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Edie, darling Edie... how delicious you were. the sweet taste of your flesh as... as it passed down my throat. The syrupy... warmth of your blood... as it filled my stomach.Wait... what... what have I done? No! Edie, she's dead! I killed her! I ATE her. Oh no, no no...But... but, I had to. I must eat... so hungry, starving. Need more... more flesh, more blood. Need more... find... more...
~ Morris succumbing to radiation and hunger for human flesh after killing and eating his wife Edie, becoming Appalachia's first documented Wendigo

Morris Stevens was the former leader of the Gourmands, one of five Raider factions living in Appalachia, in the online RPG Fallout 76.


Morris Stevens served as the leader of the Gourmands, one of five Raider factions under David Thorpe, in Appalachia in the years following the Great War/World War III. The Gourmands were well-known among the Raiders as the cannibal members due to their trademark of devouring the corpses of their victims, sometimes stockpiling the meat at their base camp in Bolton Greens, a former golf course near Morgantown. However, after some time, Morris was discovered trying to cannibalize his fellow Gourmands, and was exiled from the group. Take his wife Edie with him, he moved to the Savage Divide and set up camp in the Wendigo Cave, feasting on any unlucky people who took refuge in the cave themselves. Soon, his sanity dissolved, and he devoured his own wife before he mutated into a progenitor wendigo, feasting on his former gang members, other Raiders, and more, to the point a bounty was placed on his head.

He remained inside the Wendigo Cave until a resident of Vault 76, sent to recover the Gourmands' key fragment by Rose, finally killed him to recover the fragment from his corpse to gain access to the supply cache in the basement of the Pleasant Valley Ski Resort to find the uplink that the Responders and Free States had been seeking for the Scorched Detection System. Though Morris put up a fight, especially defended by powerful Mirelurk Kings, he was no match for the Vault 76 residents, finally sent to join his wife and other gang members in the afterlife.


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