have any kind of physical form.
  • After Kratos killed Helios in God of War III, and the sun disappeared, it is unknown why Morpheus did not take the advantage just like he did in God of War: Chains of Olympus. It is possible that Morpheus is either dead and that he was killed by Zeus, or Morpheus was to frightened by Zeus to take advantage again.
  • Morpheus is Thanatos and Charon's Nephew.

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