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Mother is the final boss of the videogame The House of the Dead: Overkill.


Mother is first introduced during Jailhouse Judgment. She is the mother of Clement Darling, and the two have an incestuous relationship with one another. During Mother's introduction Clement reveals that she is dying at a rapid rate, and he plans to use Varla and the compound underneath the prison to give her new life. The two then disappear, leaving G and Isaac to deal with Brutus.

Mother is then seen during the next and final chapter of the game, titled Overkill. During this chapter Mother's brain has been successfully transplanted to Varla's body. She uses Varla's body to come on to G and Isaac, but is stopped once Clement appears from the shadows and scolds her. Once Mother turns around the two detectives notice her exposed brain, and they realize that it is not really Varla. Isaac then threatens Mother and she uses her powers to knock G and Isaac back.

After attacking the detectives Mother drops to her knees and starts spewing acid. Clement becomes distraught at this sight, and he realizes that his formula has failed. G and Issac then take this opportunity to blast Mother into the compound below. However, Mother emerges as a giant mutant and, after a short cutscene, the final battle of the game takes place.