We made you, and we can destroy you just as easily.
~ Morrowseer

Morrowseer is one of the main antagonists of the first Wings of Fire series. He is a physically imposing NightWing who is in charge of making sure the Dragonet Prophecy goes the way he wants.

Physical Description

Morrowseer is described as massive, larger than any other dragon in the series (aside from Darkstalker.) He has pitch-black scales with a light grey underbelly. He has a long, thick snout with sharp, yellowed teeth.

His claws were long and sharpened, and the star patterns on his wing membranes spiral inwards, like a snail shell. His voice is deep and rumbly.


Morrowseer was seen as manipulative and did not seem to care about how many dragons died for his cause. He only cared about his tribe and reputation, considering himself and the NightWings as superior to others. He was shown to be narcissistic, snobbish, and heartless, and would have killed every other tribe in Pyrrhia in order to protect the NightWings. He was also deceitful, lying to thousands of dragons about the Dragonet Prophecy without any remorse. He was very intelligent and cunning, although very loyal to his tribe. He is also determined to achieve his goals, and will do whatever it takes - this includes murdering dragonets, on several occasions.


Morrowseer was born on the NightWing island. At some point, he fathered an egg with a dragon named Secretkeeper, although to his knowledge, the egg was broken before it was laid.

After the first eruption of the NightWing Island's volcano, Morrowseer and Queen Battlewinner wrote The Dragonet Prophecy, intending to use it to steal the rainforest from the RainWings by taking advantage of the War of SandWing Succession. He personally "delivered" the prophecy and gave Starflight and Fatespeaker to the Talons of Peace movement, to whom he then remained a close ally. Morrowseer also spoke to Thorn after she fought with her secret NightWing lover, Stonemover, blaming her for being responsible for Stonemover's fate. 

Eighteen years after "delivering" the Prophecy, Morrowseer came to inspect the dragonets after a note saying that "Morrowseer is coming" was sent to the guardians of the dragonets. He was angry about Glory, the RainWing dragonet who served as a replacement for the SkyWing whose egg was smashed, and ordered her to be killed. Sunny, Clay, and Tsunami fought him as part of a test. Later, he had a private talk with Starflight and left. He later led a squadron of NightWings that massacred all eight of the IceWing prisoners in Scarlet's arena and took Starflight. While they hid in the mountains and watched the dragonets of destiny travel to a MudWing village, Morrowseer instructed the young NightWing to convince the other dragonets to side with Blister. He then returned him to the other Dragonets. Afterward, he met with Blister and promised to help her become queen. When Kestrel arrived at the meeting, Morrowseer and Blister agreed that she was a danger to the plan and that they would have to kill her, and then did so, with Princess Blister first slashing her throat then stabbing her in the heart with her venomous tail barb. 

Morrowseer later met with Nautlius, the leader of the Talons of Peace, and Blister. They discussed the backup plan that would take place if the original dragonets of destiny were faulty.

Morrowseer is later seen with Nautilus discussing the backup plan and observing the false dragonets during the prologue. Squid is the only dragonet who actually talks to Morrowseer and complains that he wants gold and jewels. Morrowseer is furious that the Talons failed to raise the dragonets to be obedient. He takes over their training and decides to bring them to the Night Island.

Morrowseer ordered the kidnapping of Starflight and brought him to the Night Kingdom. He expressed great displeasure in Starflight's failure to bring the dragonets to Blister's side and chastised him for lacking NightWing superiority. He also introduced Starflight to his father, Mastermind, after noticing that the two talk in a similar way.

Morrowseer issued several tests to see which set of dragonets would be best for the prohphecy. This included battle training and the killing of several SkyWings. This resulted in the death of Viper, which Morrowseer showed no signs of sadness about, but he was horrified that the SandWing, in her death throes, had accidentally slashed the snout of the SkyWing dragonet, Flame.

Later, during the invasion of the RainWings, the volcano on the island began to erupt. He revealed to Starflight, Tsunami, Sunny, and Clay that the prophecy was fake, devastating Sunny. She fled through the portal and Morrowseer took a step forward as if to follow her, but was stopped by Starflight and Fatespeaker. After he remarked that he had all of the dragonets he wanted to kill in one place, the volcano erupted, and Morrowseer was swallowed by the inferno.

In Winter Turning, a dead dragon (which is believed to be Morrowseer), now just a shape of ashes, is seen in front of the portal right where Morrowseer was standing when the volcano erupted. It was hinted that he might have survived the initial eruption but was likely killed by the heat of the lava.


"We made you. You dragonets are only important because of us, and we can destroy you just as easily"
― to Sunny (The Dark Secret, page 279)

"On the contrary, I certainly can make my prophecy happen however I want, considering I'm the one who made it up in the first place"
― to Sunny (The Dark Secret, page 280)

"Queen Battlewinner and I wrote it together after the last eruption destroyed part of the fortress. We knew we'd need a new home soon, and the prophecy was our plan to get it. The idea was that we would control the dragonets by including a NightWing, who, naturally, would be the leader of the group. Your abysmal failure in that department was our first problem. Then we'd choose a SandWing queen, and eventually, the NightWings would join the war, with our strength in numbers tipping the balance so our ally would be sure to win. [...] The only really important part of the prophecy; we couldn't be too obvious about it. The rest of it? Smoke and mirrors."
― to Sunny (The Dark Secret, page 282)

"Now there's no point - the NightWings are already in the rainforest, so we have no reason to join the war. It'll drag on endlessly, and more dragons will die every day, probably for generations. All of them wondering what happened to the amazing dragonets who were supposed to save them, but obviously failed."
― to Sunny and the other dragonets (The Dark Secret, page 283)

"Here's all the dragonets I want dead anyway, in one convenient place."
― to Clay, Tsunami, and Starflight, his last words (The Dark Secret, page 284)
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