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Morsov is one of the War Boys of the Cult of the V8 and a minor antagonist in Mad Max: Fury Road.


Morsov was one of the War Boys assigned to protect the War Rig on its trip to Gas Town. He was later taken along when the rig made a detour to the Green Place.

He drove the War Rig's guide vehicle "Elvis" but was ejected from it after it was caught in a trap. One of the bikes came back for Morsov and delivered him to the back of the War Rig while it was being attacked by Buzzards.

Morsov attempted to throw an explosive spear at a Buzzard but was shot by an arrow through his head and neck. Realizing he would die from his injuries, after being helped up by Nux, Morsov sprayed his mouth chrome, grabbed two explosive and shouted for his fellow War Boys to "witness him" as he leaped onto the Buzzard car and blew it up, taking his own life with it. The War Boys all cheered on Morsov's sacrifice save for Slit, who had previously tried to sabotage it by striking the vehicle first.


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