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The Moth Fangire is a Fangire of the Insect Class and an antagonist in Kamen Rider Kiva.

She was voiced by Erina Yamazaki.



The Moth Fangire fell in love with Otoya Kurenai when he was playing his violin to the flowers in a garden, but became upset when he ignored her. When Yuri Aso walked up, she assumed her Fangire form and attacked Otoya, but Yuri manages to drive her off, with her vowing to get revenge on Otoya.


Resurfacing as a lawyer named Aya Natsukawa, the Moth Fangire attempts to track down Otoya with a list of other people he wronged 22 years ago other than herself, only to find Wataru Kurenai instead and shifting her vengeance onto him. Natsukawa sends him to meet the many people wronged by his father, causing him to fall into crisis due to always believing his father was a good man.

When Megumi Aso interrupts her attack on a runner at a baseball field, the Moth Fangire tries to kill her, only for Kiva to show up and defend her from the Fangire. However, because Wataru was feeling emotionally conflicted with his knowledge of his father's past, the Moth Fangire manages to escape.

When Natsukawa's two humans accomplices, who also held grudges against Otoya, decide to make amends with Wataru due to his sacrifices to help them, Natsukawa kills them. Wataru arrives and fights the Moth Fangire, but the Fangire manages to overpower him until he summons the Garulu Saber is summoned. Wataru then defeats her and finishes her with a Garulu Howling Slash before sealing her soul inside the Castle Doran.


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