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Morphos is an antagonist from 2013 TV series Max Steel. He was one of Miles Dredd's creations to destroy Max Steel with the ability to replicate power's of his adversaries.



Morphos was originally an experiment of N-Tek that was designed to be a final resort to defeat Makino. However, Morphos was proven to be too powerful as it could not only defeat Makino, it could become a bigger threat itself, forcing N-Tek to end the experiment.


Miles Dredd, who once worked with N-Tek on project Morphos, decides to finish creating him in his lab out of several mutant body parts stiched together. Once Morphos is brought to life, Miles Dredd promises him a device that he says will complete him if he destroys Max Steel, which Morphos soon recognizes him as his enemy.

Dredd soon contacts Max to alert him about Morphos' presence who he dispatches him at Copper Canyon inside a capsole. Max fights Morphos with ease, but it was actually a ruse for Morphos to obtain Max's powers before he was defeated.

Dredd contacts Max again nearby a warehouse where Morphos is at. This time, Morphos fights with Max's powers and takes Max head on. Max struggles in the fight and is then defeated as he is tossed into the desert by Morphos.

Later at N-Tek headquarters, after Max learns about Morphos' backstory from his father, Morphos attacks the base


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