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The Motorboat Basra is one of two main antagonists in episode 21 and 22 of 2020 TV series called Mashin Sentai Kiramager. It is a motorboat-themed Basra Type Jamen Beast from the Dark Empire Yodonheim, released from the invasion gate created from the dark energy gathered by Fishing Rod Jamen.


Motorboat Basra was summoned to Earth by darkness gathered by Fishing Rod Jamen. The Kiramagers formed Kiramaizin to combat it, initially perplexed as to why a motorboat was driving around on land before it revealed itself to be a Jamen Beast. They attempted to stop it, but were unable to overpower it.

In episode 22 the Motorboat Basra (who's still in boat mode) has docked itself next to the pier as it began to eat all of the fish in this mode. As Takamichi is about to bring out GigantDriller to fish the Basra out of the sea Galza appeared as he brought along a bunch of Bechats to prevent the Kiramagers from interrupting the monster's lunch as it needs a bunch of energy if its able to swim on the ground.

Once the Motorboat Basra has finished it's lunch it arisen itself from the sea and resumed its rampage across the city. However Sayo brings out King Express and opens fire on the Motorboat Basra as it becomes a boat and gives chase on the flying express. Once it dove through the building Sayo stops the mecha from crashing into it and then the Motorboat Basra sneaks attack it from behind.

Now it's Takamichi turn to battle the Motorboat Basra as he brought out GigantDrijan, but guess what the Motorboat Basra used it's speed and over whelm Takamichi underground so they brought the fight to the surface and then GigantDrijan was down for the count in this battle as Takamichi still battles the Motorboat Basra at human size.

As the Motorboat Basra was about to finish Takamichi off, but it was then knocked down by the rust-free Mashin Zabyun thus saving the prince and here's why thanks to the remaining members of Kiramager traveling to the past they manage to collect Numajo's poison not from the teacup, but from the sword as Juuru was battling her in the past as he manage to get some onto his sword and then he has inspiration which transform this stone into a shark/bullet train.

So with that out of the way Motorboat Basra tries to swim away as Zabyun gives chase to the fleeing Basra as it too can swim in the land as well and diving through buildings. With the sharks sensory Zabyun founds the weakness to the Motorboat Basra which is it's engines because with them destroyed the Motorboat Basra will lose its speed rendering this Basra to slowdown and rendering its boat mode inoperable.

After that Juuru used another of inspiration as he combines Zabyun and King Express for the first time to become King Express Zabyun and now the real fight begins. After that the Motorboat Basra was then destroyed by this new finisher called Zabyun Megalo Blaster.


  • Motorboat Basra is the first boat-themed monster since the Boat Org from 2001 TV series called Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger.
    • It is also the first boat-themed monster to be modeled after a Fishing Boat (in terms of its Jamen).


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