The spell you broke on your head falls, you shall crack nuts, prince of the dolls.
~ The Queen speaks her last words before she is crushed and destroyed.

The Mouse Queen is the mother of The Mouse King and the posthumus secondary antagonist in The Nutcracker Prince. As is the case with her son, her true name is unknown, but she is responsible for turning Hans into The Nutcracker.

She was voiced by the late Phyllis Diller. 


One day while the queen was making her husband a birthday cake made of Blue Cheese, the Mouse Queen arrived alongside her son and her clan, devouring most of the cake. When the king found out and became furious, he ordered Drosselmeyer and his nephew Hans to do something about it. Most of the mice were captured save for herself and her son, the Mouse Prince.

That night, the queen and her son infiltrate Princess Perlipat's chambers and while the son watched, the queen chanted her curse and bit her toe, turning Perlipat ugly while they escaped.

Some time later, they appear during when the nobles tried to crack the mystical Krakatuth Nut. As the two watch, the queen laughed as many failed. When the last one left without success, she turns to her son, whom ridiculed her earlier, and starts abusing him.

Mouse Queen Death

Mouse Queen crushed

However, Hans breaks the nut successfully and cures the princess, much to the Mouse Queen's dismay. Having one more trick up her sleeve, she chants one final spell and bites Hans, turning him into a nutcracker. Despite putting him under a spell, the Mouse Queen was killed by getting crushed by a fallen column. Her son took over as the new leader of the mice and mocks her after her death (despite him briefly missing her before realizing he could take the crown of hers).


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