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Mosquito is a minor antagonist of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. He is a former member of Militaires Sans Frontières, forming the PF known as Mosquito Stinger Force, determined to take revenge on Big Boss for seemingly betraying them.


Part of MSF

Mosquito was once a member of Militaires Sans Frontières, being part of the Mother Base staff. He managed to survive XOF's attack on Mother Base, although he was left haunted by this event, abandoning his comrades out of fear that their attackers were going to send a clean-up squad. Ultimately, the years in isolation were unforgiving to him, which caused his sense of loyalty to falter.

Forming Mosquito Stinger Force

Mosquito eventually learned of a rumor via an anonymous source, that his former commander, Big Boss, had sold out his comrades so he could go into hiding, and believed the source to be accurate due to Big Boss being absent from Mother Base that day, unaware that Big Boss was on a mission in Cuba rescuing a pair of prisoners. He decided to form his own private force, Mosquito Stinger Force, deliberately modelling it on MSF in every way as he believed it would be the perfect revenge. Mosquito planned to avenge his comrades by attacking MSF's successors, Diamond Dogs, knowing that it would have ties to Big Boss.

The Phantom Pain

In 1984, while Diamond Dogs were in Africa investigating XOF's activities, Mosquito and his Force made their move, seizing the new Mother Base's R&D platform and holding the staff hostage, threatening to kill them if any Diamond Dogs members attempted to set foot onto their platform. While initially successful, Venom Snake, also known as Big Boss and Diamond Dogs' leader, managed to infiltrate the platform and dealt with Mosquito. His fate depended on the player, who could either eliminate him, or extract him for interrogation. Either way, the Mosquito Stinger Force's attempted takeover was defeated.


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