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Morty Williams

Today on "The Morty Williams Show," "My Kid Is Bad, and I Want to Blame Others!" We'll go inside the nation's toughest reformatory school, where free-thinking children undergo complete personality reprogramming and have all the creativity and imagination sucked right out of them. They are forced to think inside the box.
~ Morty Williams commenting on how the Drill Sergeant broke Phineas and Ferb's spirits.

Morty Williams is the secondary antagonist of the Phineas and Ferb episode "Phineas and Ferb Get Busted". He is a host of an investigative reporting television show called "The Morty Williams Show", and he happens to be in league with the Smile Away Reformatory School Sergeant.

He was voiced by Geraldo Rivera.


Following Phineas Flynn and Ferb Fletcher's forced admittance to the Smile Away Reformatory School by their worried parents, the boys were subjected to torture and discipline by the Sergeant, losing whatever sense of creativity that they have left. Satisfied by the results, the Sergeant invites Morty over for a news showcase to detail how he broke the boys' spirits and turned into mindless drones. Apparently, Morty has no qualms in showcasing the events as he gladly believes that the story will make him a rich man in general.

However, the report was witnessed by the boys' sister Candace, who has had enough and decided to free her brothers with the help from Jeremy Johnson. To do so, Candace and Jeremy posed themselves as Morty and a cameraman while the real Morty is in his trailer gloating over his success. When Sergeant learns that Phineas and Ferb have escaped, he orders his men and guard dogs to go after Morty, believing that he is responsible for breaking them out from the school. As soon as Morty walks out from his trailer to gather more footage from the school, he ends up being pummeled by the guards and dogs, just as the Sergeant finally learns that Candace was impersonating Morty the entire time.

It is unknown what happened to Morty following the Sergeant's death (due to a battle between Perry the Platypus and Heinz Doofenshmirtz on a giant robot spider), but it turns out that the entire episode's events was just a nightmare that Perry has having due to his fear of blowing his cover to the Flynn-Fletchers.


  • Morty Williams is a parody of his voice actor Geraldo Rivera, who is known for his TV talk show Geraldo due to its controversial content.


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