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After having an early battle with Robin, Mouse later joined a team of villains, which included Catwoman, to steal millions of dollars. Here she met her future partner in crime, another computer hacking expert named Giz. Mouse and Giz were later hired by Blockbuster to track Oracle's location through the computer systems. They succeeded but Black Canary managed to save Barbara from Blockbuster's thugs. Mouse and Giz were then hired to blow up Dick Grayson's apartment building, which killed dozens of tenants. A deeply angered Nightwing let them go after they claimed they thought the building was supposed to be empty.


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A male version of Mouse is set to appear in the first season of the upcoming TV series Batwoman. In this adaption, he will be a member of the Alice in Wonderland Gang.

He will be portrayed by Sam Littlefield.

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