Moss is the secondary antagonist of the 1982 live action Australian film The Man from Snowy River. He is Curly's henchman.

He was portrayed by Kristopher Steele.


Jim becomes aware of a long-running feud in the family, but first, he has to deal with other problems, not least relentless bullying by Curly, though Jim's helped out by the tough-minded but fair hand Frew.

The tightly wound Harrison gets even more muddled when Jim declares his love for Jessica, but things go badly for Jim when Curly and Moss sneak out in the dead of night and lets the prized colt run free after a fight in the bunkhouse when Curly joshes Jim about Jessica, hoping that Jim will be blamed. 

The benevolent Spur indulges in some saucy banter with the station cook Mrs. Bailey and cheerfully tells Jim he's set to inherit his father's share of the gold mine, and things seem to be looking up until Clancy rides up to tell them about the colt going missing, and how Harrison is blaming Jim for it.

The Brumbies knew how to use the rough terrain to escape the hard-riding men. Moss is last seen during the hunt to get the colt back and gets knocked down by a branch while riding his horse and is not seen again for the rest of the film.

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