The Mortician, also known as Porter Vito, was a funerary agent, who tried several techniques to increase resuscitation in order to bring his parents back to life.


Batman: Gotham Knights

His first appearance was in Batman: Gotham Knights #28, where Batman and the police investigate a number of deaths in the Lucky Hand Triad, while Robin reviews the security camera footage from Wayne Manor. Robin discovers some major anomalies which prove that the tapes had, at some point, been doctored by an expert. Batman, meanwhile, catches up with Keung Yuk of the Triad, who is confronted by a number of zombies under the control of a mortician.

In Batman: Gotham Knights  #29, Batman discovers that the Mortician is only trying to perfect reanimation techniques in order to restore his parents to life. However, one of his zombies has committed a murder at the instruction of Tat Yuk, younger brother of a key member of the Lucky Hand Triad. Remorseful, the Mortician gives up his plans.

Detective Comics

In Detective Comics #864, The Mortician divulges info that the chef and other inmates all put some sort of bodily fluid into his food. Arkham suggests they should switch trays, to which he responds in letting Arkham know he doesn’t run the place anymore. Then surprisingly, Arkham threatens him in an extremely morbid fashion. He reminds Vito that he has a grandson who visits him every month, he knows where he lives, and tells him that if he doesn’t switch trays with him, with one phone call, that grandson will be kidnapped. Arkham decides to detail just what he’ll do to the grandson. Every year on little Tommy’s birthday, a package will be sent to the Mortician containing one digit from his grandson’s hand. Every year, they will be getting bigger just to prove that he’s alive and growing. Then finally, on the tenth year, the grandson will be released so he can deliver the package himself, Horrified, he switches trays with Arkham.

Gotham City Sirens

In Gotham City Sirens #23,  Joker and Harley escape, with Harley acting more protective than usual. Joker kills all of the guards in his way, and cuts off an arm off of one. Along with Zsasz, the Mortician goes mad and gets Harley's nail, and stabs a guard to death. Luckily, both Batman and Catwoman subdued all of the villains in Arkham.

Batman: The Dark Knight (Vol.2)

In Batman: The Dark Knight #1, the Mortician, along with other notable villains, break out of Arkham. Batman arrives at Arkham to see the villains going mad, strangely more powerful it seems. He notices one missing, Two Face, and the cops tell him that Dent didn’t come out for some reason.


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