I'm Morpho. A shapeshifting robot from another dimension.
~ Morpho in "Engman's Brother"

Morpho, also known as Steve Eggman, is a major recurring antagonist in the Sonic Boom television series. He's a shapeshifting robot from an alternate dimension created by the reality's version of Eggman and has traveled to the mainstream world as the brother of Dr. Eggman. He aids Eggman in his various plans and attempts to help him conquere Seaside Island. 


Morpho's true appearance is left unknown due to his shapeshifting abilities, but his main appearance is Steve Eggman which is similiar to Dr. Eggman's appearance. As Steve Eggman, he possesses an upside down egg-shaped torso with board shoulders, relatively short legs and feet, a thick neck, a dome-shaped head and a sharp nose. He has long blonde hair and a blonde colored mustache and has the same pair of glasses that Eggman has with the same color. His attire is also similiar to Eggman's, but the jacket is blue instead of red and has black boots and grey pants. 


Morpho was created in an alternate reality parrell to the main universe of Sonic Boom by the universe's equivalent of Dr. Eggman. When the Eggman accidently blew up his home dimension, Morpho left and escaped to the Sonic Boom World where he eventually found the native Dr. Eggman and was eventually accepted as his brother and his own hencheman as well. 


Morpho first appears in the episode "Eggman's Brother" after a convoluted scheme finally brought him to the Sonic Boom World and finds out where Dr. Eggman's lair is located at. He then appears at the lair in his Steve Eggman form and meets Dr. Eggman claiming to be his long lost brother. Despite this however, Eggman ended up rejecting him and Morpho left to find Sonic and helped him and his team when they were busy fighting a battle with Eggman's Decimator Bot.


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