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The story of Motoyasu Kitamura from The Rising of the Shield Hero.

Note: The information in this article comes from the Rising of the Shield Hero Light Novels, which is the original source material. In keeping with the objectives of this wiki, only the antagonistic actions of this character will be noted. For events following Volume 11 you will need to view external sources.


Motoyasu was born in an unknown world, to Mr and Mrs Kitamura. He is introduced as a university student and an avid gamer, with a particular passion for the fantasy game Emerald Online. From these games, he developed a soft spot for angels. It has never been stated what his relationship with his parents was like or whether he had any siblings.

Motoyasu was a playboy, later admitting that he dated multiple women at the same time back in his homeworld. This situation eventually turned against him, contributing to his apparent death. When the two girls he was seeing at the time found out about their situation, they demanded that Motoyasu choose one of them. Since he loved them both equally and did not wish to hurt either of them, Motoyasu proved incapable of doing so. To his horror, this declaration caused them to reveal their yandere personalities.

The pair drew knives and charged at each other only to end up stabbing Motoyasu instead. The first strike was an accident, but it caused the pair to think that Motoyasu was going to die anyway. As such, they stabbed him multiple times and vowed to join him in the afterlife.

As a result of this Motoyasu not only apparently died, but developed an intense fear for yandere women.

Volume 1 

Becoming Malty's Pawn

When Motoyasu opened his eyes, however, he was not in heaven or hell. Instead, he was standing in the Kingdom of Melromarc, surrounded by robed mages, having been summoned as the Spear Hero. Alongside him were three other teenagers his fellow heroes; Ren Amaki, Itsuki Kawasumi and Naofumi Iwatani. Following an explanation from the mages that summoned them and after meeting with the King, Motoyasu (like Ren and Itsuki), was convinced that this world was identical to Emerald Online.

Thinking that he already knew everything there was to know about this world, Motoyasu, Ren and Itsuki demanded money and rewards, which the King promised would be provided. He also looked down on Naofumi for being the Shield Hero, since in the games he played that class was useless and refused to share his prior knowledge with any of the others.

The following morning Motyasu was joined by a team of adventurers, chosen by the King. One of these members, however, defected to the Shield Heroes party "out of sympathy" since nobody else had or would join him. Later that night, however, that same person, Myne Sophia (who was actually Princess Malty Melromarc) came to Motoyasu distraught. Claiming that Naofumi had attempted to rape her, she presented Motoyasu with some money and chainmail armour, as a gift. In truth, however, these were items she had stolen from Naofumi.

Although Malty prevented Motoyasu from seeking out and killing Naofumi, the Spear Hero reported what had happened to the King, and the other heroes. The Shield Hero was brought before them under heavy guard. The latter's confusion was followed up by pleas of innocence, all of which fell on deaf ears. 

Throughout the ordeal, Motoyasu sheltered Malty from the man he now believed to be a villain, ignoring Naofumi's statement that the armour he was now wearing was once his own. This eventually caused Naofumi to think that Motoyasu was involved in framing him, (although he would later realise that the Spear Hero was just an idiot). Motoyasu watched on jubilantly as the now-disgraced Naofumi was branded as a criminal and made an outcast in Melromarc. Motoyasu never considered that this was all a setup, staged by the woman standing next to him or her father. He watched Naofumi leave, unaware that together with Ren and Itsuki, he had just condemned an innocent man to a life of hardship.

Fighting in the Second Wave

Motoyasu did not see Naofumi again until the day before the second wave. Arriving at the Dragon-Hour glass, together with his party, he proceeded to mock Naofumi for his lack of good equipment before flirting with a nearby demi-human; Raphtalia. He was shocked to learn that the tanuki was in fact Naofumi's companion, but was interrupted by Naofumi before he could warn her about the accusations. Though Motoyasu smugly stated that he was only telling the truth, the couple left before Motoyasu could do anything.

During the wave itself, Motoyasu (along with Ren, Itsuki and their parties) prioritized defeating the Waves Boss and rushed off to find it. When they eventually defeated the Chimera, Motoyasu was the first to notice that Naofumi was not present, though he quickly dismissed it after being prompted by Myne. What the Spear Hero, did not comprehend was that in their haste to defeat the said boss, he and the others had ignored the nearby village of Lute, leaving its protection to the Knights. Although they were not too far from Castle Town, it still took time for the soldiers to reach the affected area. Thus they had selfishly endangered the lives of the innocent residents, forcing Naofumi to prioritize saving the citizens the Spear Hero had neglected.

The Duel

After the wave, King Aultcray hosted an elaborate feast in order to congratulate the heroes for their efforts. Naturally, of course, he was only referring to Motoyasu, Ren and Itsuki. Shortly into the celebration however, Motoyasu was prompted by Myne into antagonizing Naofumi once again. Learning from the Princess that Raphtalia was a slave, the Spear Hero immediately challenged Naofumi to a duel for her freedom. Desiring not to fight and since Motoyasu offered nothing in return, the Shield Hero refused him. Ultimately, however, Naofumi was forced to fight because of the King's intervention.

Like everybody else, Motoyasu believed that this would be a one-sided match in his favor. Forced to fight against his will, Naofumi used monsters and a number of his shields to his advantage. He managed to not only hold his own but almost managed to subdue Motoyasu, backing him into a corner. Seeing this, Malty illegally intervened, shooting Naofumi in the back and knocking him off balance. The Spear Hero did not see this, thus allowing him to retaliate and claim victory. Ignoring what had happened the citizens of Melromarc backed this up.

After cruelly mocking Naofumi as a "whinny loser", Motoyasu was personally congratulated by the King and Malty for a job well done. Kitamura was then seen to by one of the palace healers, who restored his energy and tended to his injuries. The Spear Hero did not appear to be the least bit concerned that nobody was offering Naofumi the same treatment nor about the way that the crowd was calling for the Shield Hero's blood.

Once his treatment was over, Malty took Motoyasu to meet the girl that he had allegedly just "freed". Raphtalia was brought forwards and Motoyasu watched on triumphantly as her slave crest was removed. Once it was gone, the Spear Hero jubilantly ran towards her. Owing to what Myne had told him, Motoyasu genuinely believed that he had just done a great thing for the former slave girl. From his gaming experience and the previous ordeal with Myne, Motoyasu was sure that Raphtalia would be a little overwhelmed, but grateful at being freed. As such, he made ready to comfort what he believed would be a distraught and traumatized girl. The Spear Hero anticipated a hug, tears of gratitude, and an endless stream of praises and thanks. He also clearly hoped/thought that Raphtalia would now join his party, both a way to thank him for rescuing her and in order to spite Naofumi for what he had previously done to her.

Nothing could have prepared Motoyasu for what was about to happen!

A split second before Motoyasu could embrace Raphtalia, a loud SMACK rang throughout the courtyard. Motoyasu was sent reeling backwards, as something collided with his face. Caught off guard and with his cheek stinging, Motoyasu looked around to see what had happened. To his astonishment, he saw Raphtalia glaring daggers at him. Instead of singing his praises, the tanuki hatefully labelled him a coward. She then lambasted Motoyasu for his selfishness, saying how dare he do what he had just done when she never asked for his help nor even wanted it.

Taken completely aback, Motoyasu found himself trying to reason with the girl that he had just "rescued". He tried to defend and justify himself, but his arrogance soon back to haunt him. Throughout this whole ordeal, Motoyasu failed to understand that he had reckoned without Raphtalia. He never bothered to verify Malty's accusations that Raphtalia was suffering under Naofumi's care, nor did he speak to the tanuki beforehand. He had dismissed Raphtalia's proclamations of loyalty and deliberately ignored that the ones to restraining her, (through a gag and bindings no less) were his own allies, namely the King and Princess of Melromarc.

As such, the tanuki was able to counter each of his hypocritical, self-serving arguments with solid facts. The Spear Hero was adamant that slavery is wrong, and that Naofumi was the bad guy for practicing it, since he had taken away Raphtalia's free will and forced her to fight. Despite his insistence that she did not need to work for somebody like that, Raphtalia was not impressed or moved in the slightest. Glaring hatefully at him, the young demi-human made it clear to Motoyasu that he knew nothing about her relationship with Naofumi. In a move that would leave the Spear Hero completely baffled, Raphtalia told him (and the audience) flat out that Naofumi was not the vile abuser Kitamura and his allies made him out to be. From day one, the Shield Hero had treated her well. Under his care, the tanuki got plenty of rest, because he never made her do anything that she didn't want to do or wasn't capable of. He had also personally made her medicine and used his limited finances to purchase proper gear, good clothes and decent meals for her. The pair of them worked together in order to protect each other.

As a final insult and to drive her point home, Raphtalia then asked Motoyasu a question of her own. If the Spear Hero hated slavery so much, then why was he only helping her? What had Motoyasu done about the thousands of other demi-human slaves distributed throughout Melromarc? More importantly, if he cared about them so much, then why did he not have a Demi-Human companion within his own party, freed or otherwise?

Having effectively labelled him a hypocrite, a liar and villain, in front of Melromarc's entire aristocracy, Raphtalia turned away from her false savior and made her way over to the despairing Shield Hero's side. Kneeling beside him, Raphtalia proceeded to give Naofumi a heartfelt proclamation of loyalty. When she mentioned the allegations against him, Motoyasu tried to interject claiming that Raphtalia was the Shield Hero's victim. This proclamation was ignored however, as Raphtalia made it perfectly clear that she did not believe the rumors made against her master and that she was on his side. She then asked the Shield Hero to be allowed to return to his side, as his slave if necessary. Overwhelmed, Naofumi broke down, only to be comforted by Raphtalia, who put her arms lovingly around him.

As the pair embraced, Motoyasu could do nothing but watch as the girl he had just worked so hard to rescue, threw it all back in his face and returned to the side of his enemy. Unfortunately for the Spear Hero, his humiliation was not over. At that moment, Ren and Itsuki reached the front of the crowd. To the Spear Hero's astonishment, the two younger heroes not only proclaimed him the real loser of the duel, they also verified Naofumi's earlier accusations. Myne had illegally intervened in the duel. The rest of the spectators did see what happened, but were deliberately covering it up.

Shocked by this declaration, Motoyasu turned to the audience for support. Just as Naofumi had done minutes earlier, the Spear Hero hoped that somebody would tell him that the Bow and Sword Heroes were wrong. Instead, he found that nobody, not even the King or his own party members could look him in the eye. With the situation now turning against him, Motoyasu desperately tried to save some face. Trying to even the playing field, he claimed that Naofumi had also cheated, pointing out that the Shield Hero had used monsters to deliberately target Motoyasu's own sensitive areas. Ren and Itsuki however, stated that was not cheating, but improvisation and resourcefulness.

They also pointed out that in the big scheme of things, Motoyasu was the one at fault. The Spear Hero had deliberately picked a fight with a man who was not only a lower level than himself, but had absolutely no attack power. Everybody knew that the battle was one-sided in the Spear Hero's favor. Yet despite all of these disadvantages, Naofumi had been the one that fought honorably, whereas the crown and people had intervened on Motoyasu's behalf, simply because they could not stand the idea of things not going their way.

Motoyasu hesitated for a second, but with no way to counter this argument, cursed angrily as his "victory" was undone. Defeated, dejected and humiliated, the Spear Hero was furious at this shift in fortunes. Just minutes earlier, he had been the triumphant hero. A champion of justice, who had liberated an innocent young girl from slavery and put the insolent, cruel Shield Hero in his place. Now however, Motoyasu looked like a bully who had tried to steal one of his fellow heroes companions in a rigged duel and on unfounded information. To make matters worse, despite holding all the advantages, he had still required outside assistance in order to win.

Despite his earlier criticism of Naofumi, Motoyasu now revealed himself to be the real sore loser. Refusing to accept that he had lost or been in the wrong, the Spear Hero tried to shift the blame back onto Naofumi. In defiant arrogance, he angrily declared that Raphtalia was not really loyal to Naofumi, but had merely been brainwashed. Unimpressed, Ren and Itsuki asked how he could say such a thing given what they had just witnessed. Once again, the Spear Hero had no counter to this. With nothing but a stinging cheek and a wounded pride to show for his efforts, Motoyasu accompanied the embittered audience back to the castle. Ironically, the only person to benefit from Motoyasu's actions that day was his opponent, Naofumi Iwatani. Thanks to Motoyasu, the Shield Hero was finally able to recognise Raphtalia's loyalty, whilst also uncovering the true extent of Malty and Aultcray's corruption. 

Volume 2

A Handsome Reward

The following morning, Motoyasu ate a hearty breakfast with Ren, Itsuki and their collective party members. Naofumi and Raphtalia were not allowed to attend. Once that was over, the Cardinal Heroes assembled in the throne room for a presentation ceremony. Here, the four heroes received a financial reward respective to their efforts during the last few weeks. For his actions at the guild and during the wave Motoyasu was presented with 4,000 pieces of silver, the highest reward out of any of the heroes. Ren and Itsuki both got the slightly lesser sum of 3,800 silvers, whereas Naofumi was only meant to receive 500 silvers.

Despite this already being a poultry amount compared to the others, the King tried to rescind it. He claimed that it would cover the cost for the removal of Raphtalia's slave curse as well as Naofumi's absence in defeating the Wave Boss. Motoyasu, Ren and Itsuki all acknowledged that their defensive counterpart had not been present, only to be silenced by Naofumi. The Shield hero openly criticized the three of them for abandoning the village of Riyute, thus confirming his presence, which was reluctantly verified by the Knight Captain. 

Even so, the King still did not return the reward. That all changed when Ren and Itsuki objected to Aultcray's unfair treatment, saying that the King was going back on his word to help the heroes. Motoyasu alone stayed silent, being the only hero not to question the King's declaration, as he wanted the Shield Hero to suffer. He only spoke out when the two younger heroes criticized the King and Motoyasu actions during the previous nights duel, with Motoyasu still arrogantly insisting that he did not lose. Naofumi himself did not believe that Ren and Itsuki's intervention was done out of genuine kindness towards him, but jealousy for the preferential treatment Motoyasu was receiving.

In the end, King Aultcray reluctantly handed over the original reward. Taking his money the Shield Hero and his companion left. Motoyasu tried to insult the former on his way out, but Naofumi, who did not have any desire to stay in the castle anyway, completely ignored him.

A Race for Lordship

A few days after the presentation ceremony, Motoyasu was granted an additional reward. King Aultcray named Motoyasu the new Governor and Lord of a small territory within Melromarc, ousting the previous Lord without consideration or notice. Part of this territory included the affected village of Riyute.

Motoyasu arrived at the village with Malty and a small contingent of armed Knights. This change of leadership was met with staunch opposition from the villagers, especially when Malty declared that they intended to levy a fifty silver tax simply to enter or leave the village. Due to Motoyasu's lack of understanding relating to finances, he did not understand that this was an extortionate amount. When Naofumi, who had been staying in the village explained this to him, Motoyasu offered a small objection but Myne ignored him.

Instead, the Princess ordered the Shield Hero to leave and told the knights to draw their weapons, ready to resort to violence if necessary. At that moment, however, a group of Shadows arrived with a letter from the Queen, which they presented to Malty. Exactly what the letter said is unknown, but it was most likely a declaration rescinding the Kings orders. Not wanting to give up, Malty challenged the Shield Hero for the Governorship. This time, it would be a race between Motoyasu and his chosen steed; a dragon vs Naofumi and his newest party member, a filolial named Filo. Note, in the original story, the dragon was not Motoyasu's but one that was provided for him by his escort.

Once again, Motoyasu was confident of victory. He proceeded to taunt the reluctant Naofumi and his steed openly, stating the latter was funny looking and calling her derogatory names. Whilst this drew laughter from his cohorts, it turned out to be a big mistake. Filo who did not take kindly to being insulted kicked the off-guard Motoyasu, who had moved within striking range, hard in his crotch, sending him flying. The look of pain on the Spear Heroes face, the fact that it wiped all the smiles off his allies faces and the sight of Malty's despair amused Naofumi so much that he laughed openly at Motoyasu's expense. With that, the Shield Hero accepted the challenge with great enthusiasm. 

Mounting their steeds the two heroes moved to the starting point. Whoever crossed the finishing line first after three circuits of the village would be declared the winner. From the get-go, Filo proved that she had a distinct advantage over Motoyasu's dragon, being faster and more agile.

Just as she had done in the previous duel, Myne cheated, this time with the aid of the Melromarc Knights. Utilising the various skillsets at their disposal, the soldiers used magic to throw obstacles in the Shield Heroes way, hinder Filo and bolster Motoyasu's dragon. Once again, the unobservant Motoyasu did not notice any of this and proceeded to taunt Naofumi whenever he was winning.

Unfortunately for the Spear Hero, these efforts came to nothing. Filo's determination and speed won out over the knights magic. When the last soldier created a giant pit in the middle of the track, Naofumi used his shield to allow Filo to jump over it. After incapacitating the soldier, they left Motoyasu and his dragon in the dust and crossed the finishing line first by a huge margin.

Motoyasu was stunned by this defeat and Malty immediately objected, claiming that Naofumi had cheated. In retaliation, The Shield Hero declared that she and her associates were the real cheaters. This declaration was backed up by the villagers and the magic shop owner, who was aware of Naofumi's skillset and therefore knew he was not responsible. The Queen's Shadows also backed this up, confirming that they were aware of Malty's actions. Thus with the result decided and the Motoyasu's Lordship revoked, the latter group restrained the Princess and ordered her to leave.

Motoyasu for his part reluctantly acknowledged his defeat and agreed to honour the terms of the race. Just before departing, however, he turned to Naofumi and insisted that he would not lose next time. Naofumi countered that he always lost, forcing the shadows to step in before more than verbal confrontation could break out. Motoyasu and his party then left the village with the Shadows, humbled and defeated. At Malty's insistence, Motoyasu's dragon was left behind, with the Spear Hero not objecting to this abandonment.

Unintended Consequences

Prior to the second wave, Motoyasu was asked to help a small village that was undergoing a famine. Utilising his gamers knowledge and a local legend, Motoyasu raided a nearby dungeon, recovering a magical seed, which he then presented to the villagers. He told the residents that when planted it would grow into a tree that would provide them with an endless supply of fruit thus solving their food shortage problems forever.

In typical fashion, however, the unobservant Motoyasu did not pay attention to his surroundings. Had he studied the seeds container more closely, the Spear Hero would have realised that the plants created by it were in fact extremely dangerous. The product of a failed alchemy experiment, whose creator sealed it away to prevent a calamity, the trees generated by it did grow rapidly and produce a high amount of fruit. Over time, however, they became sentient and attacked anything near them. Thus the villager's were soon forced to flee from their own homes, although a number of them were trapped by the plants, a portion of whom was subsequently devoured.

Naofumi discovered the open box during a quest relating to Filo but dismissed at the time. It would not be until he travelled to the affected area that the Shield Hero learnt about the full extent of Motoyasu's actions. In the end, Naofumi and his companions managed to destroy the main tree, thus eliminating all of the plants and allowing the villagers to return to their homes. The Shield Hero also altered the seeds, making them safe and fulfilling Motoyasu's original intentions.

The Spear Hero himself does not appear to be aware of what transpired in the village nor of the suffering that he had caused. As far as Motoyasu is aware, he did a good deed and the village is now thriving. It would not be until much, much later that he discovered the awful truth.

Volume 3

Confrontation in the Street

Naofumi was eventually forced to return to Castle Town a few weeks before the onset of the third wave. Raphtalia had been infected by a curse during a battle with the zombie dragon and required powerful holy water to treat her ailment. The Shield Hero was initially unaware of Motoyasu's presence within the city.

As they left the weapons shop The Spear Hero spotted the Shield Hero together with his companions. To Motoyasu's bewilderment, one of these people was a little blonde girl with angels wings sprouting out of her back. This person was Filo, the filolial that Motoyasu had insulted, who since their last meeting had gained the ability to transform into a human.

Motoyasu fell in love with her at first sight because she reminded him of a video game character from his homeworld and, much to his party's chagrin, he had a soft spot for angels. With his party and a band of Melromarc Knights backing him up, Motoyasu confronted Naofumi shortly after he had left the cathedral. The Shield Hero was on his own, having sent Filo off with Melty and becoming separated from Raphtalia following an encounter with what they believed to be hostile Melromarc soldiers. 

The first thing that the Spear Hero did was to demand that Naofumi hand over his filolial companion or as he called it the "Fat Bird". He declared that the beast was dangerous, it had attacked him unprovoked and needed to be destroyed. Spotting a certain modification to Motoyasu's armour, Naofumi once again laughed at The Spear Heroes expense. 

Enraged, Motoyasu ordered Naofumi to also release his companion. Thinking he was talking about Raphtalia, Naofumi chastised the Spear Hero reminding him that she had already turned him down. However, Motoyasu informed him that he was referring to the other girl: the little angel. Learning that her name was Filo, Motoyasu became even more enraptured, much to the disgust of Naofumi and Motoyasu's own party members.

When Naofumi refused to do as instructed Motoyasu attacked without provocation. He did so without consideration to his surroundings, causing damage to the nearby buildings, putting the innocent onlookers in danger. Fearing for the lives of the citizens Naofumi did not retaliate. Instead, he tried to appeal to Motoyasu's party members. The girls, however, refused to intervene. On the contrary, it prompted Malty to declare this an official duel, with the full approval of the crown.

As Naofumi considered his options and the crowd screamed in protest, the soldiers Naofumi had previously run away from intervened. Positioning themselves between Motoyasu and his adversary, they pleaded with the Spear Hero to stop, stating he was endangering the lives of innocent civilians. Even the threats from Myne would not dissuade them and to both Motoyasu and Naofumi's bewilderment, they even offered to fight in Naofumi's place.

Before any more trouble could break out, Princess Melty, the official heir to the throne of Melromarc intervened. Chastising Motoyasu for his actions, she demanded that he stand down and stop fighting. With her were Raphtalia and Filo. Motoyasu's attention was immediately drawn to Filo.

He asked for her name and status in Naofumi's group. When she answered, he became enraged again. Disregarding Melty's instructions, he levelled his spear at Naofumi again, telling the girls to get away from the Shield Hero because he was dangerous. He attacked again when Filo called Naofumi "Master", enraged that he was treating such a sweet girl like one of his "Fat Birds". 

Naofumi raged silently at how stupid Motoyasu was, especially since the girl he was trying to save and the bird he hated were one and the same. As with Raphtalia, Motoyasu's actions won him no favour from the girl he was trying to "help". Enraged at Motoyasu's actions and following Melty's request, Filo moved protectively in front of Naofumi. Spotting a golden opportunity, The Shield Hero turned the tables and reminded his youngest companion about Motoyasu calling her a "Fat Bird!"

Prompted, the little girl recalled the previous time that the Spear Hero had insulted her, much to the confusion of the latter, who still did not realise that the girl and the filolial were one and the same. That all changed when Filo transformed into her filolial queen form. Motoyasu was given just enough time to comprehend this before she once again kicked him, hard in his crotch. The modifications to Motoyasu's armour proved to be no help, and he was sent flying. The crowd cheered at Motoyasu's defeat and none of his party members ran to assist him. Instead, the soldier's who'd previously opposed him now carried him off to the hospital. Defeated and humiliated, Motoyasu and his party members slunk away.

The Third Wave

Naofumi did not see Motoyasu again until the start of the third wave. Just like at the previous phenomenon, Motoyasu, and the other offensive heroes prioritised defeating the boss of the wave, over rescuing any of the nearby villagers. Having learnt a few more things since the previous calamity however, Naofumi decided to stop the heroes temporarily to find out what they were doing. Knowing that they would never stop to talk to him, he had Filo kick Motoyasu once again. She did just that, sending the Spear Hero flying into Ren, Itsuki and amusingly for Naofumi, Malty as well, knocking them over.

Ignoring Motoyasus anger, Naofumi demanded to know why they were not helping the civilians and, more importantly, why the knights were not with them? It turned out that Motoyasu and the others were unaware about being able to teleport the knights alongside them. Naofumi noted that this would be useful for the next wave. As for the civilians, Motoyasu, Ren and Itsuki considered defeating the boss a higher priority. They had no real plan or co-ordination, their goal was just to simply find the boss and eliminate it. That job, as far as they were concerned, belonged to the knights. Despite learning and sharing some vital information with the others, Naofumi realised that the others were not going to change their minds. Disgusted and angered, the Shield Hero and his party went off to help the civilians, leaving Motoyasu to do as he wished.

Three hours later however, the Three Heroes were still no closer to ending the wave. From their collective gaming experience, the trio had identified the boss of the wave as a Soul Eater. However, the boss was in hiding, having taken refuge on a ghost ship, hovering in the sky at the centre of the calamity.

Thinking that they needed to defeat a certain enemy on the ship in order to get the Soul Eater to emerge, the Three Heroes once again demonstrated their lack of co-operation and short-sightedness. Motoyasu and Ren boarded the ship, fighting a Kraken and Skeleton Captain respectively, whilst Itsuki began shooting the vessel from afar. None of this achieved anything, however. Their enemies simply respawned, leaving the heroes fighting in an endless loop.

The tide only turned when, much to Motoyasu's shock, Naofumi arrived. Although Motoyasu and the others did not think that Naofumi would be of much help, telling him to either go and save a village or help them defeat a certain opponent, The Shield Hero quickly proved his value. Assessing the situation, Naofumi quickly realised that none of the heroes was fighting the main boss, only puppets. He then figured out how to draw the Soul Eater out, by having Raphtalia use light magic.

When the boss appeared, taking the form of a giant carnivorous fish, Motoyasu (like Ren and Itsuki) attacked it using lightning magic, once again drawing on his knowledge from video games. These attacks had little to no effect though, which forced Naofumi to deploy his trump card, the Shield of Rage. To the Spear Heros astonishment, the defensive hero then activated an extremely powerful offensive ability named Iron Maiden. This created a giant cage, which killed the Soul Eater in one move.

Thus, Naofumi single-handedly accomplished what Motoyasu and his allies had failed to achieve over the course of three hours in a matter of minutes. This left Motoyasu and the other heroes furious. Feeling that they had been cheated of their victory and glory, the group did not take kindly to being outshone by a man they believed to be a criminal, let alone weaker than they were. Motoyasu himself declared that whilst Naofumi had won this round, things would be different next time.

Before the group could say or do anything else however, a pale woman in a black kimono landed in front of them. Proclaiming that there was only one true hero amongst the group, this woman, armed with a pair of magical fans, proceeded to kill a second, hidden Soul Eater effortlessly. Having watched the entire battle from atop the ship's main mast, the woman mocked the main heroes, including Motoyasu's, incompetence. She then introduced herself as Glass, declaring that she was the Heroes enemy. Having dismissed all of the others as weak, Glass charged at Naofumi, ready to begin what she described as "the real battle of the wave!"

Perhaps angered at being insulted, and desperate to reclaim some glory after being overshadowed by Naofumi, Motoyasu, Ren, Itsuki and their party members attacked. They tried to intercept Glass using their shooting star skills. In a clear demonstration of just how powerful she was, the young woman utilised a skill of her own, Reverse Slow Moon Flower, to not only dispel the incoming attacks but knock them out of the fight. The sheer power of the attack sent everybody except Naofumi and his companions flying across the deck. They struck various parts of the ship and were knocked out. 

As such, Motoyasu spent the remainder of the wave unconscious. He remained on-board the ghost ship when it finally crashed after sustaining to much damage from the collective battles against the Soul Eater and Glass. As Naofumi noted, none of the unconscious adventurers including the Spear Hero sustained any serious or life-threatening injuries. Despite this, the Shield Hero knew that when the Melromarc knights finally arrived, they would prioritise the treatment of the heroes over that of the villagers. As such, he did what he could to help out.

At some point, a group of villagers dragged Motoyasu's unconscious body back to the relative safety of one of their buildings. They gave him basic treatment, though Naofumi suspected it would still be some amount of time before the senseless Spear Hero and his allies woke up. The following day, the Royal Knights arrived where, sure enough, Naofumi's prediction came true. The company commander immediately sent Motoyasu and his allies to hospital, declaring that the safety and security of the world depended upon him and the other heroes wellbeing. Disgusted by the soldier's arrogance, Naofumi reflected that the events of this wave had clearly demonstrated that the heroes were not as powerful as everybody believed they were. As such, the Shield Hero believed that unless he, Motoyasu and the others got more powerful and learned to work together, then they would not survive the next wave!

Spear, Bow and Sword vs Shield

Thanks to their treatment from the royal doctors, Motoyasu and his comrades were soon back on their feet again. At some point after the wave Motoyasu underwent a class up, making him even more powerful than he had been during the wave. Not long after the conclusion of the third wave, the Spear Hero, together with King Aultcray, Ren and Itsuki, received some shocking news. According to the Church of the Three Heroes, Naofumi had abducted Princess Melty Melromarc, Malty's younger sister and heir to the throne and was now holding her as his hostage.

Proof of this crime was presented in the form of a crystal ball recording by representatives of the Church. The footage clearly showed The Shield Hero holding onto Princess Melty, whilst Raphtalia and Filo slaughtered her royal bodyguards. As further reinforcement of their claim, it was reported that the soldiers who managed to escape with this recording were heavily injured, and died not long after arriving. 

In typical fashion, this was another setup. Unnerved by the Shield Heroes accomplishments and rising popularity, which in turn had led people to question the accuracy of their teachings, the Church of the Three Heroes staged the entire thing. Melty's royal bodyguards, were in fact Church agents sent to assassinate her. In reality, Naofumi had in fact saved and protected Melty but was unable to prevent a few of the knights escaping with footage of the incident. This footage was, in turn, subsequently modified by the church representatives, so as to portray Naofumi in a villainous light.

With no reason to suspect them, however, Motoyasu once again unwittingly played right into the villain's hands. Unaware that the real antagonists were standing right next to him, from the Spear Hero's perspective, Naofumi had once again shown his true colours. This time though, they had irrefutable proof of his guilt and could finally bring him to justice. His temporary truce with Naofumi during the wave all but forgotten, Motoyasu joined up with the Kings forces. Together with Ren and Itsuki, they began a nationwide search to find their "fallen" counterpart.

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