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Mother Pearl is the secondary antagonist from the LarryBoy: The Cartoon Adventures from the episode, Leggo My Ego!.


Mother Pearl is a corrupt influence to her son, Alchemist. She wants him to rule Bummblyburg. She helps him when it comes to doing evil. Alchemist has chemicals sprayed on Larryboy from the flower, so that when Larryboy thinks of others down, they shrink. Mother Pearl disguised as someone else and encourages Larryboy to be egotistic, so that everybody will shrink. All the shrank victims are captured. Larryboy entered the lab and humbled himself and everybody is back to normal. Mother Pearl and her son got arrested.


Mother Pearl is an elderly onion with a crown and purple cloak. Her son is a carrot, which is a different vegetable and it is still unknown if Mother Pearl is related to her son or just adopted.


Mother Pearl wanted her son to rule Bumblyburg, so she helps him when doing evil, so that her dream will come true.


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