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Villain Overview

You've fulfilled your purpose, Mr. Winters. You disposed of my false children and awakened the glorious Megamycete. Now, please do not worry for little Rose. I assure you I'll provide her with true happiness. So now you can die peacefully... and permanently.
~ Mother Miranda during the final battle against Ethan Winters.
My daughter... MY EVA!
~ Mother Miranda's last words.

Mother Miranda is one of the two overarching antagonists (alongside Oswell E. Spencer) of the Resident Evil franchise. She is the unseen overarching antagonist of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard and the main antagonist of its 2021 sequel Resident Evil Village. Her actions helped set the stage for several events throughout the series.

She is the leader of the cult known as the Four Houses, who have houses across the European village. She is a head scientist who is the founder of the Connections who discovered the mold where she also created Eveline. She is also the mentor of Oswell E. Spencer (the founder of the Umbrella Corporation), meaning that she's an influence on all the events from the previous Resident Evil games. Her main goal is to find a vessel for her late daughter Eva, and attempts to use Rosemary Winters by preparing the ceremony. However, this attempted failed and she was killed from the destruction of the village by Ethan Winters (who also died by sacrificing himself to kill Miranda).

She is the archenemy of Ethan Winters after both Jack Baker and Eveline.

In Japanese, she was voiced by Sayaka Kinoshita in her true form, Kiyoko Miyazawa as "The Hag", and Akari Higuchi as Mia Winters. In English, she was voiced by Michelle Lukes in her true form, Carol Stanzione as "The Hag", and Katie O'Hagan as Mia Winters.



Miranda was born in the late 19th century in Eastern Europe, and would later birth a daughter named Eva around 1909. When the Spanish flu hit the village, Eva was one of the many who died from it, causing Miranda great grief that she attempted to commit suicide in a cave. In the northern cave, Miranda discovered the Megamycete, a fungal superorganism that gave her increased intelligence and powers such as immortality, mimicry and regeneration. Seeing that had memories of those who had come in contact with the superorganism, Miranda used her immortality gained by her mutation to master the art of biology and genetics in order to experiment with the Megamycete to find a way to resurrect her daughter. She then used the Cadou parasite on local villagers to find Eva a vessel, but they would often die or mutate into Lycans.

Despite these setbacks, Miranda continued to experiment on villagers and came across four people who successfully bonded with the Cadou parasite. The four individuals were Alcina Dimitrescu, Karl Heisenberg, Donna Beneviento, and Salvatore Moreau, but found that they couldn't become Eva's vessel due to their response to the parasite. She decided to keep them to do her bidding, thus creating the Four Houses across the European village. She would also become the "benevolent" ruler of the village, and the villagers would call her "Mother Miranda". Around this time, Miranda met Oswell E. Spencer, a British noble whom she mentored on how she used the Cadou parasite, but the two parted ways since Spencer wanted to manipulate mankind's evolution. Despite this, Spencer held Miranda in high regard, seeing her as the inspiration to achieve his goals as he became the founder of the Umbrella Corporation.

A century later, Miranda would come into contact with the Connections, who offered to help her after they learned of her experiments with the mold. She agreed and gave them some of the Megamycete and her daughter's DNA, and became their head researcher that created Eveline. During the process, Miranda realized that Eveline wouldn't be fit to be Eva's vessel due to her being a bioweapon, and presumably returned to the village as the Connections went on create Eveline to be a bioweapon. Eveline would escape from her confinement and infect Connections researcher Mia Winters and the Baker family in Dulvey, Louisiana. Miranda would later be informed that Eveline was destroyed and that Mia was pregnant with a daughter, and realized that the child could be the prefect vessel for Eva.

Keeping an eye on the couple, Miranda would decide to kidnap Mia and experiment on her for further research, but would take Mia's form to get close to Rose. Despite not knowing the personal history of the couple, Miranda managed to mimic Mia close enough to not alert Ethan of his wife's disappearance.

Resident Evil: Village

In February, Miranda continued her guise as Mia until Chris Redfield discovered her motives, and decided to take Rosemary and kill Miranda. She feigned her death, making Ethan and Chris believe she succumbed to her wounds while Redfield took Rosemary and Ethan away from the house. Miranda awoke and attacked the transport that kept Rosemary and Ethan, taking the child and leaving Ethan alive so she could further her plans. She would then have Rosemary's body separated into four flasks, and gave the four lords each one to guard it. Her true goal with having her four lords guarding it was to have all of them eliminated by Winters to give more power to the fungal root, which Heisenberg had guessed years prior. In addition, Miranda saw no more use for the inhabitants of the village, and ordered Heisenberg to have the Lycans slaughter them to feed the Megamycete.

While preparing for the ceremony, Miranda was alerted to Ethan's presence in the village and interrupted a Lycan horde from killing him. She then took on the form of "The Hag", and briefly speaks to Ethan before leaving the area when a bell sounds the call of another Lycan horde. When Ethan collected one of the masks to enter Castle Dimitrescu, Miranda killed Luiza's guard Iulian outside of her home, and returned to her hag form to manipulate Ethan. Mother Miranda returned to meet the four lords after Heisenberg captured Ethan, and allowed Karl to have Winters go through a short entertainment. Afterward, Miranda continued her plans and was informed by Alcina that Ethan escaped from Heisenberg's traps, and that she had him captured at her castle. Alcina would later call Mother Miranda, who told her not to kill Ethan despite losing her daughters to him.

Mother Miranda is later seen in her guise as the Hag after Ethan kills Alcina, and she informs Winters that the path he seeks is through the remaining lords. Doing this, Miranda manipulates Ethan into her plan to have him kill the rest of the lords to gather Rose to further power the fungus root in the village. She allows Ethan to collect the winged key, which leads him to eliminate Beneviento, Moreau and Heisenberg, who attempted to negotiate with Winters to help him eliminate Miranda. During these events, Redfield and his team realize that Miranda has regenerative capabilities, and decided to enter the village to set up stations across the church and Moreau's reservoir. Chris would later inform Ethan that he didn't kill the real Mia, and helped him destroy Heisenberg's factory.

Miranda appears in the guise of Mia and mocks Ethan, before showing her hag and true form and telling Winters her plans to use Rose to resurrect her daughter. She then ripped out Ethan's heart, killing him and leaving to finish the ceremony while having large fungus protect her area. Upon having Rose complete the ceremony, Miranda realized that Rose didn't get resurrected as Eva, and that her powers are weakening presumably due to overuse or Ethan's connection to the fungus. Miranda then battles Ethan and dies from her wounds sustained, thus freeing Rose, but what's left of her returns to the mold, activating a berserk form. Ethan sacrifices himself to save Rose, Chris, Mia and Hound Wolf Squad by detonating a bomb on the root (that was implanted by Chris), destroying Miranda for good.


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Miranda is a power-crazed cult leader who attempted to use Rosemary Winters as a vessel to "revive" her late daughter, Eva. She only cared about "reviving" her daughter unlike her disciple, Spencer, who dreamed of ruling over mankind as a god. Driven into her delusions, Miranda still believed Rose was her daughter, Eva, even when the ceremony failed and Ethan angrily reminded her that Rose is his daughter and not hers, calling her a psycho and a witch.

She also shows her cruel and sadistic side when tormenting Ethan Winters, especially when she shapeshifted herself into the appearance of Mia Winters. Despite her cruelty towards him, she is nonetheless impressed that he had survived when learning he is also molded. She taunted him that she would give him a "peaceful" and permanent death.

In her seemingly last breath, she called out to her daughter one last time. When she fused with the Megamycete, she become monstrous and emotionally unstable when she attempted to kill both Ethan and Chris, only for the dying Ethan to commit suicide by detonating the bomb that Chris implanted on the Megamycete to kill both Miranda and himself.

Powers and Abilities

Mutated Physiology: The walking mutation gave her immortal life, as well as significant regeneration with her being able to regenerate herself from five consecutive shots to the head. She had unrivaled shapeshifting skills, being able to manifest wings and even transform into a flock of birds, as well as perfectly imitating anyone in body and voice. She also had vast superhuman strength, speed and durability to such an extent that Heisenberg considered her a very big threat to oppose without an army and its own enhancements.

Genius Intellect: Miranda is exceptionally intelligent, being a capable scientist and biologist, as well as a exclaimed strategist and experienced leader due to centuries of learning and comprehending knowledge gained to her by her immortality.

  • Manipulation: Like the way she easily passed by as Mia Winters, and not even Ethan noticed, and besides, she was known to be the cold and calculating leader of the Village, and manipulated them at his pleasure, and one example of this manipulation is the way in which she is treated by the villagers and three lords (excluding Heisenberg) as a kind of mother and religious figure to the point of blindly following her.


Woman at the store said it was traditional. A local tale. Besides, Rose doesn't seem to mind.
~ Miranda disguised as "Mia", speaking to Ethan.
In life and in death, we give glory...
~ Miranda as "The Hag".
Death. Yes. Death has visited them all!
~ "The Hag" after the death of Luiza and her group.
I've heard all your arguments. Some of you were less persuasive than others, but... I've made my descision. Heisenberg. The man's fate is in your hands.
~ Mother Miranda during a meeting with the Four Lords.
SILENCE! My decision is final. There will be no argument. Remember from whence you came!
~ Mother Miranda soothing down an argument between Alcina Dimitrescu and Karl Heisenberg.
You never know, do you? Even when I took Mia's place in your home. Poor Ethan.
~ Miranda mocking Ethan.
Remember Eveline and her power over the mold? Rose is her successor. No... Rose is Eveline's true, complete form.
~ Mother Miranda.
Interesting, your body certainly isn't normal.
~ Mother Miranda to Ethan, seeing that he survived.


  • Mother Miranda is the Greater-Scope Villain of the entire franchise, due to her having mentored Oswell E. Spencer everything he knew about biology and modifying humans into weapons, paving the way for the future Umbrella Corporation.

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