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Mosh Tendrils

Mosh Tendrils is a supporting antagonist of the 2002 sci-fi comedy film Men In Black II.

He was portrayed by Derek Mears.


Pineal Eye resembles a bald dark-skinned man, except he has a third eye on the top of his forehead. He wears a cap to hide his third eye and a red leather coat with a black shirt underneath.


Pineal Eye was one of the alien criminals (alongside Jarra, Corn Face, Pineal Eye, Dog Poop and Flesh Balls) detained in MIB headquarters for some unknown crimes.

However, it was not for long when Serleena (along with Scrad and Charlie) took over MIB HQ after taking down many of the agents to find the Light of Zartha. After freeing Mosh Tendrils and the inmates, Serleena offers them a deal: they will help her find the Light of Zartha in exchange for their freedom.

Agreeing to the deal, Mosh Tendrils and the inmates search through the streets of New York City to find Agent K as they believed he knew the location of the Light of Zartha. However, as they caught K's partner Agent J, Mosh Tendrils ends up flinged into the ceiling after K pulls on his tendrills.

It is unknown what happened to Mosh Tendrills afterwards, either he has been killed or imprisoned once again.


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