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Mort is a minor antagonist in the US TV show Justified. He is a henchman of Nick Augustine who is assigned to help Colton Rhodes capture Drew Thompson. He was portrayed by David Landry.


Mort only appears in the episode "Decoy", in which he first appears in a bar with Augustine and fellow henchmen Ethan Picker and Yolo. After Boyd Crowder enters and is beaten up by Yolo, Mort and Colton Rhodes are sent to ambush a marshal convoy, with Colt rigging three abandoned cars as explosives and using them to block the way of the convoy so they can attack and kidnap Drew. After the convoy fails to stop, Mort opens fire, but the convoy circles the rigged cars, meaning Mort can't keep firing without causing an explosion. Colt then notices that Raylan Givens, the US marshal in charge of the operation, and Drew aren't there, and realises that the convoy is a decoy, informing Boyd. Soon after, marshal Tim Gutterson destroys the rigged cars, and the marshals flee. An enraged Colt draws his gun and shoots Mort dead.

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