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Villain Overview
I'm obsessed with angels.
~ Motoyasu revealing his obssession over Filo.

Motoyasu Kitamura, also known as Sir Motoyasu, the Spear Hero and Hero of the Spear is a supporting character from The Rising of the Shield Hero franchise. Kitamura is one of the four Cardinal Heroes, summoned from an alternate reality to save the world from destruction at the hands of the Waves of Calamity. His fellow heroes are the series main protagonist [Naofumi Iwatani], Ren Amaki and Itsuki Kawasumi, who are the Shield, Sword and Bow Heroes respectively.

Although summoned to the Kingdom of Melromarc as a hero, Motoyasu unwittingly serves as a major antagonist for the first four volumes of the light novel story. He shared this role in the corresponding chapters of the original web-novel, volumes one to eight of the manga and the first season of the anime adaptation. Motoyasu subsequently becomes a minor character in the build up to the Spirit Tortoise incident, before finally undergoing a character development and returning as a supporting protagonist for the rest of the story. Kitamura is the titular main protagonist of the franchise’s spinoff series The Reprise of the Spear Hero.

In the original Japanese anime, Motoyasu is voiced by Makoto Takahashi, and by Xander Mobus in the English adaptation.


Note: In keeping with the objectives of this wiki, only the characters villainous actions will be highlighted. Details relating to his redemption and subsequent activities will only briefly be noted. For further information, you will need to view external sources.

Motoyasu Kitamura is a 21-year-old former university student who, like the other Cardinal Heroes, comes from an alternative version of Japan. Like Ren and Itsuki, but unlike Naofumi, Motoyasu apparently died back in his home dimension, meaning that he can never return home. Seconds after he died, he was apparently resurrected in a parallel world, landing in a country called Melromarc. Chosen from across alternate realities to become the Hero of the Spear, Motoyasu (whose life would never be the same again) immediately believed that this new world is just a video game, based off of one he used to play in his home dimension: Emerald Online.

Despite his friendly nature and good looks, Kitamura was a major thorn in Shield Heroes side for the early part of the series. Naofumi often found himself on the receiving end of abuse from Motoyasu. Whenever they met, the Spear Hero would go out of his way to insult and hinder the Shield Hero, as well as try and “liberate” Naofumi’s companions.

As a gullible and short-sited person, Motoyasu made several hasty decisions throughout his new career/adventure, without regard for the long-term consequences. Unknown to him, this has caused great suffering to the very people he is trying to protect. A notorious playboy, Motoyasu’s biggest concern is women. He views it as his duty to protect them whilst also showing off his good side. It is perfectly clear to outside observers like Naofumi, that Motoyasu is trying to build a harem for himself.

These factors, unwittingly made Motoyasu one of the most ardent supporters of the series original antagonists. In the early stages of the story, Princess Malty S. Melromarc, her father King Aultcray Melromarc and the Church of the Three Heroes have all taken advantage of Motoyasu’s flawed personality for their own benefit.

After the incident with the Spirit Tortoise, Motoyasu's life was turned upside down. All of Kitamura’s party members abandoned or betrayed him, and he found himself hated by the entire world, causing him to suffer a mental breakdown. Ultimately, however, Motoyasu was rescued by his former rival and became the second Hero to align with Naofumi, after Ren Amaki. His awakened Curse Series gave Motoyasu the side-effect of seeing most women as literal pigs and he became highly distrustful to all women, except for Filolial Queens. Motoyasu has since become romantically obsessed with Naofumi’s monster companion, the Filolial Queen Filo, and has developed the habit of calling Naofumi his "Lord Father-in-Law".


Overall, Motoyasu is an extremely flawed character.  Although a genuinely well-meaning, friendly and caring man, The Spear Hero is also an arrogant, hypocritical, brash, impulsive, extremely naive and gullible person, especially in regards to women. Motoyasu has also demonstrated on multiple occasions that he has selective perception, and is a very sore loser. 

Like Ren and Itsuki, Motoyasu initially believed this new world was just a video-game, identical to one he used to play in his home-world: Emerald Online. Thinking that he already knew everything there was to know about this world, Motoyasu made several hasty decisions, without regard or consideration of the potential consequences. Like the Bow and Sword Heroes, Motoyasu also refused to share any of his knowledge with any of the others, thinking that it would give him an advantage over them.

As a confirmed playboy, Motoyasu's original achilles-heel is women. He will believe anything that girls say to him and seeks their affections. Owing to his flawed perception, Motoyasu is convinced that women are perfect angels, incapable of any wrong-doing or deception. Even when clear evidence to the contrary is presented, Motoyasu will stand by the accused woman and claim that the apparent victim must have done something to incur their wrath. Malty was quick to take advantage of this warped perspective, turning Motoyasu into her pawn.

Despite his devotion and spoiling of his party members, Motoyasu is notoriously flirtatious. Since it is his intention to build a harem, he will chase after anything in a skirt, especially Filolial Queens. In accordance with his desires, Motoyasu gives women preferential treatment over men. The man who had joined Motoyasu's party at the start of his adventure left not long afterwards, leaving The Spear Hero with an all-female party. In the manga, Motoyasu also admitted that he dated multiple women back in his home dimension.

In light of all this, The Spear Hero does possess some redeeming qualities. Motoyasu takes his duties as a hero very seriously and despite his flaws, treats his party members extremely well. He is also arguably the most approachable and friendly of any of the heroes. Motoyasu despises the concept of slavery, which led him to try and rescue Raphtalia and Filo from what he believed to be a life of cruelty. He is also capable of eventually admitting that he was wrong.

By Volume 11, Motoyasu's original party members had all deserted/betrayed him, leaving him all alone. As a result, the Spear Hero suffered a complete mental breakdown, which led to a change in his personality. Having unknowingly unlocked his curse series, Motoyasu became incapable of seeing women as anything more than anthropomorphic pigs. This prompted Motoyasu gave up many of his flirtatious ways, although he did remain deeply attached to Filo. Ultimately, Motoyasu would use the situation to his advantage. Becoming Naofumi's staunch yes man, Motoyasu reformed and gather a new party comprised entirely of Filolial's. Motoyasu used everything that Naofumi had previously taught him about this world and weapon series to restart his adventure and become a better person. He also became a staunch supporter of the Shield Hero working hard to make amends for his previous misdeeds. As an added bonus, Motoyasu's Curse Series made him immune to further manipulation by Malty. This new personality was carried over into the Reprise of the Spear Hero spin-off series.

Fighting Style

Motoyasu arguably has the most versatile weapon out of any of the Cardinal Heroes. Whilst he can use magic, Ren's sword can only engage enemies at close quarters. Itsuki’s bow is only effective at a distance and Naofumi’s shield has limited offensive capabilities (at least at the start of the series). In contrast, Motoyasu’s spear allows him to engage his opponents at a controlled distance. Due to the magical capabilities of his weapon, he can also utilise his legendary weapon as either a normal spear, a javelin, or a magic staff.

As part of the weapons restrictions, Motoyasu cannot pick up or use any other weapons besides his legendary spear. He also, cannot use a shield. To get around this, Motoyasu uses the weapon copy system, whereby he copies powerful spears that he finds, allowing him to unlock new skills and increase his arsenal.

Like Ren and Itsuki, Motoyasu rarely utilises strategy when facing his opponents. Having already reached a considerably high level (before the onset of the second wave), Motoyasu has adopted the simple principle of overwhelming his adversaries through an endless barrage of powerful attacks. Kitamura’s fighting style focuses on attacking his adversary’s head-on, with the intention of protecting his comrades. He will do most of the fighting, whilst the girls stand in the background cheering him on. His companions will only intervene when necessary, using magic spells and powerful buffs to enhance the offensive capabilities of his weapon.

In spite of all these advantages, Motoyasu does have a number of weaknesses. His extremely high attack stat comes at the expense of his defensive capabilities, which is shown to be extremely low. During Motoyasu's first battle with the Shield Hero, Naofumi managed to hurt Kitamura using orange balloons, the weakest monster found in Melromarc, even though Motoyasu was already at level forty-three. Motoyasu's lack of strategy and use to defeating his opponents swiftly has also worked against him. He is repeatedly shown to struggle against opponents that possess either a higher resilience or are capable of regenerating their health, such as the Spirit Tortoise and the Kraken in the third wave, respectively. Since the spear is designed to keep his enemies at a distance, Motoyasu (like Itsuki) is vulnerable against opponents that engage him in close quarters. During his final battle with Naofumi, the Shield Hero managed to halt Motoyasu's onslaught by grabbing onto the haft of the spear, which he then held firmly in place. Unable to counter-attack or break free, this left Motoyasu vulnerable to a retaliatory strike from Filo.

Despite his high level and strong offence, the Spear Hero's greatest weakness is his arrogance. Motoyasu will never participate in a fight unless it is one that he is convinced he can win. Whenever he does lose (which is very often), Motoyasu does not take it well and will always make up excuses as to why he lost.


Party (Pre-Spirit Tortoise) - Motoyasu's party underwent the most shuffling before the second wave. Although a man did join at the start of his adventure, he had left by the time Motoyasu met Naofumi at the dragon hour-glass. It is implied that the latter either got disgusted with Motoyasu's behaviour and left of their own accord or that Motoyasu personally evicted him. Thus Motoyasu, like Naofumi, initially had an all-female party supporting him. 

The Shield Hero unwittingly found a perfect description of Motoyasu's relationship to his party in the book he read prior to his summoning. The Spear Hero is extremely trusting and devoted to his party members. Unfortunately, this trust crosses over into blind faith, as Motoyasu took everything that the girls said to be true. He never once considered that they did not have his best interests at heart or were manipulating him (intentionally or not), even when the facts proved otherwise.

Whilst it is not clear about what nature Motoyasu's relationship took with most of these women, there are hints that it was romantic perhaps even sexual.

Motoyasu always tried to pick up additional girls wherever he went thus adding to his harem. Unfortunately, as Malty told him, most of these women could not meet his standards and left soon after joining. What the Spear Hero didn't realise was that the Princess was in fact deliberately manipulating things behind the scene to her advantage.

On the surface, the girls supported Motoyasu and backed him up in a fight whenever necessary. Their main function, however, was as a band of cheerleaders. In reality, none of the girls that Malty allowed to remain in the party felt any attachment or loyalty to Motoyasu. They put up with him simply as a means to an end: mainly to make money and earn themselves a good reputation.

Motoyasu once heard some of the girls saying as much when they thought he was out of earshot but dismissed it as the ramblings of a nearby monster. One of the girls, Elena, would later tell Naofumi that whilst she did initially fancy Motoyasu, once she got to know the real him, she quickly lost interest. It is unknown whether or not this was the case for any of the other girls that were not evicted from the party.  

During the battle with the Spirit Turtle, Motoyasu was eventually incapacitated then captured by Kyo. Seizing the opportunity, his party members turned tail and ran, abandoning The Spear Hero without a moment's hesitation or second thought. After regaining consciousness Motoyasu was horrified to find out that nobody knew where his party members were or what had happened to them. Once his injuries had healed, Motoyasu fled from the Queen's protection, making it his priority to locate his party members.

Despite his concerns, when Motoyasu did finally track them down, the full reality of his situation hit him like a ton of bricks. The first girl that he encountered, Elena, told Motoyasu flat out that he was a horrible person and that she had never really liked him. Stating that the other girls all felt the same and were just using him to their advantage, she made it very clear that her adventuring days with Motoyasu were done before trying to sell him out to the Kingdom in order to save her own neck.

Elena's words were born out shortly afterwards when Motoyasu found Malty and another one of his party members, Lesty, in the company of Ren. Upon seeing the Spear Hero, the two women revealed their true colours framing Motoyasu for blackmail and sexual assault, things he did not do. Thus Motoyasu finally learnt the truth that his party was filled with nothing but liars and gold-diggers.

In the web-novel, Motoyasu's original party members (bar Elena) joined Malty's separatist movement. They were aided by Itsuki's former party members and the surviving remnants of the Church of the Three Heroes. Despite their best efforts, the movement was crushed by the Shield Hero, Naofumi Iwatani, and the girls were captured by the forces of the Queen of Melromarc. Having no mercy for traitors, Queen Mirellia had them all executed alongside the other villains, with the exception of Malty who would suffer a separate fate.

In the Reprise of the Spear Hero, Motoyasu experienced a time loop, which brought him back to the start of his adventure, albeit at full strength. As such, the Spear Hero remained under the effect of his curse series, whilst clearly remembering all of the girl's previous betrayals and deception. Thus, when he met his original party for the second time around, Motoyasu refused to let any of the women join him on his adventures and drove them away.

Party (Post Spirit Turtle) - As a result of the girl's desertion and betrayal, Motoyasu lost all of his trust in women and unknowingly unlocked his curse series. Due to the level of his despair and betrayal, Motoyasu became incapable of seeing human, demi-human or beastman women as anything more than squealing anthropomorphic pigs. As such, the Spear Hero gave up on his ambitions for a harem. Ultimately, thanks to Naofumi and Filo's efforts, he was able to move on from this experience.

As part of this, Motoyasu gathered a new party this time comprised entirely of filolials. Due to his careful nurturing of them, some of these filolials turned into Filolial Queens, whom the Spear Hero was able to communicate with without issue. Unlike their former counterparts, these avian humanoids loved Motoyasu sincerely and helped him wherever possible. Motoyasu in-turn reciprocates these feelings and views all of the filolials as his own children. 

Filo - A filolial companion to the Shield Hero, Motoyasu initially looked down upon Filo as she was Naofumi's steed. This turned into outright hatred when she kicked him hard in the family jewels after he had insulted her. Motoyasu did not take any responsibility for this and would later demand that she be destroyed, claiming that she was a dangerous animal who attacked unprovoked.

Upon seeing Filo in her humanoid form, however, Motoyasu instantly fell in love with her. She reminds him of a video game character he adores, and by his own admittance, Motoyasu has a soft spot for little angels. As he had done with Raphtalia, Motoyasu immediately believed that Naofumi enslaved the girl and was mistreating her. Thus, he tried on several occasions to capture Filo and make her his own.

Filo for her part hates Motoyasu for insulting her, the way he treats her master and the gross way Motoyasu acts around her. Every encounter between them originally ended with Filo kicking Motoyasu where it really hurts. Despite this, she did ultimately try to comfort Motoyasu when his original party abandoned him. Unfortunately, this caused Motoyasu to develop a one-sided infatuation with her. These feelings have persisted ever since. In the spin-off series, Motoyasu's primary goal is to return to the original time-line so he can see the girl he loves again.

King Aultcray - Whilst the exact nature of their relationship is not known, The King of Melromarc clearly held Motoyasu in high regard. He entrusted his eldest daughter into Motoyasu's care, whilst showing him preferential treatment over the other heroes through additional rewards and money. By the end of the second wave, there could be little doubt that Aultcray viewed Motoyasu as something of a personal champion. He once called Motoyasu the perfect role model for a hero, at least compared to Naofumi.

When the King's crimes against the world and his framing of the Shield Hero were finally brought to light, Motoysau showed no pity or support for Aultcray. Their interactions seem to have stopped after this. 

Following his breakdown, Motoyasu considers the King an evil man for what he did to his "father-in-law". This resentment was carried over into Motoyasu's spin-off series. 

Malty - Princess Malty S. Melromarc, also known as Myne Sophia, was the most prominent member of Motoyasu's original party. Although she originally intended to join Motoyasu's party, Myne "defected" to the Shield Hero out of "sympathy". However, later that very night she came to Motoyasu, claiming that Naofumi had assaulted her. Motoyasu believed her and immediately accepted Malty into his party without question. From that moment on, he was Malty's pawn.

Manipulative and conniving, the Princess of Melromarc had The Spear Hero in the palm of her hand. If she said jump he did so without hesitation or asking how high. Like the rest of his party, Malty acted sweet, benign and loving to his face. This kept Motoyasu blind to the reality that she was, in fact, a complete sociopath. 

Leeching off of Motoyasu's money for her own benefit, Malty manipulated him at every turn. She forced the Spear Hero into several conflicts with the Shield Hero, whilst also misusing his power and position to exploit innocent civilian's. On the surface, Malty served as Motoyasu's second-in-command,  but in reality, Malty had complete control over the party. She kept close tabs on her fellow companions. If any girls joined Motoyasu's group that she did not like, were genuinely nice or looked as if they were getting too attached to Motoyasu, Malty got rid of them. Although she was not afraid to use threats or force, her preferred method was to secretly sell these girls into slavery (despite human trafficking being illegal in Melromarc). Motoyasu remained blissfully unaware of any of this.

Motoyasu continued to have complete faith in Myne for some time. She was clearly his favourite girl within the party and he never saw any reason to doubt her. Motoyasu fully believed that he was Myne's first genuine love interest and her first partner, neither of which were true. Their relationship was a physical one, despite Myne knowing that members of the Melromarc royal family were not supposed to have such relationships until after they were married. It is not known exactly how Myne felt about Motoyasu, but she did express some jealousy when other girls flirted with him.

Following the battle with the Pope, Queen Mirellia had Myne arrested and put her on trial when they returned o the Melromarc Capital. At the inquiry, evidence was finally presented that proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that Malty was a deplorable person. This same evidence also revealed that she had framed Naofumi and had multiple lovers prior to Motoyasu. Despite all of this, the Spear Heroes faith never wavered and he continued to insist that Malty was a good person. In the end, Motoyasu agreed to take her back on, helped to shoulder some of her debt and tried to prevent her from getting into further trouble. Although temporarily subdued, Malty, now renamed Bitch, did not appear to show any gratitude for this commitment.

After the Spirit Tortoise incident, their relationship changed forever. When the Spear Hero was defeated and captured, Malty decided that Motoyasu's usefulness had run its course. Alongside the rest of the girls, she abandoned him to his fate without a second thought.

When the pair next saw each other, Malty finally revealed her true colours when she framed Motoyasu for sexual assault, just like she had done to Naofumi all those months ago. Now unable to deny the truth, Motoyasu was left devastated, realizing that everything Malty had said and done for him had been a lie. Suffering a complete mental breakdown, Motoyasu developed a deep hatred for Malty. Despite his curse series altering his perception, Motoyasu was able to recognise Malty somewhat, whom he would henceforth refer to as the Red Swine.

Following this incident and thanks mainly to his curse series, Malty was never able to manipulate the Spear Hero ever again. In the Reprise of The Spear Hero, Motoyasu was aware of Malty's original plan to frame his "father-in-law". When she tried to manipulate him, just like she did in original timeline, Motoyasu called her a liar and chased her off. Unfortunately, he was unable to stop her from framing Naofumi as she turned to Itsuki instead.

In the web novel, Malty's betrayal of Motoyasu eventually came back to bite her big time. Following the failure of her separatist movement, Queen Mirellia condemned her daughter to a violent end, by becoming the diabolical King of Faubley's 10,000th wife. In response to Malty's pleas, her mother decreed that she would only spare Malty if she could convince one of the heroes to take her on. By this point, Malty had betrayed all four of the Cardinal Heroes, making them wise to her true nature. Itsuki was absent, and Malty proved unable to persuade either Naofumi or Ren to spare her. Down to her last hope, Malty turned to Motoyasu. Grabbing onto the front of his robes, Malty insisted that she wanted to make amends for her previous actions and that she really did love Motoyasu. Unfortunately for her, since the Spear Hero was under the influence of his curse series, all he saw was a squealing pig. Ultimately, Motoyasu pushed Myne away from him, thus condemning to her fate. In a bid to punish Malty further and in a show of irony, Naofumi suggested that Motoyasu be the one to personally deliver Malty to her fate. With the approval of Mirellia, Naofumi told Motoyasu to take Myne to Faubley. He was to ignore Malty's pleas, capture her if she tried to escape and prevent her from killing herself. Since these instructions came directly from his 'father-in-law' Motoyasu obeyed them without hesitation.

Ren and Itsuki - Motoyasu's relationship with his compatriots is extremely rocky during the early stages of the series. The Bow and Sword Heroes are clearly jealous of King Aultcray's preferential treatment of Motoyasu, and will often note many hypocrisies in the Spear Heroes statements. Despite this, the trio are willing to fight alongside each other during the waves, all be it without any co-ordination. 

Motoyasu considers Ren and Itsuki his friends and trusted allies. When he thought that they had been killed by Naofumi, he sought to avenge them by slaying their murderer in turn. Later on, the three of them grew collectively jealous of Naofumi's apparent strength and ability to come out on top. It would not be until all three of them were humbled by the Spirit Turtle, the loss of their companions and respective betrayals at the hands of Malty that the three heroes would finally put aside their differences and become good companions.

In the Reprise of the Spear Hero, Motoyasu does not care about Itsuki or Ren. From his warped perspective, they are not the comrades he fought alongside during the original timeline, plus they oppose Naofumi.

Naofumi - To say that Motoyasu and Naofumi hate each other would be an understatement. During the early stages of the series, the pair considered each other enemies.

Due to Malty's accusations, The Spear Hero was initially convinced that The Shield Hero is a scumbag. As far as Motoyasu is concerned at this point, Naofumi can do no good. He was further disgusted to he learn that Naofumi's companions, Raphtalia and Filo, were slaves. Ignoring the context of their situation and that the girls were genuinely happy with Naofumi, Motoyasu repeatedly tried to liberate them from the Shield Hero. All this succeeded in doing was earning him further ire from the Shield Hero and the latter's companions.

As the Spear Hero is forced to work alongside Naofumi to fight the waves, Motoyasu initially resorted to insulting Naofumi (both behind his back and to his face) and frequently looked down upon him. As the series progressed, however, he would not hesitate to attack Naofumi without provocation. When he thought that Naofumi had killed both Ren and Itsuki, Motoyasu wanted and tried to kill Naofumi in turn. 

When Pope Balmus attacked the pair, Motoyasu had the nerve to call for a truce and demand Naofumi's help, despite everything that he had done. A few days later, Motoyasu learnt that Naofumi was actually innocent of everything that the King and Princess had accused him of. Despite this, Motoyasu refused to believe this evidence or completely trust Naofumi.

For his part, the Shield Hero never forgave Motoyasu for everything that the latter did to him. Although he would not punish Motoyasu the same way that he did the King and Malty, Naofumi continued to despise Motoyasu for his general stupidity, persistent blind faith in Malty and lack of an apology for everything that had happened. 

Only after Motoyasu was betrayed by his companions did he developed any true sense of comradeship with the Shield Hero. As a result of his breakdown and affections for Filo, Motoyasu became completely devoted to the Shield Hero, following his instructions without question. Naofumi for his part, considers this new Motoyasu to be an unhinged but powerful asset, rather than a true friend or companion.

In the Reprise of the Spear Hero, Motoyasu remains a staunch ally of the Shield Hero, doing his best to protect his "father-in-law" from the false accusations and harsh treatment of Melromarc.

Citizens of Melromarc - Like Ren and Itsuki, Motoyasu was initially hailed as a hero by the citizens of Melromarc. They showed the group preferential treatment and did their best to turn the trio into the saviours of legend. Unfortunately, whilst Motoyasu took his position seriously he made serious blunders that put hundreds if not thousands of lives in jeopardy. This included abandoning the village of Lute in order to defeat the wave boss and unleashing a cursed seed upon an innocent village in trouble. These events caused his reputation to suffer.

After the incident with the Spirit Tortoise, the citizens of Melromarc, like the rest of the world, finally saw Motoyasu for the rash, incompetent idiot that he really was. Since Motoyasu, together with Ren and Itsuki, had played a role in awakening the Divine Beast and had rushed off to face it instead of joining up with the allied forces, the deaths and devastation that followed were considered their fault.

Motoyasu was branded a false hero, his reputation all but destroyed. He subsequently experienced a role reversal, similar to what Naofumi went through following the false rape accusation. Since joining Naofumi, Motoyasu has kept a low profile but with the Shield Hero's help and guidance is working hard to restore his good reputation. 

Character Comparison

Within the anime medium, Motoyasu is comparable to Makoto Itou from School Days, Natsuki Subaru from Re Zero, Kazuma Satou from Konosuba and Daisuke Hiyama from Commonplace to Worlds Strongest.

Makoto Itou

  • Like Makoto, Motoyasu is an excessive playboy, with desires for a harem.
  • They are amongst the most hated characters in their respective franchises.
  • Both have been in love triangles that ended with them being stabbed to death.
  • However, despite these similarities, Motoyasu is admittedly the more morally upright of the two. He is far more respectful towards women and does not appear to be quite as depraved as Makoto.

Natsuki Subaru

  • Motoyasu and Subaru both display high levels of arrogance and an inability to read the situation properly.
  • Both constantly make fools of themselves and tend to make a situation worse with their mere presence.
  • Both were on the receiving end of severe beatings from their rivals (Julius and Naofumi respectively) and were completely humiliated. Both ended up in those situations due to their own arrogance and were berated by the women they tried to "help".
  • Kitamura and Subaru initially believed that they were summoned to another world to be heroes (which is admittedly true in Motoyasu's case), only to be reminded of the horrors they faced later down the line.
    • Admittedly though, Motoyasu initially had it much better off than Natsuki however. Not only did he manage to fulfil that objective (to some extent), Motoyasu also possessed many of the typical traits associated with an isekai protagonist. These include a harem, access to powerful abilities, popularity with the masses and a close friendship with the royal family.
  • Motoyasu's time-travel spear in the Reprise spin-off is very similar to Subaru's Return-From-Death ability, which teleports them back to a specific time point if they die.
  • The pair have garnered a great deal of hatred (both in-universe and out) for their stupidity.

Kazuma Satou

  • Whilst they are officially classed as protagonists, Motoyasu and Kazuma both possess several less than desirable qualities for heroes. For example, they are both extremely lecherous and perverted.
  • They do not take their duties as seriously as they should, though unlike Motoyasu, Kazuma will put in the effort when necessary or prompted. Usually, this is done to avoid getting into further trouble or to satisfy his own selfish desires rather than actual heroism.
  • Both have a companion that leech’s money off them, Malty and Aqua respectfully.
  • Motoyasu and Kazuma are both the leaders and only men of an otherwise all-female group comprised entirely of beautiful girls.
  • Whilst on the surface their teams appear picturesque, both Kazuma and Motoyasu’s groups have some serious drawbacks.
    • Motoyasu’s harem is full of villainous women who, despite their implied relations with the Spear Hero, never truly cared about him. With the Spear Hero completely oblivious to their true personalities, the group managed to manipulate him to their benefit, using him to get whatever they wanted. Eventually, however, they grew bored with Motoyasu and betrayed/deserted him, causing Kitamura to suffer a mental breakdown. Although Motoyasu did eventually move on and form a new party, he never truly recovered.
    • Kazuma’s teammates, although much more heroic, are just as bad in their own way. Overall, his party is comprised of extremely incompetent/useless people that only succeed due to Satou’s clever utilisation of their limited skills. The quartet frequently teases, picks on and will even grass one another up just to avoid trouble. Despite this, Kazuma’s group, although they would never admit it, are actually very good friends and genuinely care about one another. Whilst there have been occasions when the girls did consider leaving Kazuma, ultimately, they chose to stand by him. In regards to romance, Kazuma’s "harem" as others view it is completely unwanted. Although he would later start dating Megumin, Kazuma is not as blind as Motoyasu to his companion’s strengths and flaws. Whilst he does acknowledge that they are all extremely beautiful, Kazuma (justifiably) considers the girl's personalities to be very rotten
  • Whilst they are shown to be quite effective when they need to be, Kitamura and Satou are mainly used for comic effect. They will often end up making complete fools of themselves in front of everybody.
  • Things rarely work out the way either of them intended.

Daisuke Hiyama

  • Motoyasu and Daisuke are both antagonistic characters within their respective franchise’s. However, Kitamura is more of a minor antagonist/anti-heroic character, whereas Hiyama is a straight-up villain.
  • Kitamura and Hiyama both hate their franchises respective protagonists, Naofumi and Hajime, at the start of the series. However, Motoyasu would eventually come to realize that his hatred for Naofumi was misplaced. Following his redemption and after falling in love with Filo, he became a staunch ally of the Shield Hero. In contrast, Daisuke's hatred of Hajime never faded. He openly vowed to kill the latter, which coupled with his lack of remorse, contributed to his own demise.
  • Motoyasu and Daisuke both arrived in their new worlds with offensive capabilities, in contrast to the heroes, initially, non-offensive skillsets.
  • Motoyasu and Daisuke are jealous of their heroic counterpart’s attraction from beautiful girls, Filo and Kaori Shirasaki. Throughout the series, both have gone to extreme lengths to try and impress their respective girls, whilst trying to take them away from the heroes.
  • They consider themselves superior to the protagonists. Whilst this may have been true at the start of the series, both were eventually shown to be inferior. On a side note it is worth mentioning that Motoyasu Kitamura's strength, power and skills easily surpasses Daisuke Hiyama's.
  • Kitamura and Hiyama's arrogance eventually got the best of them, causing them to be defeated by two of the strongest forces within their respective universes. Motoyasu was incapacitated by the Spirit Tortoise, whilst Hiyama was mortally wounded by Hajime.
  • Both suffered mental breakdowns from which they never recovered. However, their paths diverged following their breakdowns.
    • Motoyasu survived his encounter with the Spirit Tortoise but was betrayed and abandoned by everyone close to him. Following the intervention of both Naofumi and Filo, the Spear Hero has since allied himself with the Shield Hero and is working genuinely hard to become a better person.
    • In contrast, Daisuke Hiyama became even more villainous. Siding with Eri Nakamura, he willingly betrayed all of his classmates and killed hundreds of innocent people, including Kaori. Expressing no remorse for his actions, Daisuke was defeated by Hajime but vowed not to stop until Hajime lay dead at his feet. Ultimately, Hajime ensured that would never happen when he threw Hiyama into a horde of monsters, who subsequently ate him alive. Thus, unlike Motoyasu, Daisuke never found redemption and left behind a tarnished legacy.

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  • Motoyasu is the only Legendary Hero besides Naofumi to receive a protagonist’s role in a spin-off series of Shield Hero franchise.
  • The Rising of the Shield Hero author has confirmed that each of the heroes is the deconstruction of a specific isekai archetype. Motoyasu is a deconstruction of the harem protagonist.
  • The Spear Hero’s party is the largest and has changed the most out of any of the heroes.
  • Naofumi has admitted that from his perspective, Motoyasu is the most handsome out of any of the heroes.
  • Kitamura was the most antagonistic of the other three heroes towards Naofumi prior to his redemption in Vol 11. Before the events of the Third Wave (and possibly right up until Naofumi's vindication), Motoyasu could be considered Naofumi's antithesis. He was well-loved and respected by the people, was close to the royal family, possessed top of the range gear and a "devoted" harem. Since his redemption, Motoyasu has ironically become one of Naofumi's staunchest supporters.
  • In 2019 Rising of the Shield Hero character poll, Motoyasu was voted as the least popular of the Cardinal heroes. Fittingly, he finished in thirteenth place and was only narrowly beaten by Itsuki, who finished twelfth. Surprisingly, Malty the main antagonist of the series and the one who influenced much of Motoyasu’s villainy finished tenth, making her more popular than he is. The reasons Motoyasu finished so low is probably due to his perverted nature, gullibility and general stupidity.
  • This hatred for Motoyasu can also be seen in fanfictions. Despite eventually undergoing a character development and redemption in later canon storylines, several authors continue to portray Motoyasu as an antagonist. Some continue to make him more villainous or at the very least, the last of the Cardinal Heroes to undergo a redemption. In contrast, Ren and Itsuki are often shown to gradually redeem themselves a lot more quickly than Motoyasu does.


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