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I said I'll be there to protect you, Jerid...!
~ Mouar's last words before being killed by Kamille.

Mouar Pharaoh is a member of Titans and the lover of Jerid Messa. She is a supporting antagonist in the anime series Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam.

She was voiced by Marika Hayashi in the Japanese dub and by Jennifer Holder in the English dub.


At the Battle of Jaburo, Mouar grabbed hold of Jerid's hand and pulled him into overcrowded escape vessel was about to take off, saving him from the forthcoming nuclear explosion by his just as the.

Following this, Mouar and Jerid would serve under Paptimus Scirocco. The two soon became close, with Mouar becoming fiercely protective of Jerid, assisting him in his battles against his enemy Kamille Bidan.

Mouar died after she used her Gabthley to block a shot fired by Kamille at Jerid, causing her to die in the resulting explosion. Mouar's sacrifice caused Jerid to go berserk against Kamille, but he is unable to pursue him after he blows off both of his Gabthley's legs.

Mouar later appeared to Jerid in a vision, telling him not to give in and that only he can lead the world on the right path. Upon waking up, Jerid was motivated to launch a fierce attack against the Argama to avenge Mouar.

Jerid ultimately failed to avenge Mouar, instead dying in battle against Kamille, with his arch-foe going on to participate in the final battle between the AEUG, Titans and Axis Zeon.


Unlike the rest of the Titan members who have violent intentions, Mouar is a calm and reasonable person, evening resisting Scirocco's charms. After saving Jerid, she devoted to him and would attack anyone threatens Jerid's life, and going as far to use herself as a shield to protect Jerid from Kamille.

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