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We are the messengers of evolution, my child. We follow the Master in his endless quest to heal the land and the people.
~ Morpheus about his ideology.
My heart bleeds for them. Led down a false path. They don't know their efforts will bring only pain and suffering to their fellow beings.
~ Morpheus about the Followers of the Apocalypse.
Morpheus: I do not have a master, you imbecile!
Vault Dweller: It sure looks like the Master controls you.
Morpheus: No one controls me. He and I
~ Morpheus defending his relations with the Master.

Morpheus is a major antagonist in Fallout. He is the fanatical leader of the Children of the Cathedral, a front created by the Master to preach his plan of "unity".

He was portrayed by David Warner, who also portrays the Dr. Wrecker voice of Rob from The Amazing World of Gumball; The Evil Genius from Time Bandits; Ed Dillinger Sr., MCP, and Sark from Tron, Ra's al Ghul from the DC Animated Universe, the Archmage from Gargoyles, Jon Irenicus from Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn, and The Lobe from Freakazoid!.



Morpheus was originally a member of the Rippers, a ruthless gang of inbred family members from the Boneyard. He had been a member for ten years before eventually leaving the Rippers to start a doomsday cult. The Rippers were eventually exterminated by the Gun Runners, a rival gang.

In 2152, the cult was discovered by the Master. The Master was the leader of a group of Super Mutants who captured humans and dipped them in vats of Forced Evolutionary Virus (F.E.V.) in order to turn them into super mutants, though if a person were to have been affected by radiation, they would die a painful death when exposed. His plan was to turn everyone into Super Mutants to establish unity. Realizing the benefits of using living humans, the Master enlisted the aid of Morpheus and his cult to act as public front for his plan of unity.

In 2155, the apprehension of a caravan of vault dwellers led to the discovery of the Los Angeles Vault. The Master was transferred to the vault, conquering its inhabitants, and the cultists start using the vault as their powerhouse. A cathedral is renovated on top of the vault, leading to the formation of the Children of the Cathedral, with Morpheus as its leader.

Children of the Cathedral

Morpheus is the leader of the Children of the Cathedral and is also one of its high priests along with Lasher and Jain. The Children of the Cathedral believes that nuclear warfare cleansed the world of evil and as such, is considered the Holy Flame. They also consider the Master to be the second Holy Flame who is going to cleanse the world of evil through transforming everyone into Super Mutants. As such, the Children of the Cathedral consider the Master to be a god and hold Super Mutants in high regard. Ironically, Morpheus does not hold these beliefs and simply considers the Master to be a partner.

After weeks of meditating and fasting, those wishing to serve the cathedral would start out as initiates, also known as acolytes. Once they proved their loyalty to the Children of the Cathedral, they would become servitors. After their indoctrination, they would be brought to the Inner Sanctum where they were tortured and had drug injections. Those who survived with their psyche intact would be granted a rank, a COC badge, and a purple robe. Those who didn't were kept as laborers and soldiers with their minds being filled with Children of the Cathedral dogma. Worthy servitors could be taken to the vats in order to become Super Mutants.

Alternatively, a member could simply do service work for the Children of the Cathedral. The Children of the Cathedral has set up hospitals throughout the wasteland. This gave them a decent reputation among the wasteland despite their oddities. However, it has been observed by the Followers of the Apocalypse that those who did not believe in the Children of the Cathedral's beliefs would frequently disappear without explanation.


Morpheus is located in the top floor of the cathedral and is guarded by Nightkin. The Vault Dweller is required to interact with Morpheus in order to confront the Master. Lasher can reveal the location of Morpheus when talked to. The three ways the Vault Dweller can interact with Morpheus to reach the Master is through killing Morpheus, pickpocketing Morpheus, or convincing Morpheus to take the Vault Dweller to the Master. The badge that is gained from killing or pickpocketing Morpheus will allow the Vault Dweller access to the vault.

Typically, the Vault Dweller cannot engage with Morpheus without him becoming hostile. This is because if the Vault Dweller has a companion, the Nightkin will turn hostile upon seeing the Vault Dweller, which will in turn make Morpheus hostile. However, if the Vault Dweller has a high enough sneak and pickpocket skill and a Stealth Boy, the Vault Dweller can pickpocket the badge out of Morpheus.

If the Vault Dweller has no companions and is wearing a brotherhood robe, he can interact with Morpheus. If the Vault Dweller talks about Vault 13 and has a high enough speech skill, Morpheus will take the Vault Dweller to the Master. If the Vault Dweller engages in battle with the Master, Morpheus will join the battle. If the Vault Dweller convinces the Master than his plan will fail, leading to the Master to kill himself through blowing up the Cathedral, Morpheus will try to escape the cathedral by himself, though dies in the explosion anyway.

Morpheus is not mentioned in the Vault Dweller's memoirs, meaning the Vault Dweller likely never confronted or killed Morpheus. The memoirs state that while in the vault, the Vault Dweller killed a servant and took its clothing to hide from guard searches before killing the Master. This most likely sets the canonical fate of Morpheus to having died in the Cathedral explosion following the Master's death. The Fallout Bible sets the date at which the Vault Dweller killed the Master at March 3, 2162.


I do not tolerate insults. Guards!
~ Morpheus engaging in combat with the Vault Dweller.

Morpheus is an opportunistic, power-hungry cult leader. He is driven by his search for power rather than his belief in the Master. This makes him a dangerous foe, willing to carry out the Master's plan and kill anyone who stands in his way, in order to put himself as the leader of the wasteland. This can be shown by the fact that he considers the Master a "partner" rather than a god, and the fact that he is willing to abandon the Children of the Cathedral once his plans fail.

On the outside, he seems to hold a pious demeanor and seems to want to guide others to a path of salvation. However, if the Vault Dweller says the Master is "your master" to Morpheus, he will reveal his true colors. He doesn't believe that the Master is a god and simply views him as an equal, even though his superiors view him as inferior, particularly the Lieutenant.

He is very psychopathic. Although Morpheus seems to try to control his anger, this is simply to keep his reputation. It is very easy to make Morpheus hostile through insults, constant pestering, and suspicious activity. Once he is made hostile, he will go out of his way to kill the Vault Dweller no matter what. Even when not provoked, he seems to have very little patience when talking with the Vault Dweller; even going out of his way to threaten the Vault Dweller when trying to extract information out of them.

Morpheus seems to be fearless. He is not afraid of the Vault Dweller even if he has the ability to kill Morpheus. He is confident that the Master and the Children of the Cathedral will succeed in their goals and thus does not the feel the need to fear the Vault Dweller. Despite this, Morpheus will try to kill the Vault Dweller when provoked, and is willing to stand by the Master to fight the Vault Dweller. The only time he is ever shown to be afraid is when the Vault Dweller convinces the Master to destroy the Cathedral. When this happens, Morpheus will try to escape and abandon his cult to no avail.

Overall, Morpheus is a psychopathic and power-hungry cult leader who will be willing to abandon the cult when it comes down to it. He strikes vileness in his enemies, particularly Nicole. He is even described by the official strategy guide, or "survival" guide, as "intelligent, crafty, sly, greasy, and thoroughly evil. Ensnared by the promise of power rather than by belief, he has a short fuse and terrible anger, which makes him an extremely dangerous individual."


Morpheus's talking head model has the face of an old country preacher. He has black hair that is as short as his hairline out front, but long at the back. He has two very short mustaches located above the ends of his mouth, and has green eyes. He wears the same purple robe that many members, servitor or above, wear. As a result, he uses the same sprite as many of the members, including High Priest Jain.

Skills and Abilities

Morpheus is described as being intelligent, which can debatably be shown by how successful the Children of the Cathedral had been for a decade. His primary stats are very high, with Charisma and Luck being put at 10, his Intelligence being put at 9, and the rest of the stats except one being put at 8. His weakest stat is Strength, which is set at 7. His proficient in energy weapons, melee weapons, small guns, and hand-to-hand combat; his choice of weapon by the time he is met is the AK-112 assault rifle.


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