Mothman, he's gonna strike again. And when he does, nobody's gonna be laughing!
~ Frank about the Mothman

The Mothman is the main antagonist in the 2010 SyFy channel television film of the same name. It is a legendary creature that is said to be sighted in Point Pleasant, West Virginia, of which the creature can never leave.

The Mothman is a vengeful, relentless and sadistic entity that terrorizes those who have done powerful wrongs.


The Mothman will seek out his prey and materialize from any mirror or reflective object and terrorize his victim soon before killing the victim. It was said by one of the characters in the film, Frank, who accidentally ran over a young boy with his friends while driving, that Mothman can only enter our world through reflective surfaces and that the Mothman can only attack victims who can see. Hence, Frank blinding himself by painfully ripping out his eyes to avoid being killed by the entity.

Before ripping out his eyes, the Mothman followed Frank to the Silver Bridge in an attempted to kill him. However, before Mothman could do his killings, the Silver Bridge collapsed to the ground and Mothman escaped.

In the film, before Frank reveals to Katherine his story of the Mothman, Mothman first appeared materializing from a mirror in one of Katherine's friends RV where outside of the RV, Mothman killed the man painfully while covering him with his wings. The reason for Mothman killing him and Katherine's friends was because they had played a prank on one of their old friends, Jamie, in a small lake in Point Pleasant which resulted in Jamie drowning. When Katherine and her friends returned to Point Pleasant ten years later for the 10th Mothman Festival, Katherine found her friends being murdered one by one by the entity.



  • The Mothman's mouth strongly resembles that of the mask worn by the character Ghostface from the Scream series films.
  • The Mothman was thought to have died in the film. However, at the very end of the film, Katherine turns into a bunch of moths which seem to kill Katherine's surviving friends. The moths could have materialized into Mothman who took over Katherine's body at some point in the film.
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