Mother and Father are the main antagonists of the episode "Freebird" in Tangled: The Series.

Mother was voiced by Kathy Najimy and Father was voiced by Christian Borle.


Not much is known about mother and father they are a mystery nobody knows who or even what they are it's likely that they are married given their names.

All that is know is that they have a magical teapot that transforms people into birds and would often lure out travellers and turn them into birds but promised to turn them back after an hour but at the last minute capture them and add them to there growing collection.


In the episode "Freebird" Rapunzel and Cassandra get lost in the woods they stumble across the cottage where they meet mother and father who demonstrates there ability to turn people into birds and then back they offer to do the same to them but tell them if they don't return in an hour they will become a full bird.

Near the end of the hour, Rapunzel and Cassandra return to the cottage to transform back to humans but mother and father reveal they're true intentions and lock them in a cage with Eugene, Lance and Hook Foot who they had just captured as well, the Gang is able to escape but Mother sees them and drinks the tea causing her to turn in a hawk Cassandra along with her owl are able to keep her distracted so Eugene can pour the egg on the other birds to turn them back into humans, they manage to stop them but with only one egg left so Rapunzel turns Cassandra back and sacrifices her body, Cassandra angry threatens Father to tell her where the eggs are with him saying there isn't any more she breaks the teapot causing Mother and Father the cottage and the table to disappear.


They have a magical teapot that can turn people into birds and eggs that can turn them back but after one hour of becoming a bird they become a bird completely but they can still turn back with the eggs, they use their Charisma and kind act to lure their victims in with the false belief that they will turn them back, also they seem to be connected to the Teapot magically as when its destroyed they also vanish as well.


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