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Morten Lindström is a supporting antagonist of the film Kingsman: The Secret Service. He is the corrupt Prime Minister of Sweden until the events of the film.

He was portrayed by Bjørn Floberg.


Lindström was one of the several heads of state and VIPs who are invited by the Valentine Corporation, as its CEO Richmond Valentine intends to discuss with them about his plot of wiping out most of humanity using SIM cards that can render any human being violent. Meeting him with Crown Princess Tilde, Lindström agreed to Valentine's plot while the Princess was taken away for refusing to cooperate, although he did not mind, handwaving it by claiming that he was a Republican anyways. Lindström later showed up on the news, stating that he would everything he could to find the lost princess, though it turns out to be a lie to cover up his tracks.

In the climax, Lindström was at Valentine's hideout where he was surfing the internet with his laptop when he was approached by Eggsy, disguised as the deceased Kingsman leader Chester King. He was knocked out by Eggsy as the latter took his laptop to give Merlin access to Valentine's network, and when Merlin activated Valentine's SIM cards, Lindström's head exploded along with those of everyone who were involved in Valentine's plot.


  • Even though Lindström is Swedish, his actor (Bjørn Floberg) is actually Norwegian in real life.


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