Light is life, beaming, pure, brilliant. To stifle that light is to suppress nature. Nature suppressed distorts, plagues us. Embrace light! Achieve union!
~ Moss Prophet

The Moss Prophet is a minor antagonist in Hollow Knight. He is a large moss covered creature who leads a small cult of Moss Vagabonds in worshiping the Infection, seeing The Radiance as the true savior of Hallownest, with delusional beliefs that her hive mind preferences will unite the kingdom to its original glory, despite it having an opposite result.


Moss Prophet can be found in the Moss Chappel, which is located at the bottom right of the Queen's Garden connected to the Fungal Wastes. He sings preaches towards the Infection, praising the "radiant being" and mentions how her light is nature itself. He calls those who stifle the light a burden against nature. When the Knight approaches, the Moss Prophet cowardly hides underneath his moss and sends his minions after the Knight. After all four Moss Vagabonds are killed, Moss Prophet comes back out and continues singing his verses.

Moss Prophet's infected corpse.

After progressing through the game (activated by defeating the Broken Vessel), when the Knight returns to the Moss Chapel, all members of Moss Prophet's cult have been completely taken over by the plague, hunched over in lifeless positions coated in Infection blobs. Dream Nailing Moss Prophet's corpse reveals his last words to be "Blazing...Bright...". Even in death, he still believes the Radiance will bring peace among the kingdom.


  • Moss Prophet is the only member of the moss creatures who is not hostile towards the Knight; he is also one of the few infected bugs that cannot harm the player.
  • While most infected bugs talk in a confused or lost matter, Moss Prophet is one of the few with generally normal dialogue.
  • Due to the opening to the Queen's Garden appearing following the deaths of Moss Prophet and the Vagabonds, it may be possible that they were murdered by the infected mantises led by the Traitor Lord.
  • Moss Prophet is one of the four Infected characters who can be interacted with, the others being Sly, Bretta, and Myla.
    • Compared to the others, Moss Prophet is the only interactive character who starts and dies infected.
  • Moss Prophet has a cut quote from the game found in data files. This early form of the Moss Prophet sounded more hypocritical, calling those who change forms, steal soul, and die a blasphemy against the light.


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