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Issue a proclamation across all Grastaea... The king is dead—long live the empress! For all Grastaea will now bow before her TRUE ruler: Empress Zethia, Auspex of the Nether!
~ Morsayati after successfully possessing Zethia.

Morsayati, also known as The Other or The Seeker of Flow Eternal, is the main antagonist of Dragalia Lost up until Chapter 14. After which, Nedrick takes that role. He is a being from another world responsible towards the heroes' misery throughout the game. According to scrolls of perdition, despite hailed from another world, it is stated that he is an illegitimate child of Goddess Ilia who became an unholy demon sealed by the founder of Alberia Empire, Alberius, hundreds of years ago. As the time went by, Morsayati then became a demon consumed by his hatred and wants to eradicate all of the dragons from the face of the world by using the Flow Eternal, a river of power who gets its power from human emotions while reshaping the world in his own vision in order to make all the people worship to him.

To that end, Morsayati then began to possesses the present king of Alberia Empire, Aurelius, after said king went to the Binding Ruins to prevent more casualties caused by the fiends and after the deed is done which resulted on Aurelius performing a ritual known as Blood Casket to prevent him to cause more harm, he then began to possess the Auspex of Ilia, Zethia, who is also one of Euden's siblings while becoming a tyrant of the Dyrenell Empire, the empire that were seemingly destroyed hundred years ago that overwrites the current Alberia Empire.

In Japanese, Morsayati is voiced by Takehito Koyasu, who also voices Dio Brando, Zeke Yeager, Nobuyuki Sugou, Validar, and Seifer Almasy and voiced by Dylan Sloane in English who latter voiced Mordecai. As Emperor Aurelius, he is voiced by Hidekatsu Shibata, best known as Wrath, General ShadowBaron Ashura, and Syn Shenron. As Zethia, Morsayati is voiced by Ai Kayano in Japanese (who is best known for voicing KyôkaMana Ouma, and Mikan Tsumiki.) and voiced by Shannon Chan-Kent in English.



Not much is known about Morsayati's own life as he is a being shrouded in mystery. However, it is shown in the game that Morsayati is a being that came from another world hundreds of years ago heavily implied on distorting Dyrenell Empire from a peaceful empire that adheres to Goddess Ilia's teachings into becoming a tyrannical empire filled with worshipers of Morsayati himself that oppresses and tortures humans and dragons alike while claiming that the world itself was warped beyond belief as they tried to reform it in their own vision. It is also heavily implied that some of Morsayati's believers distort the Scrolls of Perdition itself, claiming that Morsayati is the child of Ilia, which resulted on the conflicts between the ones who fully believe it and the ones who doubted the authenticity about it.

As a result of the Dyrenell Empire's horrific cruelty, one person known as Alberius, stood against it and forms several pacts with the Greatwyrms. This caused an incident known as the " Second War of Binding". In the climax of the conflict, as Alberius attempted to defeat Morsayati in the Dyrenell Empire's former capital city known as Clave Loy'elune, Alberius seemingly defeats Morsayati and attempted to seal him with his sword as the latter mocks his attempt, claiming it was nothing but a delusion on Alberius's part. True to Morsayati's word, Alberius was unable to seal Morsayati as he transforms into his own true form and claiming that he is a being of pure power itself.

Powerless against Morsayati's true form as the latter then mocks Alberius's attempts to do so while claiming that he is enslaved by the sword given by Ilia, Alberius performed a ritual known as Blood Casket in an attempt to seal Morsayati as a backup in hopes that with his own dragonblood which is a gift and blessings from the dragons themselves, he could destroy Morsayati once and for all.

As the Blood Casket ritual is seemingly successful, Morsayati's physical body was scattered across Grastaea continent. Because of Morsayati's body being the source of evil that spawned several fiends that were stronger than average that terrorized the populace, this resulted on Alberius had no choice but to travel across Grastaea in order to collect and seal Morsayati's body parts in several place that is now known in the present day as "Binding Ruins".

After the deed is done, Alberius then come back to Clave Loy'elune to finish his business to seal the core body of Morsayati that wasn't destroyed while Morsayati, in Alberius's body, mocks Alberius's pathetic attempt to do so while claiming that his body could destroy the entirety of Alberius's kingdom. Attempting to make Alberius his new body, Alberius, with the help of his dragon, Chthonius, sealed Morsayati's core body together in order to prevent him wrecking havoc for eternity. Despite this, due to the Blood Casket ritual that Alberius had performed, Alberius's and Chthonius body was trapped in an And I Must Scream situation and become a being that begged for death just to prevent Morsayati to rise again from his slumber. Because of this, Dyrenell Empire was seemingly destroyed for good but Morsayati himself developed a seething hatred towards dragons as they also responsible for his sealing.

Possessing King Aurelius

As the Alberian Empire and the Grastaea continent seemingly achieved peace for hundreds of years, said peace didn't last long due to the Blood Casket ritual that Alberius performed that has brought tragedies and horrors in the present day. One of the victims of Morsayati's possession was the current king of Alberian Empire, Aurelius, who happens to be one of Alberius's descendants. As Aurelius went into the Binding Ruins in order to get a dragon shard due the number of increasing fiends had been attacking the Alberia Empire in the present day while ordering one of his son, Euden, to form a pact with a dragon, Morsayati then took this as an opportunity by successfully possessing Aurelius as he awaken from the miasma surrounding the Binding Ruins itself.

As the heroes attempted to claim the dragon shard located in Mistholt in order to make a pact with one of the greatwyrms, the windwyrm known as Midgardsormr, they manage to mitigate numbers of fiends that attack Alberia with said pact. Despite this however, their happiness didn't last long as the possessed king Aurelius took the moment as an opportunity by ambushing them from behind because of the barrier that sealed Mistholt had been disabled by the heroes themselves. When one of Euden's companions, Cleo, finds out that the fiends were controlled by Morsayati himself and Euden's another companion, Ranzal, calls out the possessed king's behavior, Aurelius simply scoffs it and claims that he is a "merciful" king that will grant the heroes an Eternal Rest by attempting to kill most of them.

Taking an interest with Zethia due to her position as an Auspex who possessed tremendous amount of mana that Morsayati needed for his own agenda and also the shard, Zethia at first refused to surrender against Morsayati and seeks Ilia's protection which in turn transformed Euden into becoming a powerful dragon known as Elysium that could defeat the possessed king Aurelius. Despite seemingly defeating the possessed king with Elysium's attack, it was revealed to be nothing but a futile attempt as King Aurelius survived the attack. Unable to defeat the possessed king, Zethia had no choice but to surrender and comply to Possessed Aurelius's wishes much to Euden's disappointment.

Dyrenell Empire and Mount Adolla Arc

Shortly after Zethia surrendered herself to the possessed king, the peaceful Alberian Empire was suddenly changed into becoming Dyrenell Empire much to the heroes surprise while the king tried to declare the war against the world to enforce his authority. In addition, Aurelius then branded the heroes as the traitors of the empire which resulted on the Sixth Scion and one of Euden's siblings, Emile, and the former Captain of the Capital City City Guard, Harle, tries to capture the heroes who were branded as traitors with the former trying to prove his superiority towards his little brother and the latter doing this for his own amusement.

As the heroes managed to defeat Emile and his troops that were launching an attack towards a Sylvan Village near Myriage Lake, Woodhaven, they were informed by the former Harle, that the possesseed king attempts to kill all of the remaining dragons in the world with the flamewyrm, Brunhilda, who resided in the volcano, Mount Adolla, being the first. This resulted on the heroes attempts to stop th possessd king as killing one of the greatwyrms would not only considered a gravest sin and cause the world to become unsafe, but killing the flamewyrm would also cause Mount Adolla to erupt and would destroy the entire continent as the flamewyrm is responsible for keeeping Mount Adolla's consistent mana energy in check.

As the heroes manage to try and stop the possessed king, it is shown that the possessed king alongside his soldiers managed to fatally wounded the dragon and when he found out that the dragon is still moving, he attempts to tear the flamewyrm's body limb by limb, stating his intentions to make the world without dragons as he claims that the dragons has distorted the world. As Zethia knew about the possessed king's intentions and decided to be on the king's side in order to prevent the flamewyrm getting hurt by the possessed king even more, he decided to leave the heroes to die by pitting them against the firewyrm who went berserk due to the severe wounds she had received. Fortunately, the firewyrm manages to be saved by the heroes as Euden managed to make a pact with the flamewyrm who now changes her form into one of Alberius's companions in the past, a female adventurer known as Mym. 

Binding Ruins Arc

As the heroes were beckoned by the future version of Zethia to one of the Binding Ruins after Euden made a pact with one of the greatwyrms, the lightwyrm known as Jupiter, they found out that both the possessed king and the present Zethia were in there while ordering his soldiers not to escort both of them. Despite the possessed king's hatred of the Binding Ruins as it brought a bad memory as he was sealed by Alberius with the Blood Casket ritual during the battle in Clave Loy'elune, he had no choice but to go to the Binding Ruins in order to retrieve one of his body parts that has been sealed by the Alberian Empire and was kept as a secret from the public for hundreds of years.

As the heroes found out about a severed fiend's flesh that is not from an ordinary fiend that the heroes had face, Mym then recounts her horrific memory about being attacked with the same fiend from another world that has the same flesh during the battle against it in Mount Adolla three hundred years ago. The flesh in question was belonged to none other than Morsayati himself whose one of his body parts had been sealed in the Binding Ruins for a long time.

As the story progresses, Morsayati then reveals his motivation on why he's at the Binding Ruins and the urge to have Auspex to join his side: Other than attempting to retrieve one of his body parts back, he needed Zethia's assistance because of her tremendous amount of mana that she had in order to perform a ritual that can release a great calamity known as "Flow Eternal" which is a river made of lees of hate, anger and resentment that was churned by the shard's seal. As Euden manages to stop the possessed king, he then orders Zethia to go to the Channeling Chamber quickly and sics his fiends towards the heroes to get rid of them once and for all.

When the heroes and Future Zethia encountered the possessed king again, the two Zethias then attempted to exorcise Morsayati from the king's body with their full power. However, despite seemingly defeating the possessed king, their actions were revealed to be for naught as the possessed king manages to survive the blow and summoned a powerful dragon, the Shadowwyrm known as Zodiark, to attack both Zethias. When the Shadowwyrm manages to fatally injure the Future Zethia, Euden was also fell unconscious by the Shadowwyrm's powers in an attempt to protect the real Zethia as the possessed king sneered that both Euden and future Zethia was already taught a lesson to not cross him in the end by getting defeated with his own great power and went to the Channeling Chamber alongside Zethia.

As the two approaches the Channeling Chamber, Morsayati then plans himself to release the king from possession because he has no further use for him. In the meantime, as King Aurelius was released by Morsayati's influence, he then performs a Blood Casket to seal Morsayati again in order to prevent Morsayati cause further harm. However, to Morsayati's amusement, this was intended from the start as due to the Blood Casket ritual that King Aurelius had performed, Zethia ended up becoming a victim to Morsayati's possession. Possessing the new body, Aurelius then attempts to attack the possessed Zethia before being stopped by Euden.

Tricking Euden at first by giving him a gratitude as he was saved from the seemingly possessed king, the possessed Zethia then betrays and attempts to kill Euden by disintegrating him into ashes which resulted on Aurelius performing a heroic sacrifice in order to protect Euden. As Aurelius got mortally wounded thanks to the heroic sacrifice he had performed, the possessed Zethia then laughs at Aurelius's heroic decision which resulted on Aurelius succumbing to his wounds. Despite Aurelius succumbed to his wounds and meeting his end, he then merges himself with the Shadowwyrm as a last resort in order to help the heroes to defeat the possessed Zethia much to her annoyance.

As the heroes attempted to catch up to the possessed Zethia in order to stop the horror Morsayati would release by entering the Channeling Chamber, Euden then orders Morsayati to release Zethia in which he refuses as with he and Zethia were together, he would release the Flow Eternal easier. As Euden's companions noticed a huge fiend known as manticore that was killed getting revived again, the possessed Zethia then explains that the Manticore was revived due to the evil power that has been sealed away in the Binding Ruins which is revealed to be none other than the Flow Eternal itself. The possessed Zethia then tells the heroes about the purpose about Dyrenell Empire itself which is revealed to be defending the Flow Eternal and she attempts to use the Flow Eternal in order to reshape the world in her own vision and making all of the people across the world worship him.

Despite his seemingly well-intentioned claims, Euden and the Future Zethia then calls him out on his rhetoric, which the former claiming that his version of the world is beyond broken while the latter claims that Morsayati's world is nothing but suffering. However, the possessed Zethia then scoffs what the Future Zethia has said due to how powerless she is and then orders Harle to issue a proclamation across Grastaea that the possessed Zethia had now become the new empress of the Dyrenell Empire while changing her title into becoming the Auspex of the Nether.

Ascending as the Tyrannical Empress

As the possessed Zethia had become the brand new Empress of the Dyrenell Empire and the empire itself is now widespread across the Grastaea continent, the Empire then announces their claims that they grieved about the loss of King Aurelius. In reality however, the possessed Zethia was attempting to desecrate Aurelius's memories by trying to exceed the king and impose the rule towards the innocent people to submit to Dyrenell Empire otherwise they will be destroyed. Evidenced by the fact that a certain town who resists against Dyrenell Empire's subjugation was destroyed by a huge fire which resulted on them retreating to the haildom to seek protection.

Months later, as Euden receive the news from one of his companions, Elisanne, about Zethia overtook the kingdom and ruling it with the iron fist, Euden become a lot troubled with the condition and tries to seek an item known as "Dawnshard" in order to end the misery that they had endured. However, the place then soon got attacked by the Empire's forces led by one of Euden's siblings, Valyx. After defeating Valyx and his forces, the Empress then receives a report from Harle about Valyx being defeated in which the Empress responded by saying that Euden got a bold move while also hearing another plan from Harle that could suppress the rebellion and defeating the heroes once and for all.

Returning again in Chapter 7, the Empress then seemingly made a minor appearance for the next chapters as she started her action by reprimanding Valyx about his losses against Euden. She spends most of her time letting the heroes having their moment for pragmatic reasons as she watched their movements while the possessor, Morsayati, is slowly grow accustomed in Zethia's body despite her resistance. Near the end of Chapter 9, after the heroes forming a cooperation with the ruler of the radiant city of Chanzelia and one of Euden's siblings, Chelle, the Empress then becomes a lot more ecstatic as it is the same time that Morsayati will retrieve what he was lost and he will become whole again.

Resurgent Despair Arc

Continuing in Chapter 10 when the Empress had grew ecstatic while mocking Zethia's futile attempts to resist against Morsayati after she had retrieved one of Morsayati's body parts due to the actions of one of Euden's siblings, Leonidas, in Chapter 8 by releasing it from one of the Binding Ruins located near Valkaheim, both Harle and Morsayati then went into Clave Loy'elune that is now becoming the largest binding ruin that sealed Morsayati's body. Before departing, the Empress was seemingly disturbed by Harle's devotion as he asks for her condition while growing a similar ecstasy with each other.

As the heroes went into Clave Loy'elune in order to uncover the secrets of Morsayati so that Euden could save Zethia, they then met all of Euden siblings that were invited by Morsayati and Harle and when the heroes stumbled upon several monuments in Clave Loy'elune, all the people who were encountered by it then watched the flashbacks of Alberius one by one as the story unfolds. When Euden encounters with Empress Zethia again, he asks Morsayati to release Zethia much to the former's disappointment as Morsayati refuses to do so, claiming that her body is a precious gift for him. As both Empress Zethia and Harle retreated to the inner chambers of Clave Loy'elune, the empress then made the stench of miasma that could potentially kill the heroes even worse than before. Thankfully, they survived and manages to pursue the Empress to the inner chambers of Clave Loy'elune.

As the heroes went into the inner chambers of the Clave Loy'elune, they then saw Leonidas fighting with the Empress to prove his power. During the battle, the Empress suddenly becomes fascinated by Leonidas's will and determination and grows interested with him as Leonidas is a type of a person who never hesitates to violate any taboos to get what he wants which resulted in her forming a bit of a positive relationship towards each other.

Meeting with the heroes again, the Empress then showed the true fate of Alberius who was suffering for hundreds of years and begging for death as he can't hold Morsayati's power any longer as said power had consumed Alberius's body inside out which would bring a great calamity. After the heroes putting Alberius out of his misery, Morsayati simply mocks Alberius's fate while using it as an opportunity to obtain his core body back which was sealed by Alberius hundreds years ago in order to make the current body more powerful. As the Empress got Morsayati's body, it emits a rather ghastly mana.

Because of the Empress gaining her full power, Zodiark has no choice but to stop her. Despite this, the Shadowwyrm attempts are futile as the Empress mocked the shadowwyrm on defeating her and musing that he should have obeyed her otherwise he would gain nothing but pain. After the Shadowwyrm was taken down by the Empress, she then attempts to disintegrate the shadowwyrm once and for all, an act that Euden tries to prevent.

As Euden attempts to stop the Empress killing Zodiark, she then orders both Euden and the rest of his siblings to swear fealty towards her in order to live. Unsurprisingly, despite Euden's pleas towards his siblings not to do so, most of them joined her side due to different agendas. And when Euden refuses to swear fealty towards the Empress and tried to carry the will of Alberius, she then reprimands Euden that he misunderstood her goals as according to the Empress, the mortals can have whatever peace they desire as she felt indifferent towards the joy and suffering of other people and if people desired peace from the Empress, she claimed that he has no hesitation to bring world peace by ordering the fiends to stand down in order to end the remaining human conflicts.

One of Euden's companions, Luca, began to call out about the Empress's shallow rhetoric due to how many people had suffered in her hands in which she reprimanded him by asking if he ever felt empathy for every gnat that lives in your forest or invest himself in the existence of each worm that crawls in the dirt much to Luca’s dismay because they are not the same thing.

Despite this, the Empress still tries to convince Euden on joining his side and give him the perfect world that he wanted. However, Euden simply refuses because he doesn't want to live in a seemingly perfect world created by Morsayati where Zethia is absent from it and said world was build in her bones and ashes of her sacrifice. Another reason why Euden refused to do so is because he doesn't want to live in a world where people are forced to seek the Empress just for a protection.

When hearing what Euden had said, the Empress simply laughs about it because Euden reminded her of Alberius while keeps pestering Euden to entrust the world to her despite his reluctance to do so. However, the Soul of Alberius tried to stop the Empress evil plans much to her annoyance as she reprimanded Alberius by saying the more he hanged on, the more he suffered. When Alberius moved on to the next life and the heroes retreated to their home, the Empress simply dismiss it as a trifle while trying to entertain herself by seeing Euden and his siblings tearing each other apart.

Resuming The Job as Empress

As the story hits Chapter 11, with her newborn powers, Morsayati then uses it to commit a genocide against the dragons which distorted the nature itself as the dragons controlled the mana that governed the nature. The heroes are terrified by it because what the Empress had done will turn the entire world into nothing but barren wasteland.

As the Empress then returned to Sol Alberia to rest in her castle and resuming her job as the Empress that governs the Dyrenell Empire, Chelle then filed a complaint towards the Empress because she missed the audience she had granted towards her. The Empress simply answers Chelle's complaints by saying that Chelle had no particular reasons to seek any company with her. Despite this, she was given a gift by Chelle and they were none other than androids that were built by someone known as Maestro years ago that were used to slay the dragons.

When the Empress grew ecstatic, Chelle then warns Emile about the Empress's amusement and she has no hesitation to dispose them at the end of the day as they did a test drive towards the androids. During the sibling meeting in the extra parts of Chapter 12, most of the siblings discuss their motivations about why they had joined the Empire and two of them concluded that the reason they had joined is because the peaceful state of the Empire despite being labelled as an Evil Empire and how the Empress managed to govern the capital city competently despite the poverty running rampant outside and most of the people were apathetic to the Evil Empire and believe that Zethia is the worthy heir to the throne while resuming their live in peace.

It was soon revealed around Chapter 13, the Empress and one of Euden's siblings, Phares worked with each other by capturing several innocent dragons and enslaved them with the amounts of Black Mana that turns them into Void Dragons as their agenda were intertwined together: Enslave every dragons in the face of the earth and if they were let loose, something horrifying is going to happen in Alberia.

As Phares successfully conducted his experiments and tried to report what happened, she then receives a report from Valyx about the unknown rebellion that had causing ruckus in the Northern Border of Grastaea. This resulted on the Empress giving a permission towards Valyx in order to purge the troublesome people from the face of the Earth while also musing that all who carry the dragonblood will be absent from the capital as the heroes will struggle to infiltrate it despite the only forces who remain are the Capital Guards. In the extra part of Chapter 13, after Zethia was freed from Morsayati's control in the future, it was revealed that the world has turn into nothing but barren wasteland and a silhouette of a mysterious person that looks like Euden was seen in the end.

Confrontation with Euden and Death

In chapter 14, Euden's party storms the Dynell castle for take Morsayati down once and for all. However, when they arrive, Morsayati tells Euden that the only way Zethia will be free without killing her would be if Morsayati took another vessel, knowing of how many dragons the prince has formed pacts with.

Despite the rest of the crew telling him not to, Euden agrees to let Morsayati possess him if it means that Zethia will be free. Just as Morsayati leaves Zethia and prepares to take control of Euden though, he is absorbed by Beren who gains control of Morsayati's power. Upon which, Morsayati is declared to have been destroyed while Zethia is taken away by Nedrick.

Despite this, rumors begin to spread saying that Morsayati successfully possessed Euden, causing a majority of Euden's supporters to turn against them. They are only quelled when Leonidas arrives to tell them all that Morsayati is dead and that they were lied to. With Morsayati defeated, the party prepares to face an even worse enemy.

Forgotten Truths

Morsayati, in an effort to get Zethia to succumb to him, sends her into the past so that she can discover his origins. Due to this, Zethia at first believes that she can prevent Morsayati from coming into existence. There, she meets Ilia and Meene, who welcome her. At the same time, Zethia create a body for a spirit whom she names Mordecai.

During this, Zethia finds out that Ilia is on the run from a man named Augus, who wants to force Ilia to make him weapons to harm dragons. Due to this, Zethia, having learned it would happen, tells Ilia to form a pact with Elysium. However, Ilia informs Zethia that the dragon is also an enemy of theirs as Elysium actually seeks to enslave humanity.

Despite this, Ilia finds herself in a situation where she has no choice but to form a pact. Upon doing so, Elysium then strike Ilia with a blast, claiming that sacrificing her life is necessary. Angered over the belief that Ilia had been killed, Mordecai transforms into Morsayati in front of everyone, seeking vengeance against Elysium. The fight between the two causes damage to lands and the lives of both humans and dragons are lost.

Meanwhile, Augus desires to take control of Morsayati's power. In his attempt to do so, Morsayati fires a blast back, killing the dictator.

In the ensuing fight, Ilia is reveal to still be alive. She approaches Morsayati in hopes of quelling his anger and hatred. However, Mordecai instead ends up splitting apart from his hatred. With Morsayati still on a rampage, human and dragons come together to seal the monster away. Mordecai jumps into the seal as he feels that he is just as dangerous. In response, Ilia also follows him in, leaving Meene to take on the role as the goddess Ilia up until her death.

Upon returning to her time, Zethia realizes that Morsayati sent her there, because she had a role to play in his creation. Morsayati tells her that even if he dies here, he will still exist in other timelines. With this, Morsayati says farewell to Zethia as Beren absorbs him.

Alternate Timelines

In the timelines of Zena and Audric, Morsayati was actually successful in possessing Euden and taking control of all the dragons the prince has made pacts with. With their timelines in ruins, both of them went to the main timeline from their own in hopes of preventing the calamity.

In Zena's case, she had to travel to multiple different timelines, but each one had Morsayati successfully bring ruin there. It isn't until she arrives in the main one that she finds something different about it.


In his humanoid form, Morsayati has long sliver hair, red eyes, and grey skin. Red markings and spikes cover his body. He wears a black hooded cape and a black tattered loincloth.

As Zethia, she is dressed in a black dress with blue highlights and horns on her head. Her ankle has on the right has a golden anklet. Her eyes are red instead of blue. The ribbons on her are blue and carries a golden staff with a red gem.


Not much known is known about Morsayati's past and real motivation as he is a demon shrouded in mystery. However, from what the players can gather about Morsayati, he can be described as a persistent demon from another world, a being of pure power who tries to further his plans without any distractions and has no hesitation to kill anyone who gets in his way.

As the new Empress of Dyrenell Empire, Morsayati can be ruthless as this was shown where he orders his soldiers to kill or wipe out any resistance who rebelled against the Dyrenell Empire. Made it even worse that Dyrenell Empire used to be an empire that not only worships demons, but also ravage anything they sees and torture men and dragon alike hundred years ago because most of them didn't submit to his rule.

In addition to all of this, Morsayati shows several sadistic streaks when he commits his own atrocities. Evidenced by the fact that he sneered when Euden and both Zethias losing the battle during the fight when possessing Aurelius, claiming that they had defeated his own mighty power after they had crossed him or when he mocks the Future Zethia's powerlessness by being unable to stop him because of the fact that he is able to further his own plans to possess Zethia and become a tyrannical ruler of Dyrenell Empire. Another moments of his sadism is when he mocked and taunted Alberius about his hopelessness to seal him as he return to his true form while also musing that he will corrupt Alberius's own descendants in later future.

Despite he claims that he views dragons as a creature that distorted the world, it could be heavily implied that Morsayati resents the dragons because of the fact that Alberius and the six greatwyrms performing a ritual known as Blood Casket to seal him in the very own blood in order to stop him causing more collateral damage which resulted on Morsayati developing a huge resentment towards the Dragons and so does Alberius and is truly hellbent to destroy all the dragons no matter what.

Although Morsayati had shown several negative traits throughout the series, there are several positive traits that she had shown. Despite her tyranny as an Empress, it is shown that Morsayati can also be a halfway-decent ruler as she let her subjects having peace for the time being as most of them and their rulers swears a fealty towards her and found her to be the rightful heir of the throne despite she can be ruthless towards other people who refused to submit to her rule and the poverty that were running rampant outside the capital city of Dyrenell Empire. Despite wanting to be worshipped as a god, even Morsayati also shown to be disturbed by Harle's devotion towards her and seemingly suspect that he will backstab her in later future.

This behavior clearly intertwines with Morsayati's apathy as an Empress whether she turns the Dyrenell Empire into an iron fist empire that oppresses several people or a peaceful empire so long as she can further her own goals for her benefit. At one point, Morsayati promises Euden in Zethia's body that she will bring world peace by ordering all of the fiends in order to end the remaining human conflicts so long as both of him and his siblings swears a fealty towards her. When Euden refuses, Morsayati simply scoffs Euden's ideals and simply ignores it while watching him and the rest of the siblings tearing each other apart for her own amusement.

Morsayati also shown himself that he is a self-righteous person by claiming that the dragons had been corrupted and distorted the world and as a result, he had to release the Flow Eternal to remake the world on his own liking. In addition, Morsayati also claims that he will bring world peace and end all of the humanity conflicts so long as people will swear fealty towards him as Empress Zethia. However, his behavior and rhetoric had been called out by several characters in the game as it exposed Morsayati as nothing but a greedy, power hungry bastard who seeks nothing but a worship from his own followers.



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